How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including girl child and minority communities?

How to increase literacy rate of a country with special emphasis on rural areas including  girl child and minority communities?


 Best Answer:  We in India have more than 70% population living in rural areas. These people have to be educated about the need of education for their cohesion and adjustment with the educated people living in the urban and metropolitan cities in this highly surcharged atmosphere of competition. In order to teach more people, we have to reach more people; especially in rural areas. Although Government aided and  run educational schools and colleges are fulfilling the needs of the populace, yet, there is a urgent need to enhance the educational pursuit through people oriented programmes. The following are some of the aspects which are to be taken into account for spreading literacy amongst the people.

a/ Making the people aware about the need of education  through print and electronics medias. 

b/ Opening more schools and colleges in the less accessible areas. 

c/ Provide reading and other educational aids’ including books to the needy. 

d/ Providing uniforms to the needy. 

e/ Provision of scholarship to the needy. 

f/ Picking up the meritorious students for higher studies from the rural areas. 

g/ Give specialized type of education to the physically challenged children/children with special needs. 

h/ Periodically monitor the educational standard of the people areawise and devise measures for its improvement. 

i/ Provide grant-in-aid for needy for meeting needs arising out of educational pursuit. 

j/ Provide computers and other modern electronic aids for the schools. 

k/ Proper training and education for the teachers for making the educational pursuit a successful venture. 

l/ Make the people aware about teaching women folks with a view that if we teach a girl you teach a family as a whole.

m/ As far as possible make educational pursuit possible for adults also so that they could also assimilate in the society and get benefits that are accrued.

n/ Those amongst us who could not educate themselves due to some reason or the other, starting special classes for them so that they adjust with the society as a whole. NGOs should chip in for this.*

*Literacy rate of any country depends  on the facilities available in the forms of schools/educational institutions, needful infrastructure for these (study rooms, proper and clean toilet facilities – separate for boys and girls,  adequate number of trained teachers proportional to the students  so that individual necessary playing equipment/toys for specially needed children (for varieties of disabilities) with physiotherapist and specially trained teachers who could meet the needs of these gifted  children etc.


In rural India, there is a need of girls’ education because there is wide disparity in the literacy rate of boys and girls. It is well known fact that when we educate a girl, we educate the entire family as such because the child in the initial stage of growth and development, first lesson is imparted by the mother and if she is educated she can amply do so. Illiteracy of the females negatively impacts the entire family to which she goes after marriage. If she is literate and well educated besides cultured one; well versed in value system including traditional modes of behaviour then she can conveniently transfer/impart that value system to her children which doubtlessly will help afterwards in life when a child grows up and faces life. The sluggishness in females’ education could better be removed through the joint and sincere efforts of Government and parents. Efforts should also be made to convince the parents to send the girl child for necessary schooling.  An idea should be spread that both boys and girls need education for adjusting in the life. More so for girls for they have to assimilate themselves in different sort of environments after their marriage. Though in urban and metropolitan cities the literacy rate of girls has improved manifold yet in rural areas there are glitches like non-availability of more schools, teaching staff and other requisites like sanitation etc for girl students which need to be attended urgently.  More funds should be provisioned by the Government for infrastructural and other provisions in the rural areas.  If rural area with more population is awaken through literacy then the country as a whole will have inclusive progress.

Apart from giving fillip to education to girls, there is an urgent need of enhancing literacy rate amongst minorities along with attending to the caste related problems impacting their education. It has been experienced that children from these communities although enroll in the school in first standard but their dropout rate is too high because of factors like financial stringency due to poverty of parents, school available at far off places and available schools do not have trained and efficient staff including non-willingness on the parts of parents to send their children to school etc. Rather they would like their children, in many cases, to follow the parents’ traditional profession to meet the family financial needs. Actually absolute poverty too deters the pursuit of educational pursuits in the rural areas. Though Government is making efforts in educating the rural masses the need of education through publicity campaign and by opening new schools and bridging the gap yet still more needs to be done.




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The God Almighty is very generous to  His creations

He provides us the bounties of Mother Nature

With only a few conditions attached

That we’ve to respect the laws of nature

Which provides us the whole lot

God bestows us the chance to enjoy varieties of climates.

From extreme hot to not so hot

From extreme cold to mild or not so cold.

From devastatingly hot weather to mild hot

We heartily cherish these moments

And enjoy the time at our disposal with friends’ accompaniment.

Basant Panchami has religio-seasonal connotations

Withstanding the cold of the winter season

There is a beginning of a climate so plasant

Whence the Mother Nature is at its excellence

Wherein a carpet of yellow mustard plants is one of the attractions

Even the people put on their yellow attires

To match the environment around

Thus imbuing themselves with the Mother Nature

Legend has it with this festival

Lord Brahma -the Creator

Happened to see the Earth

He felt penitent

On seeing the bare trees

The barren land bereft of any greenery

Scattered some water from His jar so enchanting

Lo and behold

There appeared Goddess Sarawati

The provider of Knowledge and Wisdom

Besides music, art and craft

Goddess Sarswati too is called

The Goddess of Basant Panchmi

Whence Lord Brahma bestowed greenery

To the plants in abundance

Bringing about brightness in natural spectacle

Everywhere our eyes could travel

Thence yellow flowers are to the God in plenty

Our food items too emit yellow colour

By putting saffron stands

Giving out fragrance, so mouth watering.

On this occasion devout worship musical instruments

Including art, craft and all other learning mediums

Being the gifts of Lordess Saraswati.

Then congregations and processions

Are taken to implore Her for more of her bounties

Knowledge and wisdom to us humans

To distinguish between truth and falsehood.


Lordess white dress symbolizes purity in all its manifestations

She is also an embodiment of truth and elegance

Even her posture of sitting has a meaning, so deep

Our humble prayers to The O Goddess Saraswati

To obliterate ignorance and illiteracy from our midst

And bring about a dawn of enlightenment

By removing the specter of ego which engulfs us immensely

And permeate us all in thy colour, so indelible.



The Basant has been taken from Sanskrit word VASANT’ which means Spring Season. Basant Panchami (fifth tithi) is celebrated in the honour of Goddess Saraswati in different parts of India. She is the divinity of knowledge (music, arts, science etc). We worship the Goddess so that she bestows us essential knowledge and help us to remove ignorance from our midst. On this day, people also initiate the education of their kids in their homes and schools besides it is  considered auspicious to start new ventures businesses on this day.

In schools and colleges too, in the morning hours assemblies, prayers to Goddess Saraswati are done in order to get her graces, blessings for enlightenment and removal of agyan (ignorance). Although whole of the day is considered promising  yet most auspicious time is from sunrise to the midday (which is also termed as the Purvahna Kala) and it is considered as the auspicious time to conduct Saraswati Puja with great reverence and piety for seeking her graces in abundance.


In many parts of india, farmers conduct the earth pujan (Bhoomi Puja) for more agricultural produce from their fields before tilling their fields. People eat sweet rice and put on yellow clothes – yellow colour is associated with Basant Panchami.

Dandya dance is also performed on this day in Gujarat state which is also associated with harvesting, sowing and reaping of crops etc. The ploughing implements too are worshipped on this day so that these implements work to their full potentials for better crop yield.


Season-wise, chilling cold season ends and start of more pleasant and enjoyable season starts – Basant Ritu. There is also a tradition that in Basant Ritu, there is air of love and affection which is associated with kamadeva and his wife named Rati. When we associate this day with Kamadeva, it means there used to be dance based on love in the royal palaces in which the women folks of the royal leanings and other girls used to dance’  (in their best  attires) in the midst of singing suiting the occasion – basically on love between Krishna and Radha. People put on yellow attire on this occasion in consonance with the flowering of yellow tamarind crops. It seems as though the Mother Nature has spread a yellow coloured cloth with seasonal flowers. There is also fragrance of flowers all around.

The Basant Panchami is also called as Shree Panchami and Sufi which is observed in Sufi shrines. This festival is also celebrated in different parts of India though slightly differently. People enjoy kite flying, – Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc,  Eastern India including Bengal wherein Saraswathi idol is immersed in Ganga.


People in different regions also worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi including Sun God and offerings are made to them to earn their graces which could help them tide over their problems in life.

. Devotees feed the needy on this occasion.

It is not merely Hindus who celebrate BASANT PANCHAMI but people following religsions too celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm – as it is a seasonal festival.

Saint Nizamuddin Aulia who was known for his generosity, compassion and simplicity coupled with humane heart too celebrated Basant Panchami. There used to be Langar at dargah where food was served to all irrespective of religious leaning. When his nephew died, he felt so sad that he stopped all the activities.

Observing with concern, Amir Khusrau, a Sufi poet, musician and scholar and who is considered as a prominent name in the cultural history of the Indian Sub-continent wanted to bring him to his normal state. While seeing the women putting on their yellow attire, with colourful flowers, he also put on yellow clothes and flowers and went in front of the Saint. Upon seeing Khuarau in that dress, the Saint smiled. Thence onwards, Basant Panchami too is celebrated in Dargah of Saint Nizamuddin Aulia.

The Sikhs also celebrate Basant Panchami. Basant  Raga or Spring Raga (composition) forms one of the well-known Ragas in Sri Granth Sahib Sahib Ji and sung with great reverence. This occasion has also another significance, the marriage of Guru Gobind Singh was solemnized on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami.




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India being a home to multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious society can pride itself in having different festivals. These festivals may be seasonal, traditional, culture based, religion based or for that matter any other considerations. Here every caste, religion and region have contributed its mite for enriching the cultural traditions. But the fervor and enthusiasm that accompanies with these festivals is second to none.

It is here that we Indians enjoy all the religious festivals – it may be Eid or Gurpurab or as a Muslim enjoy Diwali or all of them enjoy Christmas Day. That is the beauty. I do not dispute that hotheads are there in any strata of life, those who do not know either about their own religious festivals nor of others.  One thing which pleases us is the shine on the faces of every one while celebrating any festival!  That is the beauty of it all.



Lohri festival is celebrated in Northern Indian states. It is being celebrated on 13th January – in the month of Pauch or Magha, one day before Makkar Sankranti. We term this festival as a community based festival where Bhangra (dance by men folks) and Gidha (dance by women folks) to the beats of drums which bring vitality and jollity to the celebration. Youngsters, by and large, take pleasure in kite flying and enjoy the occasion.

On this festival, seasonal dry fruits peanuts, coconut are mixed with jaggery (Gur) and sesame seeds (til) to make the eatables. Besides, milk cakes are specially made and distributed amongst relatives and friends.

Following are some of the reasons for the celebration of Lohri festival:-

  1. Season related. It marks the end of winter season and beginning of sowing of some crops and harvesting the others. It infuses vitality and special enthusiasm in the lives of people – especially the farmers. The Lobri festival symbolizes prayer to the fire (Agni puja) in the evening. In the people take parikarma (rounds) around the bonfire and shower offerings to fire. Fire ritual or Agnihotra (Specially lit fire – Havan) is the process of purifying the environment and people also consign to fire a mix of rice, peanuts, walnuts, almonds besides sesame seeds (til) and jaggery to the fire before distributing and taking the same themselves.


It is believed that this fire ritual has a special significance and possess healing power besides it helps in well-being of all along with its benefits in farming too. Special bounties are asked on this day for the well-being and prosperity of all besides peace in the entire households. Newly wedded couples and newly born babies receive special attention on this festival. People give alms to the needy on this occasion.


Different Legends behind the Lohri festival:-

  1. Legend.The legend of Dulla Bhatti (Rai Abdullah Khan) is very popular. It is a legend of a Rajput warrior who saved a damsel in distress belonging to the Hindu religion from the clutches of lustful and greedy officials. The brave Rajput adopted her as his own daughter without let or hindrance and married her off to a young and suitable Hindu boy. He also gave her presents – nine mounds of sugar along with other gifts etc on her marriage. This shows that there was a community feeling during those days. If during those feeling for each others was rampant then why not now! To appreciate his gesture, the people sing the following song describing the event and also mentioning about the beauty of the girl who was saved. We used to go to the houses in our neighbourhood and used to sing and used to get sweets made specially for this day. This song is sung by the youngsters even now on this occasion.  :-

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!
Dullah bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!


  1. There is also a legend of Sant Kabir and his wife names Loi. He used to love his wife immensely. So much so intense was his passion for his wife that one day, he reached his home in the middle of dark night, travelling from a far off place. The door was closed from inside. His wife was sleeping on the first floor. Finding that there was no ladder, he took the help of a rope hanging from the first floor of his house. When his wife saw him, she was very surprised and asked him as to how he had entered the first storey. There upon, she along with Kabir saw that the help with which he had reached the first storey was with the help of a hanging python.


His wife got upset and in desperation mentioned: The passion which he was having for her, if he had the same fervor  for the God, he could excelled in anything including finding the God!


Subsequently, we know the life Sant Kabir who was a mystical poet whose writings had a deep rooted effect on Bhakti Movement and his verses find place in Sri Guru Granth Sahib too.


He was brought up in a Muslim family but was deeply influenced by his teacher Ramananda but he criticized both in his verses because of his close proximity with both and knew ins and outs of these religions. In his writings, he has emphatically mentioned that the God is only with those who follows righteousness and also one who follows a detached mode of life. His followers are known as Kabir Panthis.


It was due to the timely advise of his wife named Loi that Kabir had a huge transformation in his life and became a well known Sant who influenced millions with his writings. Lodi or Loi is also celebrated in his and his wife’s honour who was instrumental in molding him.



Makkar Sankranti is celebrated in the month of Paus (January) Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun God enters the Northern Hemisphere. Hindus like Greeks worship Sun God – the giver of immense energy. Sun God is termed as the manifest God, having all the glorious divinity. It is worthwhile to mention here that mantra OM ADITYA AYE NOMON and many other mantras are recited in order to get the blessings of the Sun God.

The devout also chant Gyatri Mantra, which is taken from Rig Veda while making final offering to God. which is from Rig-Veda, as Makkar Sankranti is associated with cosmic event which affects the life of humans immensely.

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt.

Which means: We meditate and adore thee the Supreme Lord, the Creator of everything, who’s Divine Light illuminates all spheres of activity (physical, mental and spiritual). We pray that this Divine Light may light-up our intellect for ever.

This festival is celebrated with gaiety and fervor in all the parts of India with different names at different places but the enthusiasm remains the same. Devout get up early in the morning, take bath in holy rivers first take the blessings of their elders and then offer prayers in the temples. After having offered prayers, people give alms to the needy according to their capacity. In the afternoon people share a special Khichri (Hotchpotch – a mix of dall-urdh and dal.



Every festival is linked with some seasons

Or certain well known occasions.

Lohri a winter festivals of repute

Falls in the month of ( 13th Jan) Paush

Marks the end of winter season

And beginning of longer – a little hotter days ahead soon

For farmers,  it is one of the happiest occasions

They start harvesting rabi crops

Start of spring season is a Natural bounty

Adds additional spice to festivities.

(Rabi Crop: Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Linseed, Barley, Peas)


Traditionally, on lohri day a bonfire is lit

People congregate around it

And reverently offer, Jaggery (gur), sesame seeds (til)

Sesame coated sugar candy and popcorn into leaping bonfire

The skyward leaping fire

Which purifies the atmosphere

It also shows that it (fire) is enjoying all acts of hers

Gathering people partake the sacred offering themselves too as (parsad) offering

Satiety writ large in everybody’s faces.

Offerings too is made to ‘panj tatavas’ five elements of nature

Fire, wind, water, ether and earth

Going around the bonfire with great reverence

And singing traditional songs with dance makes huge difference.

And that too in tune with beating of drums!

Tradition has it that there was a very brave person of repute

Named Dulla Bhatti from lineage of warrior race of the Rajputs

In the reign of Mughal king Akbar

He used to rescue poor girls from the clutches of robbers

And got them married to suitable boys of choice

People sing Lohri songs with gust in his praise.


Thence other legend of the origin of Lohri

From the wife of Saint Kabir named ‘Loi’

Herself a lady so pious.


Lohri too is linked with Makar Sanranti

Which too is another winter festival very famous

Celebrated one day after Lohri celebrations

A day so fixed

14th January –  indeed very sacred

It marks the beginning of solar maagha masa

Makar Sankranti is start of harvest festival

And beginning of pleasant Spring Season

Celebrated in all parts of country.


It has its origin to the movement of the earth

Sun movement begins from (Sankranti) one zodiac sign

Into another – Capricorn zodiac (Makar) sign

Two movements  are termed as Makar Sakranti.


This day marks the beginning of warmer days

As the sacred months start from this day onwards

Makar Sankranti  is celebrated with great fervor

In western and northern India

There is a mention of this day in Mahabharata

As, it is the festival of Sun God

Who gives us light and heat

To living beings without bias

And bestows us divinity and wisdom,

Thus holding an eternal meaning.




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When our mind gets polluted

With too much of hatred

Towards those with whom we are interacting

In place of understanding

Their viewpoints, we’re holding dear

We tend to bully the gullible

Whether they are wrong or right

We change the goal-post

According to our whims and fancies

Knowing full well that we are on the wrong track

With polluted mindset

We, on purpose, become unreasonable

With bloated mental state

With polluted mind

Excessive ego we possess

With hunger for worldly possessions

Giving such persons a key to open any door with deception.

They even pollute adversely

The environment they breathe in

Such is their attitude, so negative indeed.


It is in the fitness of things to understand that there are some ill-conceived notions, unethical thoughts, immoral and Karmic deeds which pollute our mind. These negatively oriented are kama (lust) or uncontrolled passion. Further, when the person concerned is not able to satisfy his lust, he feels anger taking over. Alternatively, if his passion is satiated, then that person is lured into more greed. This does not stop here, he is under the spell of egocentric tendencies. Further, when that person observes something more alluring and tempting, he feels still greedier and there arises competition for more. If this happens, then it will not only impact our intellect and wisdom. The ultimate result is mind pollution or mind contamination.

There are occasions when our mind or psyche gets adversely affected by the outer negative influences. Need is to let love and understanding flow freely thus creating an atmosphere of amity in all walks of our lives; in our homes, neighbourhood, communities etc. The egocentric tendencies pollute the mind and result in violence, insensibilities, insincerity in action, greed, rancor, being judgmental about any matter etc. These negative oriented traits have to be removed and goodwill and wellness to prevail for enhancing the creative zeal to fructify.

A person with pure mind will have purity in thoughts and action, feels no fear of anything, feels confident that there is no enemy who can harm him, would be inclined towards charity to satisfy others’ needs, there would be prevalence of goodwill, a feeling of getting things with positive attitude; when somebody commits some mistake, we shall be forgiving and be forgetting and proceed on, we shall be humble in our dealings with others. Such people, with purity of mind, are rare humans who live their lives in spirituality orientation and are very dear to our Creator.  

The crucial need is to keep away from all the negativities (Lust, anger, greed and jealousy, covetousness, rancor etc) by reining in our mind and senses by pure reason and rationality. If this happens, then there would be satiety, peace, and tranquility.

When the mind is contaminated with pollutants of negative thoughts like anger, lust, greed, and jealousy etc. then we cannot ensure our environment too pollution free because nothing can be expected from a person with the dirty/polluted mind. Such person thrives on negativity not only in his traits but also the environment around him would be teeming with dirt, filth, and pollutant.  Such people, for aggrandizing their desires, can go to any limits even killing their own parents for getting riches.

A man with polluted mind has the following negative traits:-

  • A polluted mind is a mind full of egotistic tendencies.
  • A polluted mind believes in violence to get things done.
  • A polluted mind is insincere and insensitive.
  • A polluted mind is rigid in his views and does not respect tolerate others’ opinion.
  • A polluted mind is a power hungry and to get this power such people can adopt any measures to get these.
  • A polluted mind is inimical to the country he lives.
  • A polluted mind cannot be trusted as he is attached to worldly possessions.
  • A polluted mind is restless in his disposition. 


When we talk about pollution, it means contamination of air, water, and sound pollution. How it is affecting our lives and the lives of all the living beings is known. The lives of general masses get affected by smog, the mixture of smoke and water droplets suspended in the air or fog. Smoke in the environment makes the fog harmful. Quality of air gets affected by the combination of poisonous gases, smoke and water vapors. It has the pungent smell and affects eyes and vision too besides other respiratory related diseases.

Evidently, air gets polluted basically due to smoke, poisonous gases coming out of the chimneys of industries and even from burning of coal, wood, vehicles and more so, particularly in capital Delhi wherein the pollution situation got accentuated due to burning of left-out stubs of rice crops including burning of other polluting agents by the farmers..

The smog, so created, was so severe and damaging that the Government had to take some urgent preventive measures to dissuade the farmers not to burn the left out of the crops, after Court’s strictures. Apex Court too intervened for not to burst crackers on Diwali festival. Bursting of crackers was there but in moderation thus limiting its effect. Last time, when the pollution was at its highest, the Government also ordered odd and even policy to regulate the plying of vehicles on the road thus helping to reduce the quantity of smoke.

The environment in which we live consists of four major elements, land, water, air and living organism; such as plants, birds, and animals. It is the misfortune that we humans have shown gross disrespect for the very environment which sustains us. Industrialization, deforestation, and overpopulation have polluted the environment to such an extent that there is already a doubt if life on this planet will survive for long. The increase in earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases coming out of the burning of coal and fuels will also be hazardous for the inhabitants of this earth.


Who is responsible for air pollution? Actually, we, all the population are responsible. There is not even an iota of doubt on this score.  While walking on the evening walk, I saw a shopkeeper burning the coal from which a huge plume of smoke was emanating, then still ahead, a diesel operated generator was on, this too was spewing the huge amount of smoke. I asked the shop owners whether he knew that he was polluting the air by burning the coal or by operating the diesel generating set. The hypocrisy of theirs was laced with hideous counter question. Is all this pollution in the city due to the burning of coal or by operating diesel generating set?

If we want pollution to be controlled, all have to genuinely contribute and first and foremost is me. If I set an example, everybody else will follow suit and make the dream of keeping our cities pollution free.


 If the quality of air is poor, it causes all sorts of breath related diseases like weakness of lungs due to inhaling of poor quality of air, respiratory problems, pneumonia due to infection of lungs, bronchitis (inflammation and swelling of passage from nose, to air passage to lungs, birth defects,  


As far as water pollution is concerned, we cannot hold others responsible. By our acts of omissions and commissions, we are throwing the dirt from our homes and also the pollutants or industrial wastes to rivers and other water-bodies thus polluting these. We know how the big rivers like the Ganges and the Yamuna including all other small rivers are being polluted by the affluent especially from leather-based industries and other waste products from other industries which are located near these rivers. The government has allocated several crores of rupees for cleaning Ganges and Yamuna but till such time all the inhabitants living on the banks of these rivers realize the importance of pollution-free Ganges and Yamuna besides other rivers along with all other water-bodies nothing concrete can happen. The cleaning and pollution-free rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks etc will remain a distant dream until such time we all know how much the polluted water can adversely impact our daily lives


The dirty water containing all sorts of pollutants such as lead, bacteria, wastes from leather industries, waste products from food processing industries, insecticides, and herbicides which could adversely affect the quality of water if not properly treated before falling into the river, it could have the harmful effect on the living beings.

With the consumption of polluted water; diseases like dysentery, typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, vomiting, liver infections, adversely affecting the immunity, malaria etc. will result.


Too much of noise created by the blaring of loudspeakers and blaring horns in a populated area could prove to be dangerous for the residents; especial the old, infirm and children.


Too much of exposure to noise pollution could create the impairment of hearing, lack of focus in studies, fatigue, abortion, anxiety, blood pressure etc.


When the soil is excessively exposed to chemicals such as lead, benzene, pesticide, herbicides (chemicals used for killing the unwanted plants)  and other pollutants, it causes soil pollution.


Exposing our fields to more pesticides and other chemicals could prove to be counterproductive. Kidney and liver diseases, cancer, brain and nerve damage due to infectious ridden pollutants. 

Conclusively, it could rightly be said that a person with polluted mind flourishes in the atmosphere of negativity. He creates situations and conditions which may pollute the environment in which he lives. Until such time such negative tendency is obliterated, we cannot expect much. Need is to turn his negativity into positivity.  How best we succeed in our endeavor, depends upon our resolve and positive attitude coupled with our belief in Almighty God.

In Bhagwad Gita Dhanushdhari Arjuna question Lord Krishna: The mind is very fickle indeed O Krishna, turbulent, strong and obstinate. I think it is as impossible to control the mind as the wind.”

To which Lord Krishna replies:

It is very difficult to control the ever moving mind. However, O son of Kunti, through sincere practice and dispassionate detachment (vairagya), it can be achieved.





















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The year that passed

Was the year which gave

Us enough of shreds of evidence

For the things

Which will take place

In the New Year – 2018

In the year that has just passed

There were good tidings that happened

And there were not so good things

Which impacted us as humans

Our soul-mates were killed

By the groups with inhuman belief

That they are superior

To others

In one facet or another

Though in the process

Such thoughtless beings will surely get punishment

Either by assigned to law enforcement

If caught in the net laid down

If not, then by the Omnipotent and Omniscient.

My sincerest prayer for our Creator

For the New Year 2018

Is that we ought to become conscious

Of each others’ conditions

And do not trade threats

And counter-threats

Which come in the way of happy and blissful living

As the creations of our common Creator

Wishing that we live in the spirit of amity

Under the care of our Almighty

Wishing you all 2018 as a grand year

Full of happiness and prosperity.

The year that passed was very promising in many ways than one. It started on a positive note, as anticipated, ended on a positive note – giving credence to the assertion, expect good and get good. The fact remains and always that it is not always that we shall get positive results but need is to have optimism to turn negative results into positive ones simply with self-effort with sincerity along with belief on our God. It is our common experience that when times are apposite, we consider ourselves on the seventh-heaven and when we opposite, we just plunge abysmally into the abbess of our own making.  

The following are some of the lessons which I got partly through my interactions with others and partly through knowledge garnered from others.


Whenever we take into account little but reasonably significant things seriously then, sure enough, we can make a huge difference in life. Some of these are mentioned below:-

  • THANKSGIVING. Whatever we are and whatever we have got is due to the blessings of our God. By doing so, we are opening a window of opportunity for new vistas in life which are owing to the grace of God. Our physical, mental and relationship with others too are subject to all-around wellbeing. These too are possible due to His blessings. Every moment given us to breathe and live in appropriate atmospherics is also due to HIS BOUNTIES. Therefore, we have to thank Him for everything.
  • FORGIVING AND FORGETTING. Our relationship with others is important for us since we cannot transact all our functions in isolation. Therefore, whenever we experience any difference, it should not be allowed to deteriorate any further in the spirit of forgiving and forgetting. In this way, many of relations could be saved.
  • GIVING MAKES US HAPPY. If we meet somebody’s need, it gives us satiety thereby makes us happy. We cannot compensate for anything under the sun.
  • SMILE AND THE WORLD WILL SMILE AT YOU. This should never be forgotten; if you smile, everybody will smile with you and if you weep, you weep alone.
  • LEARN TO SAY SORRY. We, as humans, tend to do commit some mistake unintentionally, thereby creating a misunderstanding between others. This results in animosity between even the fast friends. If we take recourse to say four-letter word SORRY, matters could lead to unpredictable consequences.
  • WHEN NOTHING WORKS ACCEPTANCE IS THE BEST COURSE. There are occasions when all our sincere and best efforts are not enough to acquire the intended results, in that case, the only option left with us is acceptance. Otherwise, we may fall into the web of our own creation leading to more unacceptable contradictions.
  • PROCRASTINATION IS BAD HABIT. There are the people who are in the habit of putting off things thereby reaching a stage where retrieval is not possible. Therefore, the best course is to solve the contentious issue then and there.
  • SEEK GOD WHEN ALONE. When in solitude, we can seek our God with sincerity. As we two are alone, our connectivity would surely be there.
  • WHEN NOTHING WORKS, SILENCE WORKS BETTER. It should never be forgotten that nobody has ever won an argument or talking without mincing any words. Many of our differences in the families and friends could be solved when we tend to be silent when our point of view in words is not understood despite repeated try.
  • IGNORANCE SHOULD BE REMOVED. We should always be the student throughout of life. We can learn anything from anybody and anywhere. It should always be remembered that ignorance is synonymous with darkness and may pull us down anytime anywhere.


We all want to have our intended job transacted immediately but in this sort of a hurry, we just forget our own security or anticipate impending danger(s) that may come anytime. Hence our approach should be to scrutinize all angles or parameters and take corrective steps or course correction. While traveling in a bus, I observed that people were hurriedly climbing and alighting the bus without caring for their security. I saw a person hastily climbing down from the bus while it slowed a bit before the bus stop was run over by a vehicle which was coming from the same direction at a speed. He had to be taken to the hospital.


In our lives, many times, we remain to postpone things. May it be getting our body checked for any disease on experiencing `some clues or symptom. Or not sticking to the time schedule for catching a flight or rail journey and hurrying for these without thinking that there may be several hindrances on the way – traffic jams due to one reason or another. Similar is the case with not stick to the time schedule on fructification of any project in hand. The proper time-planning should have made difference. Think of a predicament when one is not able to reach one’s destination because he/she had not made concerted efforts taking into account the element of time which moves on thereby creating emergencies for ourselves and unnecessary stress and strain.


Arguably, it could be rightly said that the polluted mind is dangerous not only for the person concerned but also for the people around him. We always keep our body, mind, and soul untainted/unstained. A small black spot can sully our character. It should never be forgotten that what we earn with our sincere effort will just be lost if we lose our character. It is earned with a lot of difficulties but lost just in a second. I know one of my best friends who has earned name and fame for himself including a happy family. Once he could not keep control over the unreasonable temptation thus losing his everything in the bargain.


Nature is anything or everything that is not man-made/ inartificial. Essentially, if we understand nature and its working then we shall understand more than from any formal or informal teachings. Here everything is natural – may be created by the intervention of Super Natural Power.  Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives. The three elements of nature Sun (which gives energy), Air (which we breathe without which we cannot survive) and Water (used variously by humans besides drinking).

Besides, the entire ecology works as a natural system which includes all the flora and fauna, rocks, soil and what is contained in it. It also includes environment and all the natural phenomenon and material/physical phenomenon. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives.

Then there are universal natural resources which do not have clear demarcation such as air, water, energy, climate, light, electric charge, giving out of radiation, magnetic field etc.

The meaning of Prakriti refers to everything that is included in nature which gives shape and form as pure energy. When we spoil the Nature or Prakriti, it is termed as vikriti. When we spoil the natural balances by our acts of omissions and commissions then it does not pardon and retaliates in its own way.

Prakriti is associated with female power and Purusha represents masculinity is associated with Lord Shiva. When both work in tandem there is a balance which is essential for all. 

We can learn much from each of the elements of nature:-

  • The Sun (Aditya). The Sun is a vast source of energy. We are exploiting its energy variously in the day to day lives without which our survival is not possible. It teaches us a huge lesson. Despite giving life force, it does not browbeat the other natural elements such as cloud which has got its own function. When the cloud comes in the way of sun, it does not force its way but provides a thin ray of light to the black-cloud making the cloud presentable.

There is a wonderful lesson from this for us humans. Rather than showcasing our ego at every given opportunity, we should be accommodative and supportive of others’ efforts. We worship the Sun through Surya Namushakar (Paying respect) to thank it for the services it renders to the living and non-living beings with OM ADITYA AYE NAMON.

  • The Moon (Shashi/Chand). While we compare somebody’s beauty, especially female’s, we compare her with charm and beauty of the moon. Its various forms, full moon, half moon, semi-circular forms are really tempting to say the least. Poets and thinkers have written treasures of literature on the beauty and its cool nature despite all the disturbance that happened in the areas around it. Who does not enjoy the moonlit night? It too exerts influences on the oceanic tides and further tidal force of the Moon is more than that of the Sun.

This should also serve as a lesson to us humans that remaining cool like the Moon hardly means that it cannot have its influence when needed. We should just be like the Moon – remain cool but when the crunch comes just display your power without being too much showy.

  • The Ocean (Samundar). The oceans are the huge source of livelihood for the humans and sea life in its bosom. There is more than 71% of water on the surface of the earth in the forms of lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies but oceans contain a huge chunk in it. It influences the climates, causes rain, provides us sea-foods, helps in navigation etc. The sea water when dried becomes the source of salt for us.

It too remains cool when not disturbed but could be vengeful if its natural balance is disturbed. In recent times, due to the phenomenon of rising in temperature, due to human omissions and commissions, the sea level is rising due to the melting of snow in Antarctica. Alas, if this continues, a day is not far when it could have disastrous consequences.

  • The Mountains (Parbats). The snow-clad mountains present a beauty of its own. All the big and small rivers are formed due to the water from melting of snow and become the source of water to the habitations on their banks including the animals and plants.

Lessons from the mountains. The mountains withstand blizzards and another natural phenomenon including the burden of huge snow which falls on these but remain erect despite all these. We as humans too should remain undeterred by the challenges in our lives. 

  • Forests (Jangals). The forests provide natural sanctuaries to the animals and birds. The forest cover keeps a balance in nature. The humans due to its greed are cutting forests partly for habitation and partly for meeting various needs thus spoiling the healthy balance in nature.

The forests give everything to all the living beings but only want that its forest cover should be protected and new plants should be planted if and when some are cut for use. Otherwise, all will have to feel its heat if the forests are cut in large numbers.

In fact all the constituents of nature follow its own laws and anybody flouting is punished by it.


I have met people who aspire to be perfectionists in their work. There may be some who are perfect but I did not have the chance of meeting such people and therefore, I am nursing with the notion that only our God is perfect. We all try and reach our goal through our since hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, we are unsuccessful but try again and reach the milestone we set to achieve. 

I had the privilege of meeting an old friend of mine who wanted to be perfect in whatever he wanted to do – over-ambitious indeed. He had everything that he wanted through his hard work; established his business, money, the position he wanted and everything that a most successful person would like to acquire. But during this effort to reach the pinnacle of success, he had got stress-related diseases.

Lessons from the above:-

  • Perfection is good enough, no doubt in that, but it should not be at the cost of our health.
  • If health is lost for the fructification of our ambition then we shall not be able to enjoy the fruits of that success.
  • Learning from the mistakes and making these mistakes as stepping stone for success, of course without carrying the baggage of mistakes along, makes huge difference. 


It has been experienced that when our intention is pure and simple, God will certainly come to our succor and our efforts will bear bountiful fruits. It should never be forgotten that honesty, sincerity, belief on self and indomitable belief on our God/Bhagwan Ji/Creator/Lord/Allah or Super Soul will pull us out in whatever we intend to do.


We must have observed that whatever we want to tell others, we must sincerely analyze the contentious issues threadbare, taking into account the pros and cons and subsequently reach to a conclusive end result.  This way, we shall not face any impediments on the way, no heart burns, no ill-will, no disharmony and finally regrets whatsoever.

In the year 2018, I shall try to sincerely follow the following besides the things which come on my way:-

  • Remaining calm in emergencies.
  • Leading a spiritually oriented life.
  • Unlearning some bad habit and not to start any bad habit afresh.
  • I shall experience and face life squarely rather than quitting.
  • Self-belief and belief in God to be paramount.
  • Evolving through practice.
  • Becoming more self-aware and self-conscious.
  • Become a witness to a change.
  • Always remember that nobody has seen tomorrow.
  • Try for self-actuation and self-realization.
  • Giving more credence to truth, love, and enlightenment.



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Whence there is a huge presence of evil doer

Who misuse their power and high stature

To browbeat the general populace

Then our Super Soul (Paramatma) sends

His Messengers for spreading His message

To save the simple souls (Atmas) from these sinners.


Born to venerable Parents Marry & Joseph

The blessed Son of Spirit of our Lord, the Holiest

In Nazareth, Gaillee, the city of David

That is the reason, he is also referred

As Jesus of Nazaewrh

A saviour of humanity

And to spread the fragrance and purity

Of His message of peace to all humanity.

Men of wisdom came from places afar

Mesmerized by this Shining Star

To witness a holiest event

Which only happens, rarest of rare in time and space

Angels sing songs so melodious

Shepherds paid their huge reverence

Filled with immense exuberance.

Even old in years though

 Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified

As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One

Brought up in rural town of Nazareth

His adaptive & adoring father Joseph

Taught Him the art of using

Tools of a carpenter

A labour so arduous, that anybody can reckon

Resulting in so much perspiration

By the rays of sun so blistering.

The revered God’s son

Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!

Thence as he cometh

From the waters of Jordan

A voice so refreshing

Cometh from Heaven

‘This is my beloved Son

In whom I am very pleased’. 

Thereafter, Jesus went to the backwoods

Surprise of surprises of all, which could not be fathomed!

To allow Satan to temp Him

To break the back of Satan.

He fasted for days forty,

And vanquished the Satan thence forth

With eternal will of God in the heaven

Then brimming with the Holy Sprit

He lived with the commons

For three long years.

John recorded Jesus as the son of God,

Who raised the dead to live again with his grace

Made the blinds to get their eyesight back again

Lames to walk again

Demons dare not appear again

Came to the succour of hapless, aplenty

During storms, with so much ferocity.

With a few loaves and fish

Made food sufficient for five thousands!

Believe – no alternative, we have to!

Since He is sent by our Creator

As a Saviour

As His Incarnate

The All Knowing

And the All Powerful Being.

Then on a Thursday Night

Followers he met

In the city of Jerusalem

On an occasion so solemn,

He announced, unexpectedly

It is ordained that He may die

For those He loved so Him so dearly

And told them to remember

His association with them

And also promised, as destined

To come back, again

For their own sake!

He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane

Prayed to the Divine Providence.

No case was found against Jesus

By those who tried Him

Because He was flawless whence he interacted with gentry

Yet was crucified on Friday even then!

He departed this life

For He loved us all

After when He was dead

His power was proclaimed

By happening most unexplained

On the morn of Sunday

He rose from the dead

Appeared to Mary

And apostles and a huge gathering

And gave the message of love

Goes to prove

He remains invincible in both the states.

O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT

The precious of all Thy Gifts

That Thee could only grant

The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence

In the whole world by Thy Grace

So that this world could be a better place to live,

A place where there is a prevalence of Eternal Love. 


Humans are the special creations which our Creator has created because they are bestowed with the faculty of thinking along with power of discrimination. If we acutely introspect as to how everything created is being taken care of by an unseen power, we would reach to a conclusion that Omnipotent and Omniscient One who controls everything around us and beyond. Although He remains an ‘unseen hand’ yet nobody disputes His existence though some may agree grudgingly but ultimately Prabhu’s imprint will remain indelible.

God deputes His chosen few, as His representatives, to spread the fragrance of His message. Such messengers are the embodiments of piety, purity and compassion. If we introspect deep into the lives of such messengers of God, one thing undoubtedly comes to the fore; such special messengers are apostle of peace in real sense of terms. Besides, in their lives they took upon themselves to cure various afflictions of humans –  physical and mental. Such God’s ambassadors of peace withstood hardships during their life time, suffered for others and remained disciplined from their childhood onwards. Such special ones continued spreading the message of LOVE and also helped the general masses for self-realization by communing with God, notwithstanding the fact that it was not to the likings of people at the helm of affairs at that time.

These Sons of God did not care for their mundane pleasures but did everything to ameliorate the conditions of the hapless and destitute with their mystical prowess. Their message to the humanity was to be compassionate towards the needs of others besides urging the general masses to uphold their religious duties. One amongst the Messengers of God is the Jesus Christ.   

In other words, it could be construed that God incarnates as great souls for spreading Divine Message on His behalf. It is a prime requirement of disillusioned minds who are immersed in the world of their own making and never realize that their mission in this world is to spread the message of humanity thereby understand the true purpose of our life on this planet.

The real purpose is to spread the fragrance of love to the fellow beings including all the creations created by our Lord with a consciousness that even intractable challenges of ours could be overcome if we have firm belief in His existence and associate Him in our day to day happenings. Sure enough, we would be surprised about the results of such actions.

Jesus Christ was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of multitudes. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have indomitable belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self realization know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans.

Jesus was born in 7 – 2 BC and was crucified in 30-33 AD in Jerusalem. He was born in Nazareth, Galilee to Parents Marry & Joseph.

His teachings are universal in nature; if we care to follow. If follow these in our day to day lives, we can make our life sublime.

Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feeling should always be there even for all including our enemies:-

Mark 6:34 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and  he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things.

Colossians 3:12-13  Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved,  compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and,  if one has a complaint against another,  forgiving each other;  as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

  • He is held to be the Son of God, a Messiah or Messenger of God, a charismatic healer:

Matthew 14:14 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed the sick.

  • Christ preached forgiveness and mercy. He even forgave those who harmed him immensely. No ill-feelings for anyone absolutely that is the message given:

Matthew 6:14-15  For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?  As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Daniel 9:9  To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against him

  • Christ spread the message to judge others correctly it is fine if we judge others negatively then we will also be judged by our Creator on the Judgment Day then we have to face the music for every creature’s action is recorded in the consciousness of God.

Matthew 7:1-2  Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and  with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

Jesus Christ being a social reformer He had the unique quality of helping those who are suffering  – it may be any kind of suffering.

Corinthians 1:3-4  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

Even for healthy and prosperous family life He had a message (for young women who have to take responsibility to run a family’s affairs):

Titus 2:4 and so train the young women to love their husbands and children,




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The character is the evaluation/assessment of personality of an individual. Here personality signifies the traits/qualities, individuality and general behavior of an individual which distinguishes that person from others. It determines his attitude and staying power despite adverse situations. The term character and its significance have been discussed by different educationalists, philosophers, and thinkers.  Some say it is status and position, power and pelf etc. Others say, it is the moral principles which one possesses.

It is a fact that the index of the state of mind or the index of the personality of a person and the impression which it makes on the society in which he lives counts a lot. Men of true character always play the stellar role in influencing others and mold them according to the need of the ‘time’.


In this context, Abraham Lincoln opines:- Reputation is the shadow, the character is the tree. Wheel of reputation could be favourable only for a limited period of time, just as the shadow of a tree which shifts from one direction to  another according to the shifting of the sunlight but a tree has staying power and gives shade, shelter to birds, purifies the environment, its green leafs help in photosynthesis in presence of sunlight besides providing timber and fuel and also used for cremation of dead bodies etc. Thus character is treelike which gives immense benefits to us.


Different individuals possess different sort of character i.e. it is individualistic in nature. Its description depends on the thinking capacity and capability of the person concerned. Its definition changes with the change in time and space. What was held important in the past may have no relevance at all presently.


While discussing the character of an individual, the distinction is made on the basis of moral and ethical standpoints. The one who follows immoral turpitude/negative mannerism and violates moral principles and does not conform to the norms set by the society is a bad character. Such a person would like to attain his accomplishment of his/her work in hand does not command respect from his own people. It is a black-spot on the person concerned. It is a bad Karma which ultimately leads to addition in Karmic debt. I shall term such a person as a person with lose-character since he gets swayed by all sorts of temptations

In Bhagwad Gita it has been enunciated: They believe that to gratify the senses is the prime necessity of human civilization. Thus until the end of life, their anxiety is immeasurable. Bound by a network of hundreds of thousands of desires and absorbed in lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification.

Contrarily, a person who follows correct norms of behavior, transacts his day to day routines and much more with total confidence and uses head and heart while performing any task. This sort of a person has an impeccable character with unquestionable integrity. This sort of a person does not transact anything which may hurt others’ feelings besides such a person is not secretive in anything he does or does not do. Such a person possesses magnetism to attract others. He creates positivity wherever he sets his foot.


A person with flawless character is the one who puts one-and-one together and works on the principles of accommodation and cooperation. If there are differences, such person does not play with words or phrases but realizes the ground realities and adjusts to the genuine requirements. Traits of goodness and truthfulness, tolerant, patient are deep-rooted and inbuilt into the system of such person. Such a person is not swayed by different allurements.


I opine our character is the outcome of our inner strength which gives us sustenance or staying power in any venture we undertake – it may be putting our body and mind in the attainment of a goal or keeping balance both in happy and not so happy occasions besides not carried away by the challenges. Our character is tested when we possess the knack to accomplish our task without let or hindrance.


When failure knocks at the door of such a person, with immaculate character, tries again and again till such time success is achieved which is sweet since it is attained with sweat and perseverance.

A person with flawless character remains alert and whenever any emergency comes, he is ever ready to tackle an emergent situation with calm, composure, tact and with precision.


It is observed that appropriate parenting can make a huge difference in the life of a child. If we want our offspring to grow to be of sound character, it is imperative that we give quality time along with an appropriate environment to the child especially within the age group of 0-5 years of age since the brain of the child grows more during this period.


Then there is the question of bestowing adequate attention to a single child.  A few days back, I met a pampered-boy who was being given over-indulgence. This student did not want to go to the school for attending his classes – and became truant. The boy feigned pain in different parts of his body to attract attention as a pretext in order to avoid classes. He cried at the top of his voice while his parents brought him to school. The parents felt pity on their son and took him to their homes. This boy was taking his parents to ride with excuses.

This continued for some time till such time a notice was served on the parents for cancellation of his admission for bunking classes continuously. The parents had entrapped themselves in the web of their own creation. Here the parents felt defenseless. Undue and unreasonable adulation bordering spoiled this child. Then counseling session was undertaken under the care of a good psychologist to retrieve from the situation created by the parents. What character we expect our offspring would become if we resort to unduly pampering?

Doubtlessly, the parents have to play a significant role to shape the character of the child and this process starts from the early childhood itself.

Examples are many, but I shall quote a few where the parents played prominent role in molding the character:–

  • Hanuman’s mother names Anjani (who was the apsara in the palace of Indra had played a stellar role to mold the character of Hanumanji in the early period of his life. His father Kesari taught him the use of mace in the fights. His Bhakti could make difference in our lives as it gives the strength of conviction to us.
  • Jijabai, the mother of Shivaji played a prominent role in shaping the character of Shivaji from the early childhood itself which proved pivotal in future fights with the adversaries.
  • Father of Lakshmibhai, the Rani of Jhansi traveled to Jhansi with her for her education. At that time itself, she enjoyed friendship with Nana Sahib and Tatya Tope, her seniors in age. She was married to Raja of Jhansi when she was only 14. Her only son died who unfortunately died and adopted a son who could legally rule Jhansi. But the rulers agree on this adoption and legal heir thereof. They wanted to annex Jhansi. But Lakshmi Bhai, the Rani of Jhansi was determined to fight. For this purpose, she assembled her volunteer force including women. Without consideration of religion or caste affiliations joined to defend Jhansi. Although, these volunteer force could not defeat the might of the rulers, yet, Rani of Jhansi showed her determination to fight till the end. That is the quality of a true character.


There are some characteristics which are hereditary in nature and there are the ones which are imbibed from our parents, peer group, schoolmates and teachers besides from the environment in which we are living. Our character is not built on the single factor, it is made on the varieties of factors.


It has been observed that those individuals who are inclined towards spiritualism are not swayed by the negativity; allurements of lust, greed, jealousy etc. These people remain immune to the ill-effects of environment like the lotus flower in the smelly mud.

By maintaining good character, one can be the beloved servant of ALLAH.  The Prophet said:


  • A man with good character transact his/her work with sincerity and keeps a healthy distance from the evil.

This is in line with the Biblical assertion: With good man will obtain favor from the LORD, But He will condemn a man who devises evil.

  • He/she is not tempted by various allurements.
  • Adapts in the circumstance he or she is placed.
  • Never fears to take risks as he considers failure as a stepping stone for success.
  • He is having a healthy balance – both in happy and not so happy situations.
  • He/she is flexible in his attitude Tries to flow the current but when pushed against the wall, makes his/her own way to extricate himself/herself.
  • Promises ones made are made good by a person with sound character.
  • He/she leads a simple life – ego does not touch such a person.
  • The flawless character becomes an example for others to follow. 
  • The character is an essential pre-requisite for any individual. It has rightly been said by Billy Graham: When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost something is lost, when the character is everything is lost.
  • A man of character is not judgemental.

Conclusively, it could rightly be said that a good character is not formed so easily, it is made brick by brick, slowly but surely, by observing the righteous principles and norms of behavior observed by the society as a whole. It should also be remembered that character ones tarnished cannot be easily salvaged..


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Wellness is a creative seed

Which gives birth to harmony and peace

More the wellness within us humans

The more we become humane

Wellness is the sweet well of good omens

The more we are in its possession

More the feeling of cohesion and cooperation

Wellness is also a source from where flows our dynamism

Which bestows us capability to negotiate life’s twists and turns

With elegance and with huge dose of confidence

Because this dynamic energy is due to God’s benevolence

To keep us happy and satisfied even when we’re financially stringent.

Wellness is there when we are bodily sound

Partly with appropriate diet

And partly with proper exercises

To keep us fit bodily

To face every unfavorable eventuality

That may visit us eventually

Wellness, so created, bestows emotional stability

By reining in our mind and its senses, literally

And help us not to get swept by the incoming unfavourable currents

Of unpredictable sentiments

Having exercised control over our senses

We can manage our day-to-day functions.

Thus ensure job-related security

And have economic satiety

Besides physical safety

Throughout our life’s voyage to make it smooth

And combine all the good attributes

To follow a spiritually inclined existence

Making our life sublime and resulant

Purity in what we think

And act based on our thinking.

Purity in what we intend

And proceed to translate this intent into sincere actions

Purity in our speech

It ought to create consent

And not dissent

Wellness brings about harmony of body,.mind and soul

A positive energy which gives birth to love

And a fervor to live in love-filled life.  

Literally, wellness means well-being; a feeling which brings about happiness, satiety, peace of mind, brings about balance and equanimity in our life etc. When we are getting our job transacted, we tend to experience multiple problems for its fructification and after we have succeeded in getting the intended tasks, we get a nice feeling that is wellness. Wellbeing. This is a state of mind wherein we feel safe and sound, when our interests are taken care of and there are no pinpricks left in getting our things done and if and when there are some, these could be faced and solutions sought. It is also a fact that sometimes we tend to make our life complex thus resulting in interference in our well-being. Simple lifestyle thus is a panacea for overall wellness, especially so in the old-age.

The necessity of writing on wellness came to my mind when I had the fortune of interacting with one of the  oldman, standing in a queue for renewal of his gun licence. His anxiety and need of getting his gun licence renewed arose because he had missed the last date for renewal; woefully by one year! He told me he is 78 years old. Now a thought came to my mind; was he really in need of a gun at that stage of his life when he could not even fix his eye-sight on the target to defend himself? Is not there anybody else in his family to assist him in filling up forms etc for getting his job done? What is our state of thinking when we lose strength due to oldage and when helplessness takes centre stage. Then a thought crept in my mind, why do we keep so many hobbies which may become a cause of hindrance in our lives.

When we feel all round feeling of goodness in relation to our body, mind, soul, the environs we live in, when we are secure financially, physically, social adaptability, spiritually inclined, we imbibe good values and we transact all our duties which uplift our spirits.

When we are suffused with wellness, we are possessing a magnetic attraction to pull everybody towards us because a person having wellness creates appropriate aura/conditions. In such a person, there is a sense of accountability, adaptability and finally fellow feelings and ultimately love for each other and wherever love prevails, there is prevalence of godliness and an abode of Omnipotent God.


When we are bathed in positive feelings, no bitterness for anybody, no feeling of greed and lust then we will not be having any egocentric tendencies. There will be prevalence of satiety and goodwill, which helps us adjust anywhere.


Sometimes, we are lured into some bad company for temporary or transitory pacification of our lust, here, our power of discrimination can only save us nothing else. This is the catch-22 situation which we create for ourselves. Wisdom is to remain cautious since such allurements may prove to be counterproductive for overall good for our body, mind and soul.


If we keep our body healthy, we tend to create inner defences to face any situation. Our capacity and capability for fructification of targets will increase. Also, we shall be acting in tune with the saying: Sound mind dwells in sound body; as there is a close linkage of health and mind. Sufficiency of energy in our body assists us to have flexibility of our body which helps us to perform our tasks to the best of our ability.  We also are able to face adverse situations with emotional stability.  When our body and mind works in tandem, we could be the master of what we sincerely want. And when sincere intentions are fulfilled there is plenty of wellness created in us.


The dawn of wellness could be created by following the following lifestyle:-


We are the product of our own Karmic deeds or misdeeds. What we are today is the result of our experiences gained over a period of time through our actions. Nothing is given to us on the platter. It is well said: As you sow so shall you reap. Good Karma (deeds) results in good results hence happiness and vice versa. The barometer of our happiness or wellness or wellbeing is measured by the amount of good karma we transact in our daily lives.


 Any religion we are following should be followed sincerely. Our religious thoughts should not impinge on the thoughts professed by others. Religion teaches us how best to keep ourselves pure through pure devotion to the ideals and teachings of religious scriptures. It has been observed that those who maintain purity in their thoughts and deeds are always filled with wellness and never come to grief. Such people not only make themselves good humans but also try to inculcate/transmit values to their offspring too.


in order to attain a balance in our life, it is of paramount important that we keep our family united where all the members have love each other, feel pain while other member is feeling pain, take along or assist a member who is unable to contribute meaningfully, each member follows value systems and traditions taught by the elders in the family and last but not the least each member respects the elders in the family. This creates enormous wellness in the family.

Too much of expression of authority by the elders in the family spoils the fabric of the family. In order to create a congenial atmosphere, the father should follow Chankya Niti; divide the life in three phases (each say 15-16 years). In the first phase, the father should educate him including giving him value system, then in the next stage when he gets employment, the offspring should be treated as a friend and in the third phase he should be treated as a partner. This will create a ground swell of wellness in the family.


Whenever we are transacting any action we should always do that with 100% focus. If we fritter our energies thinking about the results then we shall not be able to perform our task in hand with single-point focus. Just detached attachment, therefore, will go a long way in giving us good results ultimately and earn for us wellness. This detached attachment should also be followed in our earning our living or business pursuits etc. and the results would be encouraging for us to see.


Whenever we speak something, we should first of all, introspect what we want to convey and think if somebody else speak the same to us, what would be our reaction. Our speech, therefore, should create consent and not dissent.


What we intend counts because from our thoughts and  intentions only our actions will start. It is, therefore, kept in mind that if our intentions are pure and honest then we the end results will always be go

Wellness is generated in us by the following:-

  • The satiety we are the cause of somebody else’s success – it is a selfless contribution of ours without any sort of expectations from the person concerned.
  • Wellness is created when we help a needy, it may be by rendering financial help or helping a person get education. I met a teacher today and while asking what brings him wellness in his life, he very reluctantly mentioned that he feels happy when he educates a needy student without any expectations.
  • Helping a person with blurred vision in crossing a busy road brings a feeling of wellness or provide succour to the hungry man.
  • Devote your time and energy in transferring value system to the small kids not related to you without any expectations.

 From the above, it could be said that wellness in us is created by our own sincere efforts and when we are wellness, then we attain a balance in our life. Having achieved balance in our life means we are living God directed life, full of fervor and enthusiasm. 


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