How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including girl child and minority communities?

How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including  girl child and minority communities?


 Best Answer:  We in India have more than 70% population living in rural areas. These people have to be educated about the need of education for their cohesion and adjustment with the educated people living in the urban and metropolitan cities in this highly surcharged atmosphere of competition. In order to teach more people, we have to reach more people; especially in rural areas. Although Government aided and  run educational schools and colleges are fulfilling the needs of the populace, yet, there is a urgent need to enhance the educational pursuit through people oriented programmes. The following are some of the aspects which are to be taken into account for spreading literacy amongst the people.

a/ Making the people aware about the need of education  through print and electronics medias. 

b/ Opening more schools and colleges in the less accessible areas. 

c/ Provide reading and other educational aids’ including books to the needy. 

d/ Providing uniforms to the needy. 

e/ Provision of scholarship to the needy. 

f/ Picking up the meritorious students for higher studies from the rural areas. 

g/ Give specialized type of education to the physically challenged children/children with special needs. 

h/ Periodically monitor the educational standard of the people areawise and devise measures for its improvement. 

i/ Provide grant-in-aid for needy for meeting needs arising out of educational pursuit. 

j/ Provide computers and other modern electronic aids for the schools. 

k/ Proper training and education for the teachers for making the educational pursuit a successful venture. 

l/ Make the people aware about teaching women folks with a view that if we teach a girl you teach a family as a whole.

m/ As far as possible make educational pursuit possible for adults also so that they could also assimilate in the society and get benefits that are accrued.

n/ Those amongst us who could not educate themselves due to some reason or the other, starting special classes for them so that they adjust with the society as a whole. NGOs should chip in for this.*

*Literacy rate of any country depends  on the facilities available in the forms of schools/educational institutions, needful infrastructure for these (study rooms, proper and clean toilet facilities – separate for boys and girls,  adequate number of trained teachers proportional to the students  so that individual necessary playing equipment/toys for specially needed children (for varieties of disabilities) with physiotherapist and specially trained teachers who could meet the needs of these gifted  children etc.


In rural India, there is a need of girls’ education because there is wide disparity in the literacy rate of boys and girls. It is well known fact that when we educate a girl, we educate the entire family as such because the child in the initial stage of growth and development, first lesson is imparted by the mother and if she is educated she can amply do so. Illiteracy of the females negatively impacts the entire family to which she goes after marriage. If she is literate and well educated besides cultured one; well versed in value system including traditional modes of behaviour then she can conveniently transfer/impart that value system to her children which doubtlessly will help afterwards in life when a child grows up and faces life. The sluggishness in females’ education could better be removed through the joint and sincere efforts of Government and parents. Efforts should also be made to convince the parents to send the girl child for necessary schooling.  An idea should be spread that both boys and girls need education for adjusting in the life. More so for girls for they have to assimilate themselves in different sort of environments after their marriage. Though in urban and metropolitan cities the literacy rate of girls has improved manifold yet in rural areas there are glitches like non-availability of more schools, teaching staff and other requisites like sanitation etc for girl students which need to be attended urgently.  More funds should be provisioned by the Government for infrastructural and other provisions in the rural areas.  If rural area with more population is awaken through literacy then the country as a whole will have inclusive progress.

Apart from giving fillip to education to girls, there is an urgent need of enhancing literacy rate amongst minorities along with attending to the caste related problems impacting their education. It has been experienced that children from these communities although enroll in the school in first standard but their dropout rate is too high because of factors like financial stringency due to poverty of parents, school available at far off places and available schools do not have trained and efficient staff including non-willingness on the parts of parents to send their children to school etc. Rather they would like their children, in many cases, to follow the parents’ traditional profession to meet the family financial needs. Actually absolute poverty too deters the pursuit of educational pursuits in the rural areas. Though Government is making efforts in educating the rural masses the need of education through publicity campaign and by opening new schools and bridging the gap yet still more needs to be done.




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Truly speaking, Nav means nine

Ratri stands for night

Navratri is the festival of repute

Wherein the devoted disciples

Of all shades celebrate this festival

Twice in a calendar year

First, it is in the March – April, as Chaitra Navratri

Thence October – November as the Shradha Navratri

This festival is related to  Durga Goddess

This ‘Shakti’  with her immense prowess

Overpowered  the ferocious

Demons that maimed the hapless Sadhus

Even while performing their sacred Yajunas

And in the process defiled the sacredness of Yajna fires.

Goddess Durga in her red attires

Mounted on the lion so fierce

With all the weapons in her custody

Which could inflict havoc on the adversary

Legends abound about Navratri

Demon king Maheshasura worships Lord Shiva

The penance was so severest

That Lord Maheshwara had to grant him a boon of invincibility

That nobody, not even the Gods could kill him

Thence he starts killing innocents with impunity

Then he with forcefully

Conquered the Seven Lokas

Including the throne of Indra.

To eliminate demon Maheshasura

Then there was confabulation between the Trinity

Along with others God too in the company

To defeat and kill this demon turned killer and usurper

Created Maa Shakti

The Mother with a boundless energy

Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess

The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine

Which lasted for Nine Day

On day 9th  she killed this evil demon

Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over wickedness

On day ninth which is termed as Mahanavami

Nine young girls are worshipped

Personifying Nine Forms of Durga Goddess

These venerated young girls’ feet are washed

With fresh water and given clothes and food

Navratri too is linked with fertility of land

On these days, the fold observe the fitness of the earth

By testing seed germination in the posts earthen

Devotees observe with rigidity

For keeping oneself chaste during these days most holy

Which keep their mind and body pure.

There is another legend

King Daksha – the kind of Himalayan Kingdom

He was blessed with a daughter named Uma

A most beautiful one

With all the traits of a princess she possessed

She worshipped Lord Shiva most reverently

So that He may accept her in marriage so willingly

Having pleased the Lord Shiva

She married Uma

But against the wishes of King Dhaksha

One day King Dhaksha held a grant Yagna

With no invitation to Lord Shiva

Uma wanted to join the Yagna and all accompanying celebrations

While Lord Shiva had his own reservations

She came to attend the Yagna

Being attended by Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma

Besides all the deities

King Dhaksha did not like her daughter’s presence

She felt slighted at the treatment meted out to her in presence of all deities

In utter rage, she jumps into Agni Kund (Fire grate) and perished

The reason why we call her Sati also

Lord Mahadev (As Virbadhara) punished King Dhaksha for this injustice

ON REBIRTH (As Parvati) she marries Lord Shiva again

She comes to her parents house to stay for NINE DAYS

That is why we celebrate thse Nine Days as Navratri.

Legend also it that Lord Rama

Worshipped Goddess Durega’s Nine Forms

For Nine Days with deep reverence

On day 10th Lord Rama could kill demon king Ravana

This way, 10th day is celebrated as Vijaydashami,.

First three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga

In the form of child, young girl and mature woman

The three forms of womanhood

Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood

Next three are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

Her name is Lakshimi

Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati

The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom

In snowy white dress

Mounted on a white swan

The Navratri is a sign of purity in all forms

Let these Nine Days be observed with great reference

For gaining blessings from Goddess Durga

Let this Nine Days wonder

Be the game-changer

And engenders peace and prosperity

And enough Wellness for all and sundry

This is my the most sincere prayer to thee, my Mother Divine

Different festivals provide the devout different lessons while the underlying message of all these festivals is to enlighten us humans to follow a path which helps us to have connectivity with Higher Self/Higher Intelligence, by following a spiritual oriented path through meditation, contemplation and prayers. The main purpose of celebration and observance of certain modes of behavior in such festivals is to keep ourselves chaste with our mind focused on God. The purpose is to focus on the special prayers and chants is to seek connectivity with God and dispel the thought of anxiety or disillusionment that pervades in our system. As there is purity of thoughts and actions during these festivals, there is every possibility for transformation and help in unfolding of spiritual life naturally.  

The main purpose of celebrating the religious festivals is to seek balance in our life at the altar of God while observing all immutable laws of nature and aspire for transformation and enlightenment – journeying from one festival to another one helps the devotees to learn social etiquettes, social adaptability and finally God’s connectivity.

The word NAVRATRI is composed of two syllabuses; NAVwhich means NINE and RATRI mean NIGHTS. Meditation/prayers and fasting are observed by devout during these nine days. A lighter refreshment of milk made products besides fruits, if taken at all, to keep light and pure in body and mind thus helping an individual to keep the body and mind pure. This also provides the devotees’ freedom from adulteration and contamination both in body and mind besides purifying still more the eternal soul along with keeping it taint-free.

Navratri is one of the most sacred festivals that the devout celebrate. It is not merely celebrated by observing some particular rituals but the devotees live a spiritually oriented life in all manifestations. The purpose is to follow the way of life which puts more stress on the subjective experience of sacred dimension. We undertake those karmic deeds during Navratri which transform some of the debit-karmic-deeds to credit-karmic-deeds which helps in personal growth and development individually and also collectively who celebrate it with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Moral and ethical values when followed sincerely could be imbibed as permanent habits to be followed in future too thus Navratri could prove to be a life-changer.

A lighter refreshment consisting of milk made product, fruits, and nuts, keeps the body light and the digestive system gets improved thus there is a spread of fragrance of Satoguna and alleviation of Tamoguna and Rajoguna traits. Freedom from contaminated thoughts purifies our mind. Thus observance of fast or vrat (also means resolve) continuously for nine days brings about the stability of our mind and helps in enhancement of our concentration. Besides these, we exercise maximum restraints in our thoughts and deeds and behave in a dignified manner by remaining within confines of decency. All these facilitate generation of the feeling of love and affection for others, enhances peace and tranquility, a feeling of compassion for others and above all a Godly feeling.

The devotees observe fasts during the duration of Narratri. All these traits enhance the credibility of an individual devotee who observes the fasts and also offers sincere prayers during these  days with utmost devotion. The fasts help us to purify our mind, provides lightness to our body provides us an opportunity to devotees for prayers to Goddess Durga Maa – an embodiment of SHAKTI or reservoir of energy.

Mention of Goddess Durga has been found in Vedas and Puranas. Durg was a ferocious demon and Durga, the invincible warrior who killed Durg with her immense prowess. She is the warrior Goddess since she fought evil and forces which spread death and destruction. She works for demolishing demonic forces who want to establish their writ and establish the reign of terror and mayhem amongst the society besides spreading prosperity and goodwill in general masses. She defeats mythical buffalo demon – Meheshasura who had obtained a boon of invincibility from Lord Maheshwara. She is Goddess Parvati, also termed as Durga Saptashati – the consort of Lord Shiva. With her prowess, she proved herself to be unbeatable with limitless mystical powers.

Besides observing fasts, devotees organize congregations in the form of fairs and also enact programs and cultural functions in the form of group dances and devotional songs in praise of Goddess Durga and beseech her blessings.and she being such a benevolent Mother comes to their succor.

Different states celebrate Navratri differently but the spirit of all the celebrations is similar in nature. For example, famous ‘garva dance’ is organized in the state of Gujarat and devotional songs and dance competitions are organized in West Bengal besides prayers in the specially erected and decorated pandals is a usual phone. People visit the famous temples of Vaishno Devi in Katra (in Jammu province) besides all the temples of Goddess Durga in its different forms/manifestations attract devotees in these nine days.

The main driving force of the Navratri is to purify our thoughts and deeds thereof. In these nine days devout observe strict fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga Mata – Goddess with immense power. For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently, for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all-around success.

It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.

  1. First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of Himalaya and the consort of Lord Shiva.
  2. Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.
  3. Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.
  4. Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of the whole universe by the power of her laughter.
  5. Fifth Day. Here on this day, Skandha – the main warrior of Gods’ army.
  6. Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and with immense grace.
  7. Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.
  8. Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmness and exhibits immense wisdom.
  9. Ninth Day. On a ninth day, Maan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight siddhis. In this form, she is worshiped by all.

Benefits of Navratri:-

  • Strict observance of fasts keep our digestive system in order and helps maintain our body healthy.
  • Fasts help in purifying our mind because we pray Goddess continuously for nine days/nights. It also enhances our focus on the subject we contemplate for completion.
  • Purification of body and mind means spiritually directed conscious mind thus a shift from negativity to positivity
  • Congregations in melas and group processions help the people to people contacts thus animosity, if any, gets obliterated and a feeling of fellow feeling and cooperation sprouts. Contact with each other enhances our outreach in the society.
  • Group dances and spiritual song competitions enhance competitive spirits in the youth and also help them direct their latent energies to productive use.
  • Devotees, in their zeal to show earnest desire to have total connectivity with Goddess Durgaji, offer singular devotion to Her during these auspicious days, reap the harvest of getting their problems solved and get ETERNAL PEACE  in their lives as a reward of this worship.

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A truth stares large at our face

A realism which could be experienced

Anytime and anywhere

That time is a great healer

It is neither our friend nor our enemy

Time gives us good returns when our Karma is the best

It is worst when Karma is the worst

Tough time passes awfully slowly

There are breaks and pauses at every step we take

Indeed very it passes very sluggishly

Every fraction of the tough moment is spent

Seems like hours pilled together

Bringing in its wake

Countless and unpredictable miseries

Adversely affecting the lives

Of the persons so affected.

Contrarily,  the good time passes

As quickly as it comes

It does not cling-on with us for long

As we may wish to prolong

Because of our wishes in reality

Remain wishy-washy cravings.

That which is destined to us humans

With the grace of the Omnipotent and Omniscient

Remains with us till eternity

We can just enjoy those bounties graciously

And be thankful to Him

For giving us good times

Or not so good times

Which may depress us.

But our sincerest prayers

To You O Lord

Do grant us wisdom

And with it confidence aplenty

To face that ‘not so good time’ with equanimity

In association with Thee

O Lord in the Heaven.

When feeling depressed

Provide us Thy eternal succor

So that every ill-omen

Affecting our psyche

In the thin air, it evaporates

With Thy presence near us all.

The God is the creator of everybody and everything

He helps in the fruition of everything

Thee is the destroyer of everything

For creating everything afresh

Hence listen to our sincere prayer

Erase every speck of despair and delusion

Which remains in our constitution

And enlighten us with Thy Light

For eternal balance in our life

To be at peace and in ease

In good and in bad situations alike.


It should always be remembered that life is a mix of good and bad tidings. No person in this world is without problem in life. Some may have the physical problem, some may have psychological problems, others may be down with financial stringency etc. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s wisdom suffusing words should always be remembered: NANAK DUKHIYA SAB SANSAR. Those who say that they do not have problems are, in fact, speaking the half-truth – having bound mindset. Let’s free ourselves from mental clutches.

In hard times, Bible stresses to be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.


Now coming to our all-pervasive sorrow, listless conditions, broken promises, dissatisfaction in plenty, remaining stressed all the times etc. I am sanguine; if the problems are there the solutions may also be there in the problems itself. The tough times though passes with difficulty, yet this time could be changed with tenacious belief in our God and ourselves. Tough times always teaches us something, we should always keep a healthy balance in all situations.

In Bhagwad Gita, it has been emphasized that in the material world, one who is unaffected by whatever good or evil he may obtain, neither praising it nor despising it, is firmly fixed in perfect knowledge


Importantly, there are the people who make it a chronic habit to feel sad on any impulse or issue under the sun. In essence, a habit is formed by our free will, when we repeat a particular thought process or action thereto, a number of times. It may be being abusive (as a habit), any bad habit like smoking, drinking, initially started as a prank or a practical joke, becomes a habit if this prank continues for a number of times. While this habit becomes an acute and then chronic habit, it does not leave us so easily there afterward. This is true of the habit of remaining sad without rhyme or reason. Those who see darkness in any shred of opportunity, without even reflecting that the opportunity could lift our spirit and change our life meet frustration and disappointment in life.


On my way to the office, I happen to witness a nasty incident in which a car washer got bashing simply because he used abusive language while giving way to a fellow passerby to cross that narrow passage. When the passerby requested him for giving a little way so that he could pass, instead he retorted; ‘can’t you wait for a while, you son of a bitch’. The passerby reacted with a slap on the face of the car washer.

In the meanwhile, the car owner too joined the fracas. Fisticuffs were exchanged which resulted in an innocuous no-situation at all turning into a ferocious fight between the two parties. None of the two parties were listening each other. I also tried to intervene so as to quell the situation but to no avail. Finally, police intervention was sought. The police party called the two parties to the police station and the case was finally settled amicably; with a lot of unnecessary bad blood.

The inconsequential remark of the car washer resulted into violent reaction by the passerby, resulting in hot arguments between the car owner and the person concerned creating not wellness or pleasant situation between the two but an unpleasant one resulting wastage of time, energy, money besides creation of malice, resentment, and stressful situation. This proves that we are responsible for creating unnecessary stressful situations. A half-hearted approach to solving any problem could result in inappropriate and unpredictable consequences.


A professional who follows his/her profession with insightfulness, the right attitude, creating congenial situations even at hopeless situations, bringing to bear all the experiences as though that was the only case for that person to handle, focusing undivided attention to the task etc. can make the huge difference even in trying situations. All good traits put together could create the cool atmosphere even in tragic situations.

I came across this sort of positive situation in an Operation Theatre. On experiencing blurredness in the vision a few days back, I took my wife to the Ravi Eye Foundation, Janak Puri, New Delhi. The doctor (Dr. Ravi Thandani) recommended the operation. After all the test formalities were completed, he created positive atmospheric inside the OT and conducted an operation proving his proficiency and adroitness in his profession. He combined his professional ethics with humane touch which is a hallmark of any profession and especially so of a doctor.


A person who cares for others creates situations and conditions with which he/she changes the lives of others with his thoughts and Karmic deeds.

Yesterday, three persons from came to our office from a Gurdwara, for seeking contributions. This fund collected is used for the welfare of downtrodden especially in the rural area.  One of our colleagues S. Arminder Singh, contributed Rs. 1,00000/- from his savings – all his savings! This way, he would have multiplied his happiness and divided smiles. Such people are rare humans, humane, compassionate along with all the wonderful traits mixed together. Those who are empathetic towards needy are really loved by our Bhagwan Ji.

Following should be kept in mind to decrease sadness and increase our wellness:-

Increase your Self Esteem

Cultivate good habits, like helping needy – materially or imparting education or in any way you can. The wellness you will create will help you enhance your self-esteem if you make this as a habit – but it should not be as a sign of showcase but selfless service for a cause.

Unlearning the old rut of sadness

In order to unlearn the bad habit it is a must to start how and under what conditions or situations you imbibed the trait of negative thinking about yourself. Then unlearn that part through trial and error method. You will be unsuccessful initially but just continue to act in a positive way.

Dissatisfaction as a habit

During my interactions and dealing with others, I have seen people having everything; material possessions, sound health, happy family, good career prospectus including everything that a person needs for a living yet they are not satisfied with life. They compare their everything with others and as a consequence is just like you; stressful, disappointed, sad etc.

Limit your needs. We should try to limit our needs lest our needs put us in distress in the long run.

Lead a simple life.  The simple life is a purposeful life. The simpler the lifestyle, lesser are our needs and hence lesser are our financial related problems.

Our ego is our enemy. Those who have egocentric tendencies cannot see anything beyond their sphere of activities. They are the prisoners of their own inconsistencies hence add-up their own problems.

Spiritualism makes difference. A balance results when we perform the task at hand adopting patience, perseverance, and equanimity as the basis to face life, its problems, and challenges. Spiritual oriented lifestyle makes the huge difference

In Holy Quran, it has been very clearly mentioned to seek Allah’s help with patient perseverance and prayer. It is indeed hard except for those who are humble. 

Never compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with those who are afflicted with physical and mental diseases and cannot have any incentive for growth and development in their lives.

Conclusively, it could conveniently not be forgotten that life is a mix of happiness and sadness. If happiness is there, sadness too will be there somewhere. We love the fragrance of a rose flower which refreshes us but rose plants too have thorns; should never be forgotten with a lesson that tough times provide us the opportunity to face life’s challenges with patience and perseverance.



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What are a bullying, their thoughts, and actions? Can such a person be refined?

What are a bullying, their thoughts, and actions? Can such a person be refined?


An individual whose attitude

Is negatively oriented

For nobody has given them

The right type of value system

From their childhood onwards

They grew up with a notion

That their manners were flawless

That to bully others is their birthright

To hoodwink others is their pastime

With their treachery is writ large on their faces

Wherever they put their foot

They show signs of negativity

For they get trigger happy

When others feel heat due to their unethical actions

Of omissions and commissions

Which gives bullies the permit to beat the laws with impunity

These laws could be natural laws or the laws of the land

Which are obeyed by the law abiding citizens devotedly

Gun running is their culture, a most vaunted one

Throwing to the winds the laid down conventions

Their so-called religion

Bullies are the burden on the society in which they live

For they thrive on others’ weaknesses

Their tribes need to be curbed

Either through law enforcement

Or through giving them right dose of enlightenment.


It is in the fitness of things to understood what the word ‘bully’ denotes. The word bully has been derived from the word ‘bull’ which means the male of any of mammals such as whales, cows, elephants, seals etc. Strangely, the bull is kept free to mingle with its genre without let or hindrance – with little or no responsibility. That is in mammal world.


Now coming to humans, there are people who are more than equals, who are not given quality time by their parents due to one reason or other and therefore do not get value system which is so important for us all during our early childhood till we are adults.

Those who are brought up bereft of proper value system and etiquette results in not getting their animal instinct proper honed. They have developed undomesticated animal-like instinct while they grow up. For such person to term them as ‘bully’ is not far-fetched term since they behave like the bull. Whereinsoever they put their foot, they exhibit their true color. It may be in social gatherings, in their interactions with their fellow beings, etc. Their attitude and habits reveal everything. They are compulsive argumentive, pick up fights at every given opportunity and above all fastidious.


As for the question of why they behave such. Following are some of the reasons:-

  1. Seemingly such people do not get proper value system that is required during their early childhood till adulthood, therefore, in the absence of good traits they imbibe animal instincts.
  2. The fact being that such people do not get good upbringing and schooling they pick up all the negativity from the environment they live.
  3. Such people have the trait of getting anything and everything without sincere efforts, such people force others to part with their hard-earned earnings as ‘hafta’ as we call it to legitimate their fiefdom or maintain their influence within their community they are living.
  4. Through their unethical and immoral attitude and behavior, they put on fear psychosis on the targeted group that their life becomes difficult in a way,

Now coming to the ethical part of such bully’s lifestyle, they are not only the enemies of the society in which they live but also of their own selves because in their hearts of hearts they know their attitude is anti-social, irrational and immoral to say the least.


  1. BODILY BULLYING. There are people who would resort to harming others by pushing or pulling somebody with a notion that the concerned fellow will not react because of his weak health or other consideration. This could be violence which has become a common feature in schools, colleges, universities and other formal institutions.
  2. EMOTIONAL BULLYING. This sort of bullying is more pronounced in the families or when we know somebody’s weakness as an individual. We know, sometimes, this is resorted to by either of the spouses, between parents, or when the children do not look after their parents in oldage. It could also be done in workplaces when a boss resorts to bullying his subordinates to gain acceptability or for undue favors too. This sort of bullying leads to physiological and psychological results.
  3. INDIVIDUAL BULLYING. This is the bullying done by a single person on other with an intention to harm other people. It may be bulling a girl by a boy in the class or outside the school in order to extract some undue favors. This sort of intimidation, corrosion, innuendo, tarnish the image or reputation of the person concerned etc is resorted to with a view to tarnishing the image of others.
  4. GROUP OR COLLECTIVE OR MOP BULLYING. It has been seen that there are strong trade unions of employees in some organizations which enjoy unbridled rights in browbeating the organizational heads and many a time blackmail them by resorting to strikes and pen-down-strike etc. this way adversely impacts the working of the concerned organization in their day to day functioning.  Some students in schools, colleges and universities take resource to group bulling their administrative heads to get their irrational and unethical demands accepted.
  5. BULLING IN POLITICS. In politics, bullying is more pronounced.  A regional party elected faces the bullying by the main-stream party ruling at the centre in their day to day functioning despite their best performance as far as governance is concerned. This bullying may be for providing less financial assistance to fulfil their expenditure obligations as per their budgetary requirements.  This bullying proves disastrous for smooth governance.
  6. CYBER BULLYING. This is the latest form of bullying. Some individuals after getting information about their victims resort to blackmailing in order to extract confidential information. This may be forgetting defence related confidential information by honey-trapping a person concerned and subsequently subjecting that person to threats and counter threats for more. This could also be by firstly befriending an individual on facebook or word app and then subjecting that individual to bullying after securing some compromising information which is prejudicial to the overall good.
  7. COUNTRIES BULLYING OTHER COUNTRIES. It has been observed that some countries with financial clout are resorting to intimidating their neighbours by intruding on their sovereignty by air or on land. This is to showcase their economic clout and weapon superiority.
  8. BULLYING BASED ON RELIGION, CASTE, AND COLOUR OR CULTURAL OR LINGUISTIC IDENTITIES. There are people who bully those minorities having different religions, caste, language identities than those of theirs. This should stop and democratic lifestyle should be encouraged.   


In Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna exhorted the Dhanushdhari Arjuna to perform his duty and fight the evil in the form of Kauravas who were bullying the Pandavas. The Pandavas were the epitome of piousness but the Kauravas were the epitome of deceit and bullying.  Similar is the case with the bullies of this world who are making others unhappy, look small, taking cudgels, torments other unnecessarily or slights others.


As bullies are the unbridled brutes who neither have respect for the older members of the society nor the law of the land as they consider themselves as the laws onto themselves. They are the festering wounds of the society, which if not cured within timeframe can prove counterproductive for the society in which they live but also for themselves. Such psychos take laws into their own hands and harm the general public.

We should not forget that there are bullies in every society and we are constrained to live with this realism. May it be the exhibition of their trigger-happy attitude while gunning in schools and colleges in Western world or looting general people by their treacherous demeanor by looting the banks in India, they are the bad fish living in any societies. They are to be identified, given chance to refine their attitude and behavior pattern. Given the right opportunities, we can change their mindset as proper training could mold even a ferocious brute.

  1. Change the mindset of the concerned person by putting in positive traits in that person.
  2. Such people should be identified and proper counseling under the psychologists should be undertaken to avoid or stop recurrence of bullying.
  3. By infusing good value system from their childhood itself by the parents by giving them valuable time.
  4. Some example should be set by awarding the bullies the punishment

they deserve.

  1. By putting such people in spiritually oriented life so that they change their way of thinking and acting



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The festival of HOLI has prominently been mentioned in Vedas and Puranas (Narad Purana and Bhavishya Purana). Archeologists have excavated a stone pertaining to 300 BC on which there is an inscription of word ‘Holikotsav’ which means Holi. Even the ancient paintings, there is a mention of Holi festival – the festival of colour.

Holi is a cultural festival which has the tradition of its own.  It is a festival of colour. Its mention is there in Puranas. Poet Kalidasa, in 4th century, under the rule of Chandragupta II also mentions about the importance of Holi.

, Holi festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’. The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renews sweet relationships. On this day, people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’.


Holi festival signifies the victory of good over evil. It also signifies the end of winter and arrival of pleasant spring. It is a festival when people forget their differences and thus mend their ruptured relationships.

In essence, we face multiple problems in our lives while aspiring for material and sensual objects, people become attached to these. Such attachments develop lust and lust generate anger and other baser traits. Anger leads to delusion and delusion leads to mental disorientation. When the mind is bewildered, wisdom is the victim. Loss of wisdom leads to downfall of an individual. In such a scenario, a healthy diversion is a must. Different festivals give us occasion to celebrate with our relatives and friends. We celebrate Holi with our nears and dears. The colourful festival HOLI presents our golden opportunity to share our joys with others. The gifts are exchanged in the form of homemade sweets, such as Gujia etc.


The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima (Full Moon) which comes in February end or early March. This year, the Holi festival is being celebrated on 2nd March 2018.


There is a symbolic legend attached to this. There was a demon king named Hiranyakashap. This demon king did hard penance due to which he got a boon that no human could kill him at daytime or at night time. This made him very haughty and egotistical besides excessively arrogant. So much so was he drunk with pride that he passed an order that henceforth nobody would pray God in his kingdom. People should rather pray him in place of God.

He ruled his subjects with the iron hand. Not even the hermits or sadhus were spared. Those who disobeyed his orders were meted out huge punishments or handed out the death penalty. He had a son by the name of Prahlada. He used to worship Lord Vishnu. The demon king felt slighted and very furious when he found that his own son was disobeying his orders hence he gave him an alternative – either he should worship him or face the death penalty after giving various severe punishments which did not deter Prahladha from worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Then Holika the Hiranyakashap’s sister, evil in her intentions offered herself to sit in the bonfire (pyre) with Prahladha; knowing fully well that she would not be harmed because of her special cloak which made her immune to fire. Subsequently, the two entered the roaring fire. Hiranyakashap felt assured that no harm would result to his sister because of protection but his son would meet his end.

After the fire subsided, all felt including Hiranyakashap surprised that Holika got perished in the fire that engulfed her despite her protective cloak but due to the protection and grace of Lord Vishnu, he survived!

Holi was driven from the name Holika. Holika represents/personifies evil and its burning is the end of evil.  Pradhan personifies goodness.

One day before Holi, especially after sunset, the pyre is lit, called as Holika Dahan. The ritual symbolises the victory of good over evil. People gather around the fire, sing and dance at the beats of drums. It may have different names in different part of the country but the spirit of the festival is the same – a colourful one.

Holi Dahan also signifies burning of our excessive desires. It is for bringing about a balance in our desires by putting an end to our greed and base internal yearning (Kaama Dahan) – our conquest over our evil or carnal instincts which have made residency in our mind and rely more on detachment from our action. 

In this context, it is relevant to mention the Bhagwad Gita :
Lord Krishna teaches detachment:  While one gives up all his material desires meant for the satisfaction of the senses, one who lives freeing from desires and gives up his false ego attains the state of peace and calm. 


Subsequently, in the daytime, people celebrate this as a sign of victory of good over evil by sprinkling either the coloured water or dry colour (gulal) of various colour. A real rainbow of colour! In the evening, people, after proper wash, go to their friends and relatives and partake sweets prepared at their homes.  


It has also been seen that on Holi festival, people forget and forgive their old enmity and animosity and establish the new relationship with each other. It has been seen that people from all religions participate in this festival. It looks as though all have been imbued and coloured with happiness and goodwill for each other. If such an idea fructifies then there would not be any ill-will for anybody in the society in general.


Holi has special significance in Braj i.e. in Mathura and Vrindaban region, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Women-folks playfully hit their men-folks with sticks. This act of theirs is called lath maar the holi (A holi which is played with sticks). Here men are constrained to save themselves from their blows with the help of a shield.  There is an air of festivities around in the entire Braj region during this festival spanning for days together. It is a spectacle in the real sense of the term.


When body, mind, and soul are colored together

In the hue of our  eternal Creator

Then a warm reaction of love is created

Along with a flood of feelings

Of oneness and togetherness in every being

Where there is no differences based on odd considerations

Like age, sex, colour, caste or religions

Everything loses its relevance

What actually remains

Are the likings for each others

Mixed with emotions

With varieties of colors

Whosoever meets us on the street corners

Corners us with colors

Reddish, yellowish or bluish in tint

Charming us in  its enchantment

Mesmerizing us with color’s touch

Having deep meaning

If we care to fathom its import

These colours can transform hostility

Between neighbors with a drop of color  

O Creators of ours
Imbue us with Thy indelible Color
Thy colour touches our heart’s chordS
Including every atoms in our body
Made of five elements which die
(Ether, earth, water, air & fire)
On the death of our mortal body
Only Thy colour and our Soul last
Manmade colours just fade away and are lost
After a few hours have passed.

A spirit of Spring Festival springs in all,
Scattering joy and hope everywhere,
Nature too is in its finest attire – so colourful,
When Mother Nature is at its best,

All around greenery prevails,
There is fragrance of blooming flowers,
With Full Moon as though it is chipping in, too,

To enhance the charm of colours which thrives,
To share the fun and joy of the people around.

Different people celebrate Holi with different style,
But the common thread of celebration remains alike,
People prepare special sweets to welcome their dear folks,
Shopkeepers & women are busiest lots,
Bestowing magnetism to their living places,
Bonhomie pervades wheresoever’s our eyes could survey,
Abuzz with activity mixed with the rainbow of colours.
Scenes at the marketplaces are indeed mesmeric.

Legend has it that a mighty and conceited,
Demon King Hiranyakashyap prided his prowess the most,
He wanted his subjects to worship him in place of God above,
Virtuous Prahlad, his own son agreed not,
Being a staunch devotee of Lord of Preservation – Lord Vishnu,
The King wanted his son to be put to sword – very soon,
For not obeying his dictates,
Different methods were used to kill but in vain.

Hiranyakashyap had a sister named Holika,
Blessed with a boon of not being burnt by blazing fire,
Both were made to enter a bonfire at full fury,
Thinking fire will harm her not due to boon to her,
But just opposite ensued,
Prahlad came unscathed with grace of Lord Vishnu,
Whilst Holika met her end most tragic.

Legend too has it that Lord Krishna played holi with his beloved Gopies,
To shower love and affection with the shower of colours.

Holi celebrated at Vrindavan, Mathura,
And Bursana is so matchless even today,
Showing the thread of that time remains in fact intact,
People light a bonfire on the night before Holi Day,
With devout heart brimming with bliss,
Celebrate triumph of good over evil,
And also remember how devotion to Lord gets rewarded.
People play with variety of colours,
Intoxicated with joy of the day,
Pour coloured water to each other,
Songs, dance, and beats on the drums abound everywhere,
People exchange greetings and pray to God for His bounties.

O God, let the humans not shower bullets at each other

Spilling blood of the hapless in the process

Which may distance us from one another

But rather with a blood-red colour of HOLI

Spreading feeling of brotherhood

Which may engender love for each other  

Along with amity and wellbeing, in the humanity as a whole

Our prayers to Thee our Lord – the Love One
Do colour us all in Thy Holy colour
So that peace and harmony spread amongst all

Let this be the message of this Holy Holi.



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Life doubtlessly is intricate one

We’re responsible for it a simple one

With our cool-headed response

To any not so pleasant occurrence

This sometimes places us in the seventh heaven

When we’re placed suitably

The other times we’re placed lowly

Without an iota of its expectancy.

But harsh truths are to be faced squarely

Without any grudge against anyone

Subsequently, when we feel let down

Then, It would be peril of our own

There will not be any way out then

With all the truths and half-truths

Looming large and staring large in our faces

We have no alternative

But to live with all the highs and lows

Which the circumstances place us in

As these harsh realities are to be experienced and lived

Rather than feared and run away from them

With unflagging belief in ourselves

Along with the belief on our Creator.



First of all, what is the truth, it is the statement of fact which could be tested at any place or at any time; it is exactitude, certainty, without even an iota of doubt etc. The result of which cannot be disputed. Whereas harsh truths or hard realities of our lives have to be faced and sometimes lived with acceptance since there is no alternative for us.

When we talk about TRUTH, we always associate it with reality, which cannot be disputed. God is TRUTH. Truth cannot be disputed by any stretch of the imagination. But when we associate with harsh truths then this realism prompts us to have the reserve of the patient to not to feel slighted or disappointed and go on in life without let or hindrance. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things to infer that those who are respected in the society should set an example for others to follow in any situation or condition that we face in life.

In Bhagwad Gita, it has been emphasized: Because, whatever noble persons do, others follow. Whatever standard they set up, the world follows.

The following are some of the HARSH TRUTHS which we have to face in our lives and we cannot disregard these. Sometimes we have to ignore them and other times we have lived with them. If we do, then, it will not be possible for us to live with peace and ease.


The recent bank frauds in India in which the Bank officials and doled out loans in crores deceitfully to fraudsters without concrete securities. The loan takers just left the country with their booty – a thumbs down for the enforcement agencies and other law enforcement agencies indeed. The analogy could be cited for ‘a fence eating the crop’ – those who are in charge of protecting the banks swindle and embezzle the liquidity available in the banks. If our own stable is not cleared off such fraud playing bank officials the hapless taxpayers have to live with this crop of corrupt people. Why other countries accept such people with questionable credentials in their midst is also a moot point? This a reality we Indians have to live with until such time we change our laws and consider such willful defaulters/fraudsters as financial terrorists. Those who are assigned the duties to safeguard and protect the taxpayer’s funds in the Banks should transact their duties should work within the ambit of rules and should not be the willing helper in spreading corruption.  We have to weed out corrupts and make the financial institution’s corruption free. Corruption is a hard truth and we all have to face it squarely. Harsh punishment to the defaulters is only answer for this HARSH TRUTH.


There are three negative traits which remain visiting us despite our best efforts to avoid them. These negative traits are anger, greed, and lust. We ought to make sincere efforts so as to eradicate these from our system. We want to not to reactive to any untoward happening which causes anger, we compare ourselves in every respect with others which produces greed for more and lust means to hanker after; fame, wealth, sex outside the institution of marriage without true love attached to it. We have to be guarded against all these in our lives if we want to live a balanced life. If one of these remains to haunt us, then we have to face the realities of life when it will affect our lives.


 When it comes to our self-respect, we all are, to a limit, selfish. Reasons may be any; call it our compulsion, out of necessity due to the situation or any other reason for that matter. For instance, we give sermons to others for giving quality time to our offspring for infusing in them value systems and etiquettes but when our own children misbehave with others we just defend them!


It has been seen that our religious preachers give out lectures on how and why we should keep cool despite provocation. But, maybe, the same preachers may not be adopting tolerance when it is hugely required. I experienced this when a discourse was going on and a boy inadvertently disturbed his speech. This was sufficient provocation for hitting the boy who unintentionally intruded in front of the congregation. Such people are there who preach something to others but do not follow the same themselves. We have to live with this harsh truth.


 Many of us become hypercritical when somebody intrudes in our privacy but we ourselves butt in somebody else’s space then what?


Evidently, every one of us, sometimes, feels let down by the unethical behavior of our own people without rhyme or reason. It is all the more painful when our own blood relatives are involved. This could be termed as emotional blackmail but we have to bear with all these and go on in life.


There are times when we have to accept some realities. We make sincere efforts to get through some examinations but despite our best efforts, we are not able to succeed. The best way then is to accept the reality and be with it with an idea that that profession is not for us. Try something else instead. Similar is the case with our relationship. If we have made our best efforts to mend fences with our friends but that friend does not come round to our viewpoints despite our best efforts then the best thing is the acceptance with, in fact, belief in God.

Holy Bible clearly mentions: Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”


There are occasions when we may not be liked by others due to one reason or other. Or worse still, we have the trait of telling spade and spade and others may not like it. In this sort of a scenario, we have to accept the reality.


There is a huge travesty of fact when despite our best qualification for a job, we are ignored and somebody else with less merit and qualification is put above us. This is disappointing but we have to accept the harsh reality and transact our part of the job with demur.


There are people who throw their old parents to fend for themselves when they have spent every penny on the children upbringing, education and for the home to shelter them. But when the children grow up, instead of looking their old parents, they throw them to the mercies of elements. This is the height of insolence and this act will surely earn KARMA DEBT for them.


While we are conducting ourselves in our day to day lives, we should never forget that death is a harsh truth and would surely visit us one day; time and place, nobody knows for sure. Those who lead a spiritually oriented lifestyle just do not take death as a reality since such people lead a God-oriented life; with association or partnership with Him.

 Holy  Quran proclaims: Who created death and life that He may try you- which of you is best in deeds; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving


 It should always be kept in mind that Newton’s third law of motion always stands in good stead; ACTION AND REACTION EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. It is a harsh truth that if we transact any immoral turpitude (even if others are not knowing), we earn Karmic Debt and the results of this debt have to be borne by the person concerned – this birth or the birth(s) just following this one.


The fact stands that if we spend more than what we earn and become debt-ridden then we will have to face the consequences of harsh truth of this extravagance. While spending, we have to take care that our expenditure should match our earnings. Care ought to be exercised that we should keep some amount for rainy days too – to meet unforeseen expenditure on emergencies which may creep in without any inkling.


It has been observed that those who are mental loafers are not able to focus on anything – it may be studied, it may be meditations/prayers or any other job which requires concentration. Therefore, those whose mind goes awry on silly pretexts will have to make amends and control their mind otherwise they will have to face the HARSH TRUTH of its unpredictable consequences.

Then, in life, we have to face the HARSH TRUTHS which may visit is without any warning to us; at our home front, at our workplaces, at our formal or informal institutions etc. These harsh truths should never be ignored otherwise will cause an irreparable damage not only physically but also psychologically.



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When we were born
We did not carry any hate-germs
Which entered our psyche
Due to the influences of our society
Starting from our homes
To our school books
Which sometimes taught us distorted history
And fed us know-how

Suffused with malice, ill-will, and spite
Which suited only for that ‘time’
But has got no relevance now
That sufficient water has flown
From the Ganges to the ocean till now
Hate could be minimized
By taking course correction
Which has molded our present-day thoughts
The total elimination of specter of hate
Could be made possible
By following a spiritually inclined lifestyle
With a final realization
That whence we die
We shall not be carrying hate symptoms with us
But only the KARMA CREDIT
Which we would be carrying with us
When we leave the carrier of our Soul on this beautiful earth.


First of all, we have to understand what is hate or abhorrence or disgust due to one reason or other. Hate means not to like a person due to one reason or other. The degree of hate depends on person to person and case to case. This repulsion may be due to jealousy on somebody’s economic clout or business rivalries, professional related reasons or just based on race or regional considerations.

History reveals that hatred is generally generated by narrow apprehensions, unfounded fears, fear of losing power including fear of revulsion amongst own people due to the poisoning of our mind by vested interests. The example of queen Kaikeyi in epic Ramayana is known to everybody, her mind was poisoned by Manthara (maidservant) while Rama was about to be coroneted as the king of Ajodhya.  An unprecedented haltered was created in the mind of Kaikeyi due to which Rama was exiled for 14 years and coronation for her son Bharata.

Hate and its creation thereto could be created in our homes. Reasons may be any – property dispute, a misunderstanding due to any reason etc. I was fortunate to meet one person, named Raghubir Singh in my office today. His age as per his own admission was 80 years. I asked him about the secret of his sound health and agility at this age.

He pointed out that while he was only 40 years old, he used to live a very busy life; working from early morning to late in the night. The life was so pre-occupied that he did not get any time either for exercise or for taking the balanced diet to maintain his health due to which he grew very fat. In the meanwhile, diseases like high blood pressure, diabetics, impaired vision, chronic pains etc started. All these diseases left him bed-ridden due to which he could not attend to his business altogether. To my discomfiture and surprise, he told us during his sickness, his two brothers took control of his business and also bank accounts forcibly even by faking his signatures; following all the corrupt practices to the hilt.

The condition was so severe that his family was starved of any cash even for meeting his doctor’s bills and other family expenses. His two brothers started hating him and his family members and started treating him like a liability to them and his wife was constrained to work as a maidservant in his own family. A  paradox wherein the owner of the whole property was treated virtually like a slave with no Medicare or any solace from any quarter. They started to hate his two school-going children too and did not pay the school fees and allied expenditure incurred on schooling. He was constrained to stop schooling of his children and his own health was going from bad to worst.

Due to the above stated calamitous scenario, health wise and deterioration of the socio-economic condition, there remained no hope. It is rightly said, when no way is left, then only way left is the succor of our Creator. Seeing no way out from any quarter, Raghubir sincerely prayed God for His succor.

It has been experienced that sincere prayers are always answered by our Creator. On the same day, one of his old friends came to meet him. Raghubir told the part of his story to his friend, mincing nothing at all. His friend took him to an Ayurvedic Achariya who finally decided to take him to his Ashram at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) for healthcare besides living in natural settings; performing Yoga regularly, went on a diet which suited him due to which he started recuperating his health and wellness.

  1. He posed him a question as to how animals and other creatures living naturally live their lives without much reliance on any medication whatsoever? This way, they live their full life without any debilitating diseases like us humans face. Only humans rely on the artificial style of living thereby earn for themselves various diseases.
  2. Living in the natural settings and lifestyle (in diet and another way of living), we can avoid stress-related diseases such as hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, disturbance in digestive system etc.
  3. The Acharya took upon himself the responsibility of not only curing him in natural settings but also meeting the expenditure of his childhood education.
  4. Living in the lap of nature with Yogic exercises and medication, Raghbir started recovering from all his ailments and in one month’s period, he was in sound health.

Hating our Creator’s creations will add up our Karmic debt as it is a negative trait. It not only negatively influences our present life but also the coming living forms.

In Holy Bible it has been said: Love must be sincere, hate what is evil, cling what is good.

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers our all wrongs.

In essence, hate, when created, could harm not only the person for which it is directed but also harm the person who hates others. In another word, it is a negative trait and carries with its stigma of dislike.
We should know the reasons of hate:-

1.   When somebody disapproves our legitimate actions.

2.  When somebody backbites against us.

3.   When somebody hates us for our religious leanings, caste, creed, color or language or due to regional bias etc.

4.  Others sometimes hate us simply because we do not submit to their unethical or immoral advances.

5.   Sometimes hate also originates when someone criticizes us irrationally in front of others.

6.   When somebody illegally and forcibly snatches our property.

In epic Mahabharata, Kaurva prince Duryodhana was full of haltered and hostility towards Pandavas, he in connivance with Shukni, won the dice match with deception which resulted losing everything that Pandavas were having including their consort Dropti. This caused a war between the armies of Pandavas and Kauravas wherein Kauravas lost their everything including themselves and consequently resulted in vanquishing of evil.  

7.  Hate is generated when somebody interferes with our cultural and traditional modes of behavior.

8.   Hate amongst youth is created when their merit is disregarded and others without merit get placements or employment etc.

9.   Sometimes, when history is not taught in correct perspective to the present generation, it leads to a feeling of hate towards a section of society. This hate is irrational since this generation has no role in creating such hate. It may be part of history but what happened in the past should not be given too much credence.

10.  The element of hate between the spouses is created because of distrust and non-compatibility between the couple.

11.  In society there are chronic hate mongers, they have to be counseled for leaving their unethical standpoints and behave in a manner which is in the overall danger to the society in general.

Taking in cognizance the above-cited facts, my humble request to all my friends not to carry with you the burden of ‘hate’ which takes away peace of mind from our midst and makes us inconsiderate, inhumane, irrational, despotic and finally even our Almighty God does not like that person who carries the specter of hate for others.

Conclusively, it could be said that all those negative traits like ill-will, jealousy, rancor, covetousness, lust, irrational comparison etc which if removed from our system then the prevalence of love could be ensured and hate decimated. In other words, the specter of hate is generated when ignorance (darkness) is present but when love (light) pervades then this ignorance (darkness) is decimated. In this surcharged global environment, universal love is the need of the hour.





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A love which is all inclusive

A love we would not like losing

A love which is all pervading

A love all sweeping

A love all-embracing

A love which is broadest in content

A love from which we get contentment

A love which is fully bloomed

A love which is full-blown

A love which is sweeping

A love where there is not even an iota of doubt

A love where losing makes no difference

A love for which any sacrifice could be given

A love where we do not demand but would like giving

A love where we get extreme joy in giving

A love which teaches us values of living

A love where suspicion has no place while giving

A love rooted in sublime and  humane delicate touch

A love which broadens its base without an iota of bias

A love which is synergy giving while sharing

A love which increases by every day passing

A love which kindles trust among all creatures living

               A love where we do not care for caste, creed, colour or race

A love which is magical in nature

A love which is not theatrical in its character

A love which enlightens us and is not mechanical in nature

A love where we do not care for results

A love where every skepticism melts

A love which gives is eternal peace

A love which takes us to love heights

A love which erases all lingering reservations

A love which spreads its fragrance

A love which gives happiness in taking pain of other

Like the love of Saint Valentine,

A Catholic Bishop of Terni

In Roman Empire
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage secretly,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire’s law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted the Saint’s imprisonment,
And ultimately martyrdom.

While in the condemned cell of a prison,
With his miraculous touch, he cured the daughter of the jail warden,
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter,
With words so eternal in nature,

“From your Valentine”,

These words have become a grand brand,
Presently for us all to express to our loved one,
With a huge sprinkle of pride,
Mixed with a huge smile,
Lasting for good in our imagination,
And in real life too, we live with complete affirmation
That love binds us & bestows us God’s eternal compassion.

A love which is all-encompassing, where there is no suspicion, where giving is the only mantra without any expectations and finally were even losing one’s life is not taken so seriously. It is such a love which cannot be exchanged with pecuniary or other gains.  

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian Saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentine performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.
Legend has it that before he was to be beheaded he wrote a letter finally signing as YOUR VALENTINE to bid the final adieu.

For expression of love for our soul-mate, it is important that we fulfill all the ingredients which are needed. such as; our intention and attention that we pay in the expression of our sincere love, synergy in that love, the willingness that may spring from our inner self, etc. It is also a must that we’ve full trust on our soul-mate.
For love to be effective, it is a must that we develop an initial belief or trust that we are ready to have a right friend, with traits in agreement with ours to shower love and affection. If one finds the friend of his/her liking, it is equivalent to love of our Lord. This love of the Infinite Absolute Lord facilitates us, humans, to distribute this love to others with whom we come in contact with. His eternal love also solves many of our own problems concerning love.

A love of a soul-mate is unique in nature, the person with whom we want to develop the friendship, we have to accept him/her wholly – with all weaknesses and strong points. True love transcends all boundaries, all differences based on colour, creed, caste etc. It is pure and simple love. No questions asked about anything else.

There are two ways of finding an appropriate life partner; firstly love at first sight and secondly somebody arranges the same and he/she could be termed as our life-partner (this is termed as arrange marriage, where marriages happen according to Hindu religious beliefs; where Vedic Mantras/Hymns are chanted, by taking seven vows around the fire with seven promises made by both the partners). Or there may be other customs and traditions in other religions for marriage.

Anyway, we can have true and sacred love with our soul-mate or any other person around with basic premise of following parameters:-

(a) Trust each other without any strings attached.

(b) We should exhibit emotional maturity while ironing out differences.

(c) Take her/him to the inner recesses of your heart and feel that he/she remains in your imagination though he/she may not be physically present with you.

(d) Thinking about him/her may evoke a feeling of joy and sometimes you may skip a heartbeat for your partner.

(e) Creating a strong affinity with the soul-mate of yours even in his/her absence.

(f) Sharing joys or sorrows together, good and bad situations, etc.

(g) Not to hide anything from your partner so as to develop an indelible impression of friendship.

(h) We should forget and forgive each other’s mistakes which may creep in sometimes.

(i) A love knows no boundaries, the need of intimacy to establish a sacred love beside it is all inclusive – just seamless.
Love has many manifestations. When one is immersed in it, he/she gets everything in losing everything even the most precious one for us. While we take love as a God’s gift, love gifts us many things in return too. This return gift is all-encompassing – a saintly feeling for us all. We do not care for our life if that is at stake for earning the gift of love. We want losing everything including making supreme sacrifice for gaining the ultimate LOVE.

May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases and live happily

In the surcharged global environment which pervades presently, where doubts persist, we should always realize that ultimately when we leave this earth, we should leave the imprints of humane considerations, forgiving and forgetting, giving without any expectations, multiplying happiness by dividing smiles. This legacy of ours would be appreciated by our coming generations like we appreciate the Saint Valentine now. AMEN.



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