How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including girl child and minority communities?

How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including  girl child and minority communities?


 Best Answer:  We in India have more than 70% population living in rural areas. These people have to be educated about the need of education for their cohesion and adjustment with the educated people living in the urban and metropolitan cities in this highly surcharged atmosphere of competition. In order to teach more people, we have to reach more people; especially in rural areas. Although Government aided and  run educational schools and colleges are fulfilling the needs of the populace, yet, there is a urgent need to enhance the educational pursuit through people oriented programmes. The following are some of the aspects which are to be taken into account for spreading literacy amongst the people.

a/ Making the people aware about the need of education  through print and electronics medias. 

b/ Opening more schools and colleges in the less accessible areas. 

c/ Provide reading and other educational aids’ including books to the needy. 

d/ Providing uniforms to the needy. 

e/ Provision of scholarship to the needy. 

f/ Picking up the meritorious students for higher studies from the rural areas. 

g/ Give specialized type of education to the physically challenged children/children with special needs. 

h/ Periodically monitor the educational standard of the people areawise and devise measures for its improvement. 

i/ Provide grant-in-aid for needy for meeting needs arising out of educational pursuit. 

j/ Provide computers and other modern electronic aids for the schools. 

k/ Proper training and education for the teachers for making the educational pursuit a successful venture. 

l/ Make the people aware about teaching women folks with a view that if we teach a girl you teach a family as a whole.

m/ As far as possible make educational pursuit possible for adults also so that they could also assimilate in the society and get benefits that are accrued.

n/ Those amongst us who could not educate themselves due to some reason or the other, starting special classes for them so that they adjust with the society as a whole. NGOs should chip in for this.*

*Literacy rate of any country depends  on the facilities available in the forms of schools/educational institutions, needful infrastructure for these (study rooms, proper and clean toilet facilities – separate for boys and girls,  adequate number of trained teachers proportional to the students  so that individual necessary playing equipment/toys for specially needed children (for varieties of disabilities) with physiotherapist and specially trained teachers who could meet the needs of these gifted  children etc.


In rural India, there is a need of girls’ education because there is wide disparity in the literacy rate of boys and girls. It is well known fact that when we educate a girl, we educate the entire family as such because the child in the initial stage of growth and development, first lesson is imparted by the mother and if she is educated she can amply do so. Illiteracy of the females negatively impacts the entire family to which she goes after marriage. If she is literate and well educated besides cultured one; well versed in value system including traditional modes of behaviour then she can conveniently transfer/impart that value system to her children which doubtlessly will help afterwards in life when a child grows up and faces life. The sluggishness in females’ education could better be removed through the joint and sincere efforts of Government and parents. Efforts should also be made to convince the parents to send the girl child for necessary schooling.  An idea should be spread that both boys and girls need education for adjusting in the life. More so for girls for they have to assimilate themselves in different sort of environments after their marriage. Though in urban and metropolitan cities the literacy rate of girls has improved manifold yet in rural areas there are glitches like non-availability of more schools, teaching staff and other requisites like sanitation etc for girl students which need to be attended urgently.  More funds should be provisioned by the Government for infrastructural and other provisions in the rural areas.  If rural area with more population is awaken through literacy then the country as a whole will have inclusive progress.

Apart from giving fillip to education to girls, there is an urgent need of enhancing literacy rate amongst minorities along with attending to the caste related problems impacting their education. It has been experienced that children from these communities although enroll in the school in first standard but their dropout rate is too high because of factors like financial stringency due to poverty of parents, school available at far off places and available schools do not have trained and efficient staff including non-willingness on the parts of parents to send their children to school etc. Rather they would like their children, in many cases, to follow the parents’ traditional profession to meet the family financial needs. Actually absolute poverty too deters the pursuit of educational pursuits in the rural areas. Though Government is making efforts in educating the rural masses the need of education through publicity campaign and by opening new schools and bridging the gap yet still more needs to be done.




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We, as humans, have to accept some realities of life. There are two identities within which we are constrained to sustain ourselves. We have to live in pleasure and in pain as a way of life. Pleasure is associated or identified with good and pain is associated or identified with something awful or painful or bad. We learn from the experiences by living in pain and pleasure. Painful experiences provide us avenues to fight bad situations and come out successfully. In this sort of a situation, there comes an acceptance of having equanimity both in pain and pleasure.


First of all, we’ve to understand that happiness is basically a mental or an emotional state of our being. Here satiety with what we possess, positive attitude and pleasant disposition despite hurdle counts . Happiness is contagious – it spreads if we intend to do so with sincerity. Our happiness could be enhanced if public good is ensured by our own Karma. Happiness cannot be spread without positive mindset. As in our happiness, our mental and emotional state come into play, it is, therefore, essential that our inner self should be pure and free off smut.


Further, there are three vital factors which help us live a meaningful life. These are materialism, realism and idealism. Materialism is a must to a limit but if our requirements cross limit then it would ultimately become a burden and give pain. On the other hand idealism and realism should not only be attained in our life but also practiced to the letter and spirit for a purposeful life. Purposeful living brings forth some duties and responsibilities for a happy living.

There is no disputing the fact that among all things in life including happiness, self is to be held on higher pedestal. While extolling the role of self, it is important that we are also aware of the surroundings in which we liVe. It is because everything and everybody is relative to each other for a harmonious living.


 Challenges in in our life open new vistas in our life and make our life more dynamic, thereby giving us ample chance to grow and also give incentive to let others to grow likewise. These also make us determined not only to face life for our own good but also bestows us the traits of goodness and compassion for others around us. We feel pain for others and may try to alleviate that pain with the resources we have acquired. All this affords us the chances to be happy after a good deed is done.


Nobody can dispute the fact that among all things in life including happiness, knowing self is more important. Having known the self, then by extension, our relationship with our surroundings is taken into consideration. A person in segregation is not considered fit enough to influence anybody or an organization. Living in harmony and with cooperative mentality works and that is possible with others’ active participation.


If every other thing is relative to each other so everybody has a responsibility to influence others and in this our happiness in relation to others’ happiness is important too. In essence, in order to live in harmony with our environment, it is essential that our environment is congenial. Here well-being of others which includes mental or emotional happiness or psychological happiness, physical happiness, economic happiness, political well-being etc. It would be a farfetched idea if a single person  could live peacefully because the concept of UNITY IN DIVERSITY is important for tangible results.

Happiness is a fuzzy and crazy concept which is different for different individuals. Some may feel happy on simple things in life and the others may not be happy with everything in possession. Subjective satiety or well-being or happiness is dependent on the following factors:-

Happy is the man who has overall mental satisfaction vis-a-vis:-

  • Satiety in economic front. Everybody needs money for his/her sustenance. There are fortunate ones who could get opportunity to ache out a living and there are the ones could are not able to do so due to one reason or the other. If the person concerned could donate part of their money to the person in need, this makes the person concerned happy in a way.
  • Satisfaction or contentment in mental well being/psychological and emotional state. For understanding an individual, it is not only essential to meet ones look after the barest essentials for life but also meet the emotional needs for a happy life/. For example, expression of inner feeling and understanding others feelings is a must
  • PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. The philosophy is our life counts for our happiness or otherwise. If our philosophy in life is to live a life according to laws of nature and in sync with norms of civic norms despite hurdles then happiness or sadness will not make any difference to us.
  • Contentment in physical state. It is well nigh fact tha a good mind dwells in good body and for that to be a possibility body has to be kept in perfect fit state. In this direction, whatever possible we can do for others should be done.
  • Happiness and Spiritual way of living. Spiritual way of living following a lifestyle which is in consonance with natural laws and following the norms of civil society. Here inner peace for following ethical and moral inclined life. Such person does everything in sync with healthy living. Thus spiritual oriented people are the happy people.

In conclusion, it could be comprehended that happiness is individualistic in nature. There are the people who are satisfied with barest minimum possessions but there are the ones who are not satisfied with affluence at their command thus become unhappy.



True happiness in life is attained

Not by having all the comforts in life that we aspired
which though bestows us happiness for a so short

but, alas!  
Disappears like thin layer of snow on a sunny day
sooner than we actually anticipate in any way
leaving us high and dry
thus taking us to the spot we had started initially
with unhappiness writ large on our face eternally.
True happiness has to be earned – honestly

partly by leading a life full of care for others

by meeting others needs
whence our own bread and butter is earned
senergizing of our efforts

and using these for a healthy living
for a simple living and high thinking

for our efforts fructifying
Thus engendering a feeling of  satiety
without fear or favour eventually
resulting in profuse happiness to us in the process
producing positive emotional upsurge
making our heart ecstatic with pleasure

obliterating  the feeling of discomfort

by removing others discomforts

by the grace of Almighty God.



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Do you think..your family would agree with all you are doing? (As asked by somebody).

Do you think..your family would agree with all you are doing? (As asked by somebody).

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Best Answer: There are times when our family members would agree with all that we are doing and at other times they may not agree what we do or do not do. If I am doing anything which goes against the very principles of our family culture and traditions, no family member would agree  with my viewpoints. Secondly, if we do anything which tarnishes the well established image of our family; for instance if we resort to any crime or commit any sin which put all other members in disrepute then our family member will not like us for the anti social activities resorted to by us. Thirdly, if we have sufficient finance as individuals and do not come to the succor of our family when it is immensely required then our family will not like it. Fourthly, when our family wants us to follow certain course of action and we do something contrary to the well established norms then also our family members will not like it.

Be that as it may, it is the family which provides us assistance when we are children and it is family which comes to our assistance when we want to come out of the emergent situation, therefore, we have to think and act to safeguard the honour of our family when crunch time comes. All will agree when we are doing everything as per the greater good of the family it is liked by every member of the family. Therefore, it is possible that our family may agree with us or sometimes disagree with us but we have to accept the reality and agree to explore a common meeting ground for overall well-being of the family.*

*It is a axiomatic  that our intention should be to keep everybody in the family happy. For that to happen, the following points should be kept in mind:-

  1. Doing everything in accordance with the interests of the family as a unit. Family is a sacred institution in which different responsibilities are assigned and performed by different members of the family according to their capabilities or capacities. There is unwritten law which pervades that all members have to take look after the total well-being of the family to ensure that nothing is done which may go against the grain of family’s well-being or may tarnish the image of the family in general. In other words, it could be said that although there is no codified rule which governs the family way of living but whatever duty is assigned by the elder in the family is taken with a pinch of salt and obeyed partly as a mark of respect and partly for ensuring that job assigned is done without let or hindrance and nobody can brazen it out-. .


  1. Differences, if any, are sorted out with mutual agreement. At times, when there arises some difference of opinion or an unseemly act, these should be sorted out with mutual consent but with a notion that the authority of the elder in the family is respected and maintained and not diluted so that their writ runs large in the family hierarchy. .Sometimes when matters go off the tangent then complete family sitting should take place and every members’ opinion is taken on the contentious issue and matter sorted out without wastage of time. If an issue remains simmering for quite sometimes then it may snowball into a huge controversy and may entail loss of face or prove counter-productive to the overall interests of the family in general.


  1. Sometimes compromises are made for the sake of saving relationships. Experience tells us that at times members of the family have to compromise and cooperate on certain matters for saving the honour of the family. For this, even self esteem could be at stake but family honour has to be given priority. Here, I do iterate that I do not subscribe to the idea of honour killing  for settling scores – which is below civility.


  1. At times, if one member of the family disagree with others matters come to the head. The elders in the family should see that the differences in the family do not cross the limit of decency. If still things fail to quell, then everybody’s opinion should be taken for sorting out differences so that contentious points could be sorted out once and for all.


  1. When is the time to divide the family. At times, it has been found that differences spin out of control, when all out efforts make no difference to sort things out, then only option is to family division based purely on give and take basis as how long the quibbling could be allowed to take toll in the family and spoil the atmospheric in the family. In this sort of a contingency, it is better that elder member of the family may help division in the family by dividing the assets; ensuring that everybody in the family gets his/her share.


  1. Safeguards to the members who are aged and infirm. There are the members who earn and those who are not meaningfully employed also including those who are aged and infirm are taken care under the umbrella of family.


  1. Division of family assets / properties but not the elders in the family. If there arises a situation when the division of family is the only solution then in this sort of a scenario, the interests of olds and infirm including non-earning members in the family should not be ignored. Also, old parents, who see everybody in the family with love and affection should feel free to go to anybody in the divided family; i.e. no restriction should be imposed on them in their oldage.

Over and above what is mentioned above, the following should be taken care of:-

  • All should have union of unclear families during some important days like annual gathering for respecting family deity.
  • Celebrate all the birthdays/marriage anniversaries etc together to keep the unity and integrity intact.
  • Differences, if any, should be sorted out within shortest timeframe to bridge the gap so that the gap may not widen to disproportionate proportions which is difficult to fill.
  • As family is the institution from where our development starts, we should always respect all its norms when we grow up and become independent financially.
  • We should never forget our roots. One who forgets its roots is a turncoat of highest order.
  • Sometimes we have to compromise but it is not because of our weakness but we’ve to check our ego and move on. Also, many a times, we have to remain quite after we come to know about a controversial happenings, which if reignited may will create still more fissures in the family. Remaining silent in these is the most sagacious for overall health and well-being of the family.


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Childhood is the time considered most appropriate

Whence we can put matters of common sense

in our growing offspring

What they should do and what they should be avoiding

So that they cement their place

As responsible citizens when they grow up

And try to come out of the negative situations

By their grit and determination

Which they have learned in their childhood

Failures would be there, no doubt

But how to come out of situation

Depends on what they learned in their early days

Qualities of patience

With sufficient dose of persistence

And high quantity of perseverance

Will surely make much difference..  



It should be our sincere endeavour to put positive thoughts In our young minds so that they display positivism in their thoughts and deeds.. Even criticism should be with an intent to effect positive change in them.. It should not be; criticism for criticism sake – to lower them in the eyes of peer group. There is a case of a language teacher who is intelligent, upright, has impeccable class control, cynosure of students’ eyes, produces 100 results in her subject but one thing which is lacking in her is the display of intolerance whenever she is criticized (even for her improvement) or provoked. This intolerant attitude despite all the positive traits in her makes her unpopular with other staff members. It goes to show that we should cultivate  a healthy mix of balanced traits and avoid going to extremes in some cases and adopting middle course in others.


While facing a piquant situation, the people with positive mindset always show optimistic and constructive approach rather than destructive and pessimistic one and they do not  drag their feet rather they face the given situation head on. Admitted that doubts may still persist on the way yet solutions are not far to seek.

Moving forward despite hurdles is need of the hour and this could meaningfully be possible when we possess progressive mentality. When faced with negative situation, ways and means should be explored to make it happen rather than accepting it as a play of destiny, It should be with firm belief  – only those who believe can succeed.

For weeding out undesirable or negative tendencies which impede our progress,  it is essential to always cultivate all those desirable traits which not only assist us in variety of ways but also make the environment around us congenial for a  purpose living. .


It is observed that habits start forming from the age of three years. It is also a fact that when these habits are set it is difficult to remove them. The kind of environment we live in the family in the childhood remains indelibly in slate of our mind for good. Main objective of ours should be how to remove these unfairness which has taken root in our system. This mental conditioning could be removed by self effort and will power. The mental and emotional attitude that we imbibe by focusing on the bright side of life go a long in removing childhood prejudices and unfair conditioning. Today, I came across a child studying in class 2nd. He is very naughty and fights with every other students in the class. This was telephonically conveyed to the parents of the boy in question. His teachers told that the parents of the boy do not attend any PTM. It goes to show that parents do not take care in streamlining the behavior of the boy and that is why the boy has become wayward. in his attitude.  

It is relevant to mention about a student (in her teen); who is otherwise very meticulous in her studies and intelligent but once she got comparatively less marks in a test in mathematics. On close scrutiny it was found that her disturbed state of mind was partly due to overconfidence and partly due to bickering between parents. Such was the intensity of negative feeling created in her mind that she was not able to come out of this negative mindset for a few days. During this period of negativism, she was not able to concentrate on her studies and hence could not  solve even the easiest of sums which she used to solve easily. This case history made me to imagine, how a child loses his/her composure and confidence when engulfed in negativity created by his/her own nears and dears.

A person can come out of this mental conditioning partly through training on specifics (3Ps)  patience,  perseverance and persistence  in will power,


Our patience is tested on day to day basis. When somebody provokes us with something in order to lose our balance, there are two ways open for us, either we react in equal measure or we just are not reactive and remain calm despite provocation. When somebody provokes us, it means that person is himself/herself, to some degree, worked-up and is in emotionally disturbed mindset and also want us to feel the heat. The best course of action should be to remain calm and composed without any complaining or showing any annoyance. These are the hard words but a man with traits of patience will sure have these.


A person facing earth-shattering situation will have difficulty in handling that. He/she has to bring together all the willpower and strength of conviction and unflagging faith in his/her own capabilities and -to tide over the daunting situation and come out unscathed. A person who persists in effort despite difficulty with cool-headedness wins in the long run and even God comes to that person’s succor.


In life, we face many types of difficult situations, how best we determine to come out of these unpredictable situations which test our resolve depends solely on us. Not that we meet with success always. There are times when our sincere efforts do not bear fruits. Then what is the option. Leave the ground and engulf in despondency and bear the brunt of its consequences? Or exert still harder and come out successful. Belief in our capabilities comes when our persistent bring about tangible results. It is through sustained practice which bolsters our chances of success that we undertake become perfect in any creative work. Nothing is given to us on the platter should always be remembered. 


A person with positivism always is balanced in his approach towards any task he/she undertakes. He/she is not disturbed by failure and also does not go overboard whenever he tastes success in life. For him life is a real drama and the ought to played on persistently. He / she remains in happiness and believes that obstacles in life have to be fought. Positive thinking has its effectiveness. this trait helps in keeping the person away from fear psychosis and resultant waywardness. Mostly, the barometer or mantra of success depends on the degree of positivism one possess. 

Moving ahead despite hurdles is need of the hour and this could meaningfully be possible when we possess progressive mentality. When faced with negative situation, ways and means should be explored to make it happen rather than accepting it as a play of destiny with the thinking that only those who believe can succeed.


For a person endowed with positive attitude, religion for him/her is the way of life for knowing / exploring self or for self realization and uniting factor and not dividing communities on the basis of separate religious thoughts and belief. For a positive oriented person, religion is a pathway for establishing connectivity with God. The treasure of wisdom given in various scriptures of religions should contribute the unite the societies rather than divide them.


A person who is endowed with positivism comes to the rescue of his fellow being whenever he finds somebody in need.


Dark clouds do not remain for good but a person with negative outlook just sees darkness everywhere. He does not see brightness at the end of the tunnel rather he feels engulfed in darkness only. Difficulty for such person is not an opportunity to prove a point but on the other hand it is another onslaught of difficult situation. He does not know how to come out of this situation because nobody has taught him.


When facing a piquant situation, the people with positive trait always show optimistic and constructive rather than destructive and do not drag their feet rather than facing the given situation. Admitted that doubts may arise on the way yet solutions could be explored.














































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For living a life of significance

With all our slip ups nipped in the bud with full all patience

By aspiring for a code of conduct

With the experiences we get

From the daily routines done presently

And the incidents experienced in the days gone by

Which remain etched in our memory

And keep guiding us

To follow those thoughts and actions

Which are in sync with the norms and obligations

Set by the society for a civilized and orderly living

Some of value systems are transformed by the family we are born

From historical perspectives and socio-cultural traditions

Followed presently for evolution of civilization

Then also by democratic values of  thoughts of liberty of thoughts and expression

Strides in scientific temper and modern values thereto have helped improvisation

And mitigation of masses’ all round condition

By elimination of rampant paradoxes and superstition,

Innovation in transportation and media communication

Has really helped dissemination of information

Globalization has blurred the boundaries internationally

Spiritual values give religious insights into higher values and their application

Of positive thoughts of empathy, righteousness  and compassion

Besides indomitable belief on Supreme Consciousness

Through truthfulness and sincere meditation

This way we stand firm what relationship creations

Has with our Creator.

All mixed together make universal values a living reality

Higher values help maintenance of harmonious relationship a possibility

Helping us for mutual admiration for each others culture and values followed traditionally.


In the morning hours, while passing through junior wing of our school, I observed that some decoration pieces had fallen from the stand on which these were placed. The students were going to their respective classes even trampling those decoration pieces. Suddenly, I saw a small girl picking those decoration pieces and putting them at their proper places. She even took the assistance of her friends in the group. I mentioned this to one of the teachers who also appreciated this act of hers. I take this as a value learned from the parents or peer group. In our daily life, we are in tearing hurry to transact our personal business without caring what is happening around us – thinking that it does not concern us! This is travesty of fact, a fact which is considered as lowest in value system rung.   

There are no two opinions that values are man-made and need based too. Values considered good for particular community may not be considered good by the other community. For instance there are the communities who teach their children how to steal from the childhood itself. But stealing is considered as a crime by the land of the land. Then what our soldiers are trained for is another example of particular value – to safeguard the integrity of the country even by making supreme sacrifice. Here too values differ. It goes to show that there are some values which are required to be followed as a member of a particular region or society and there are some values which are considered respected in the country we live besides there are values which have universal appeal.

Whatever we do, we should do that with full consciousness or awareness. In that awareness, we should let love to dwell in us, without worrying about whether our act is according to the set values or not because whatever is done in sound awareness can hardly be wrong. Thus awareness and love are more essential. A practice being followed or learned over a period of time or randomly done gets into our habit or behaviour is value based.

The moral principles and values originated as code of conduct to mould human behaviour as a response to given situation. These have been gleaned from the chapters of history of the past and based on the experiences we formulate new sets of values suiting our timeline. This code of conduct helps us in fulfilling our objectives and help shape our destinies according to present requirements.

HOLY QURAN DECLARES: And the believers, men and women, are friends of another. They enjoined good and forbid evil and observe Prayer and pay the Zakaat and obey ALLAH and HIS Messenger. It is these on whom ALLAH will have mercy. Surely, ALLAH is Mighty and Wise.

Essentially,  for a civilized and organized society, it is important that the people observe some code of conduct brought about during the passage of time along with experiences gained during that period. The moral principles and values observed moulds the human behaviour. Study of historical perspective and ancient philosophies make huge impression on human evolution.

Human values have drawn their inspiration from various sources in the course of history besides spiritualism, philosophy and religion, socio-cultural traditions have been the predominant determinants for formulating the basic human values through different period of evolution of human civilization. Some of these are given as under:-

  • HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE AND ITS AFFECTS ON CULTURAL VALUES.. Historical perspective play a dominant role in ascertaining the norms of behavior and values practiced at particular period of time. Codified history influences the present thinking and affects the societies in general. For example, in the medieval period is known to have associated with Islamic influence and rule in India. It went almost for three centuries including Mughal Empire who first of all invaded India and then adopted India as their own. The culture and value system they brought with them got assimilated in India itself and enriched Indian culture and tradition. Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb (Ganga-Yamuna Culture) which is effusion of Hindu and Muslim cultures.
  • PHILOSOPHIES PROPOUNDED BY RENOWNED PHILOSOPHERS. Ancient philosophers contributed much for the present times as far as culture, tradition and values are concerned. For example contributions of renowned philosophers like John Loke (father of liberalism), Thomas Aquinas (Advocate of existence of God), Confucius (Advocated natural morality), Descartes (father of modern philosophy), Plato (Believed that there must be some power for the creation of universe),Aristotle (He wrote about abstract or concrete philosophy) etc. All these Western philosophers among others including those oriental Indians philosophies have contributed immensely to the cultural ethos and moral, ethical and cultural values of the world.
  • DEMOCRATIC VALUES. Democratic principles of liberty, freedom to elect governments of choice, freedom of expression, revision of incentives for democratization of thoughts are the main determinants of human values which help in evolution of higher values and virtuous life held dear by the people.
  • VALUE SYSTEM MAKE HUMANS HUMANE. The distinction between human beings is the richness of value system one possesses among other basic modes of behaviour (ethical, moralistic, spiritualistic etc) which everybody should possess for a sublime and civilized living. A person could have higher value system in one field but could have lower value system in other field of activity. The index of value system is the richness in beliefs, faiths and norms of behaviour being followed by the society.

Lord Jesus modeled this core value when He uttered, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

  • POLITICAL VALUE SYSTEM. It has been observed that now-a-days politics is more or less bereft of values systems. The political parties and its leader publish manifestos for their respective parties but when they win the election, they woefully forget the promises made to the people. By their unethical acts they stoop to lower ladder of value system in political arena.
  • RELIGIOUS VALUE SYSTEM. By following the religious teachings in various scriptures, the proponents / followers of religions follow these religious preaching and seek god’s connectivity. Those who follow religious philosophies without reservation and without diluting these teachings, get higher values in life. A person with higher religious values is rich in spiritualism with all the positive traits such as empathy, compassion etc which inspire us for meditation which is beneficial for our soul and provides us occasion to have indomitable belief on god. With this value system, we can stand for what we believe in relation to religion and spiritualism. Religious value too stresses maintenance of harmonious relationships with followers of religions other than ones own.

The VEDIC Value system enlightens us  about:  Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Maternal possession), Kama (Desire), Shivam (Supreme Consciousness and goodness),Sundram (beauty), Satyam (Truthfulness),

  • FINANCIAL VALUE SYSTEM. We require money in order to meet our various needs which we call material possessions for a comfortable living. For this, we have to work sincerely. If we earn this finance by adopting sincere and legitimate methods then it falls in the category of economic high value system. If we earn through some corrupt or ulterior means then it is low value system.
  • SOCIAL VALUE SYSTEM. Social values are the ones which we learn from our family initially and then friends and environment in which we live. Social etiquette include learning social obligations, to live in harmony with others obeying all the civic rules, obeying social norms held dear by the society for concord and cooperation. Social values learned helps us in imbibing positive relations with fellow beings and shun antisocial and behaviour which is anti-thesis of social norms.
  • ETERNAL VALUES ARE ABSOLUTE, REAL, it is pure consciousness, pure perception, pure knowledge, gives pure knowledge (ananda), bliss or everlasting happiness, eternal peace, exalted values and are eternal in nature. These values are like the light of the sun which gives energy to all the objects.



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(ON 14TH APRIL 2017)


Amongst all Fridays’, the most Holy,
Call it a Good Friday or a Somber Friday,
But one thing can overlooked hardly
It is a day of reckoning for humanity
When our heart is filled with a feeling so empty
Grief is writ large on the faces of gentry
Who truly know about Good Friday.

Prayers and fasting are common features on this day
This Solemn Day is observed as an anniversary
Whence our most revered Jesus Christ
Left his physical body on this planet
To meet the Supreme Spirit
Good Friday’s purity remains in their hearts
Of a commoner or a priest.

A Day which we reminisce,
When our dearly loved Lord Jesus Christ,
Offered himself on the Cross,
Without even a slightest emotional upsurge,
Saintly and most compassionate while in real life’s passage,
And exceptionally serene whilst meeting his end in flesh and blood.
Underwent crucification and ultimate surrender,
On this Day – to our common Creator!
Yet seeking forgiveness for his perpetrators
Sinful ones at the helm responsible for his death!
So merciful even to irreligious ungodly power famished!
With eternal words: ‘Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do’
Such compassionate words are amazing one
It could be with the heart of one who is the dearest Son
Of Omnipotent and Omniscient
Such empathy is a key to Christ Consciousness
Suffering for us – relentless pangs combined with humiliation,
A holy death indeed for our redemption,
His supreme sacrifice is an instrument of compensation,
For the sins of everyone of us on this earth.

AND then followed by a surprise resurrection,
Thus stunning the people at large by this revivification.
Methods may differ in observation,
But the sacredness of Good Friday remains,
Devout kneel with utmost reverence, which they pay,
Before wooden Cross kept in Churches so holy on this day.
Seven last words of Lord Christ are too repeated,
So that HIS utterances remain engraved,
In our memory-lane forever and ever.
A symbolic burial of the Lord too is performed,
Differences may be in the methods,
Yet inner most springing of touching feeling is unparalleled,
For our Beloved Jesus Christ,
Who for Truth’s sake gave His everything,
So that we may be absolved of our sins.


History is witness to the fact that the incarnations of our Creator had to endure trials and tribulations in their real life time while living on this earth. People who opposed their ideas and ideals always opposed them tooth and nail because these God’s Incarnations were the messengers of peace and their mission was to spread the ETERNAL TRUTH. They preached ‘Bless them that curse you.’ They presented a living example for us humans to see how best they withstood onslaughts of those who opposed the very ideals which has divergent viewpoints – departure from their pseudo and outdated beliefs.

While reforming the masses and showing them the true path, the messenger of our God Jesus Christ faced several obstacles from those who opposed his idea. The other incarnations like et al Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Prophet Mohammad faced many hurdles at every step but with their foresight and fortitude these Apostles of Peace challenged the old and hackneyed mores of behaviour and came out unscathed ultimately. Surprisingly, after their earthy sojourns they were accepted as the Messengers of God by one and all. This is the tragedy of humans that we do not recognize our God’s Messengers/Incarnations while they were on this planet but when they are no longer with us then we take them as their revered ones and worship them for their preaching!

Lord Jesus Christ is one such example amongst others like Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama who gave new meaning and content to the philosophy of living. These Messengers of Peace fought for the common people and were able to rid the society of the evil doers and challenged the very philosophies of people at the helm of affairs during the periods on this earth. In that process these Sons of God had to face opposition. People who mattered suspected these God’s messengers because their ideals were counter to their (powerful opponents) own and in upholding these they (Sons of God) had to face trials and tribulations. During the life time Jesus Christ did everything to rid the then society of the evils prevalent and wanted to change the outlook of the people.

Jesus anguished and felt sympathy even for his tormentors while he agonized on the cross for us all. We should never forget that He suffered so that we are redeemed of our sins that we as humans do commit. There were disturbances and upheavals after he gave up his spirit.

Crucification of Jesus Christ gave a new meaning of life to us humans to follow. His ideals and preaching are held dear by us all and will remain so till eternity. May this Day remain etched in our memory as the day of redemption of humanity and He remains a beacon of light for all of us on this earth.

It is well said, there is always a light after the darkness. Jesus used to heal the physical ills of masses, he wanted their highest good while he was in flesh and blood like us. But the insensitive people just crucified him! This is also a fact that he had the power to escape being crucified but he did not do so. And in even in agony he said: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’ That is why He had to come back again for our happiness and for our purification. This purification is attained only when we’ve conquered our weaknesses in the form of our ego etc.

If crufication was a dark blot on those who crucified Jesus, the Easter is commemorated as a symbol of resurrection. Easter celebration has a historic perspective. It also symbolizes rebirth; a pious day that is why devotees decorate their houses, rejoice, mass prayers are conducted in Churches. It is a celebration in connection with the rising of Christ – the Son of God. Easter also opens door for a holy association with God through Jesus Christ. Amen.


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Festivals in India are due to a number of substantial reasons. It may be due to change in season, in the memory of certain historical events, cultural and religious events, traditional based principles, fairs at the holy places of peers and saints etc. The well-known amongst several ones are Dussehra, Diwali, Eids, Christmas Day, Gurpurbhs, Lohri, Holi and others having regional and national connotations. In all these festivals, people of different hues celebrate with jovially and religious fervour. Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th  April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.

Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar. This is a cultural harvest festival which takes place annually and all people celebrate this day with full zeal and enthusiasm.

In the childhood, our classmate friends  used to wait with huge eagerness for this Baisakhi fair for which we  used to get extra money to spend for various sorts of eatables and fruits available in the fair. The Baisakhi was the meeting place for other relatives and friends.

People start from their houses in the form of congregation from the early hours itself, singing group songs and dancing to the tunes of drums in colourful / holiday finery. A designated holy place of some Peer or Saint or Temple or Gurdwara is well chosen by the populace for this occasion.

Competitions of Gidha or folk dances by women in their colourful and attractive attire and Bhangra by the men-folks also in their best outfits are the major attraction. Besides wrestling bouts (dangal) by the famous wrestlers of the area are also organized. Prizes are distributed to the winners of these events. People get together and meet their friends. This fair affords the participants an opportunity to expand their friends circle.

New meaning to this festival was given in 1699 when Khalsa Path was established by Guru Gobind Singh – the 10th Guru of Sikhs at Anandpur Sahib – a place most venerated by one and all. Khalsa means PURE without any negativity and leading a perfect life besides having courage to lay down their lives for a noble cause.

The festival holds special significance to Sikhs. Many Sikhs choose to be baptized on holy day of Baisakhi. People also come out from their houses in the form of congregations called Nagar Kirtans singing hymns from Shri Guru Granth Sahib. What a day to remember!

 BAISAKHI is celebrated due to the following:- 

  • It is celebrated on the occasion of 1st day of Baisakh month of Bikrami Calendar (Samat). People chalk out different plan of actions for the coming year as per Bikrami Calendar and pray that their sincere thought out plans get fructified.


  • BAISAKHI is a seasonal festival and it is especially celebrated in Punjab region and in Jammu province; especially after finishing the activities related to crops wheat harvesting and selling their produce in the marketplace  giving the people cause to celebrate with gusto.


  • After harvesting the wheat crop and ploughing their fields for sowing new crops including some cash crops, the farmers feel joyous and to express their joy they celebrate it by staging Bhangra in different groups, Bhangra competitions are also held and award presented to the one who wins this competition.


  • This is in the form of fair (mela) wherein people gather in majority and make merry. Different stalls selling wooden crafts and other household earthen wares are sold there at reasonable prices. Then there are the stalls selling the seasonal fruits like water melon and musk melon make brisk sales. All age group people including children enjoy Baisakhi fair.
  • Baisakhi also affords an opportunity or an occasion to thank God for bestowing the farmers with bountiful crops besides praying for more crops in future too.
  • Baisakhi has special significance for the Sikhs since on this day, Khalsa Panth was established by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. On this day Sadh Sangat take organise religious congregations and sing prayers and rhymes from Sri Granth Sahib.
  • Hindus and Budhists too celebrate Baisakhi with zeal and enthusiasm. Hindus take sacred bath in River Ganges and other rivers. They pray to God for His grace. Even in parts of South India this day is celebrated but with a different name.





Baisakhi fair held a new meaning for us as children

We used to wait for very keenly this festival

It marks the ushering in of joyous New Year,

Of Vikrami Samvat  – Calendar,

A lunar calendar based on ancient Hindu tradition of yore,

Falling, surprising on 13th April every year!

When new resolutions are made,

And old ones introspected,

And lessons learned.

A festival known variously in countless regions of India.

Whilst the farmers toil in the fields on months on ends,

Ploughing their fields from early morning till fall of night,

Occasionally forgetting even siesta and meals many times,

Sow seeds and water the crop that grows,

Looking after the crops in the fields,

Observing its growth with huge eagerness,

So that his crop’s yield may grow,,

Like the farmers observe the growth of their dear ones at home.

On this auspicious day the farmers,

Having collected whole of the crop yield so harvested,

Join together in singing, merrymaking with full gusto,

Celebrate Baisakhi with Bhangra and gidha at full throttle,

In their colourful mesmeric folk attires,

Distributing sweets and good wishes to others in delight.

At the holy mazars (monuments) of ‘pirs’ and ‘fakirs’,

Known for their piousness and ocean of wisdom,

Offer prayers for the prosperity all around,

And also for their crop yield to grow, years after years.

The nature too is at its colorful best,

With flowers emitting fragrance,

The blanket of greenery spreading,

Factually so mesmerizing,

Soothing to our eyes that these could survey,

Making the environs invigorating and heady indeed,

Surprisingly without even intoxicating agent!

This day too has a history of its own,

Shri Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa Panth,

To bestow security to the unfortunate ones,

People too gather in various Gurudwaras,

Shri Golden Temple emanates its splendor, as ever,

Devout take a dip in tank, a holy one,

And pray for well-being of their nears and dears,

Do come to our succor,

O our dearest Creator.

Harbans Khajuria



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