In essence, too much of attachment (Moh) in anything or anybody robs our sense of proportion and inculcates error of judgment of loss of consciousness. It clouds our value system or correct perspective. It also gives more credence to the mundane worldly possessions or attitude of personal concerned. This attachment may be towards our own life.


The realization about too much of attachment (Moh) to our own impermanent body even came about while I was on an operation theatre with a team of doctors, headed by Dr. Rupesh,  around me for heart angiography in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital in Delhi a few days back. Some questions popped up in my mind; such as what would happen if the level of blockage would be more than 90% or what if something uncertain happens during the operation? Then, suddenly an inner thought came about, with the grace of God, ‘accept whatever is destined. Then a warm and positive emotional upsurge from inner recesses of heart popped up and all the negative feelings of despondency evaporated in the thin air. Firstly, the hospitalization also gave me opportunity to know about the physicians, paramedics, supporting staff etc. All these make huge difference. While these most significant ones have humane touch and positive attitude then God’s grace seeps into them and have spread effect on the patients. Secondly, the most ambiance, updated technology for providing cure for the patients but of all these accessibility of doctors, assistance of supporting staff including nursing staff play a most significant role. But I opine that hospital staff with detached mindset,  humility, accessible attitude and above all humane attitude along with competence of the staff to operate the intricate technology etc. goes a long way in ameliorating the condition of the patients admitted.


While we are leading a spiritual oriented existence, we tend to think that we are living a detached existence. Following a spiritual path believing that we are living a life bereft of any responsibility, living aloof, away from friends, family members besides not feeling pain when others are having. This sort of  supposed detached  existence puts us in quandary. We neither understand about spiritual way of living nor detached existence!  Leading a spiritual path means not to be overly possessive about worldly possessions.  In actual practice, life is a mix of happiness and sadness. Sometime it manifests in sorrow and sometimes happiness.We may live with detached  existence or partly detached and partly attached, thus creating limitations of our own creation. Detachment hardly mmeans total withdrawal or remaining aloof from worldly affairs but remain performing our duties bereft of malice, jealousy, anger, withdrawal from mundane things in life.

In Sikhism, the term attachment (Moh)  is due to consciousness (delusion) s well as an attitude  of attachment for the mundane. Guru Nanak says: The whole world is engulfed by mundane values and attachment to it. In a way,  delusion is more general and exhaustive in meaning and may include the attachment born out of wrong views.

In Buddism, it has been mentioned that ignorance is the root cause of attachment (Moh) which is illusive and too much mundane fascination.

Importantly, all the problems which are being confronted by us humans are related to too much attachment (Moh) to worldly possessions, status, relations etc. Our desires for sense gratification go without interruption and goes on multiplying partly due to competition with others and partly due to fulfillment of our egocentric tendencies. Then when we have too much attachment either with our relatives, then, when we lose them due their parting ways either temporarily or permanently there is too much of despondency, Factually, there always would existential problem without our relatives and friends who are always there to assist us whenever we require their help. This overly attachment would make us off putting.


While we have total control over our mind, we can control our emotions and having total control over our emotions thereby we can prioritize our thought processes, emotions and desires. This could be accomplished through living with a philosophy of forgetting and forgiving, a policy of not sticking to anything or everything in life. In Bhagwad Gita it has been said that we should have the philosophy of ‘letting go’ without clinging on to the fruits of our actions.


It is a undisputed fact that if fixated about the outcome of rather than focusing on the job at hand then that job will not give us appropriate result While giving piece of advice to  Arjuna, Lord Krishnna tells him to perform duty without attachment to the fruits of his action. Further, we’ve to continue to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and use such knowledge for getting our  mission accomplished but being detached from the fruits of action. Here total renunciation is better than   meditation even. With renunciation, we can attain peace of mind, contentment and ultimately happiness besides attaining our result of our sincere action.


Lack of attachment or remaining total indifferent hardly means withdrawing from the job at hand or from worldly affairs. At best we can have total concentration on the mission accomplishment with factors involved to fructify such mission. It hardly means running away from duties from  the family or loved ones, society community or duty at hand and remaining aloof. In sacred Vedas it has been enunciated that we all are interconnected in one way or other. We are part and parcel of Supreme Being. Wife and husband are physically and emotionally connected and without their sincere connect and emotional involvement, reproduction in order to continue civilization is not possible. We cannot have mechanical way of our existence. Naturally, we have an immense capacity of giving and taking love. But this should be within a limit.


Factually, there cannot be any function in this world bereft of sincere desire or Iecha which is taken as greatest Shakti (power). Our desire is the first step for starting any mission. It may be any intractable job or any intricate operation. Without desire, we cannot have even a thought of starting any desire for fructification. It may be starting a project or business or any venture.

In Vedanta, there are three aspects of life. These are Iccha, Jnana and Kriya. To fructify these aspects, it is important that we have purified mind. Here Iecha Shakti or strong determination is of paramount importance in order to attain any goal in life. The main purpose of Lord Krishana’s teachings in Bhagwat Gita is to change the mindset of Arjuna so that he performs his primary duty of a Kashtriya is to fight. It can hardly be attained through renunciation or detachment.  Bereft  of desire, we cannot achieve anything in life.


Detachment is not about shunning away from our duties that come with some strings attached. It is about seeing and experiencing things as they truly are, without clinging on to anything  neither good nor bad, neither action or inaction, neither desires or desirelessness, neither emotions or emotionlessness – but seeing everything as wonderful, without gauging through our mental perceptions and judgments.


Truthfully, we cannot be desireless as we cannot remain emotionless in our life. As we know everything in the universe is interconnected therefore we cannot be totally detached. Icchia shakti is a must, without which nothing tangible happens.  ‘



Lord shiva  is the most affectionate, simplistic, pleasing in bestowing His graces with slightest of prayers, enigmatic, recluse, forgiving, artistic, greatest preachers, greatest scientist etc. Therefore, we should not only rejoice on their union in marriage but also their imbibe their compassionate NATURE.

Lord Shiva has Himself told the other deities that He had manifested in the form of ‘Pillar of Fire’ in the month of Phalguna and during the constellation of Ardra. Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati (Nature – Prakriti) are really difficult to be understood by a normal human being. Both love their creations; it may be normal humans or demons (Lord Shiva’s liking for Demon King Ravana as a renowned Bhakta of Shiva is well known), ghosts, spirits (which Lord Shiva took with him at the time of his marriage with Parvati), amongst all the creations.

On MAHASHIVRATRI day devotees observe the strict fast and keep themselves awake throughout the entire night. They immerse themselves in Shiva’s prayers for deriving bliss of connectivity with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


It is pertinent to mention about the background as to how Shiva and Parvati had their first meeting. Parvati had seen Shiva (In meditative trance) while she was only eight years old. She determined that she will marry him only when she grows up. When she grew up, she told her father (Himavan) that she wanted to marry Shiva. She was also fully determined to make him realize her love for him. Then finding the suitable opportunity, her father made mention about the marriage of his daughter to Shiva.


Shiva means auspiciousness and lingam means a symbol and when to put together it means: ‘a symbol of the great God of the universe who is all-auspicious’. It also means ‘the One in whom the whole of creation sleeps after dissolution. The worship of Shiva in the form of Longa is most prominent. It represents as a symbol God Himself. Shiva lingam is to be bathed in water, milk, and honey. For purification of these, bel patra should also be added. Vermilion paste represents virtue, after bathing the Shiva Linga with water, honey, curd etc. with utmost devotion vermilion paste is applied on it.

Natural fruits like berries are very dear to the Lord, hence these are offered. Fruits are also the sign of fulfillment of our desires and hence should be offered.

Forgetting His grace and bounties offerings when dhoop (incense) is ritualistically burnt give maximum benefits. The lamp is lighted. The lamp symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and keeps away our ignorance. If this is lighted with devotion and offered to the Lord, we can derive maximum benefits. Finally, betel leaves are offered which symbioses the satiation of our worldly desires besides keeping our spiritual onward march intact.

The Trinity amongst Gods (Lord Bhrama, Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva) are responsible variously:-

Lord Bhrama is in charge of creation.
Lord Vishnu is in charge of maintenance and evolution.
Lord Shiva is in charge of destruction (Sanghaarkarta) and subsequently for recreation.
The Trinity of Goddesses and their responsibilities are;-

Goddess Parvati is the Goddess of fertility, love, devotion, and power (Shakti).

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and learning.
Satyam means essence or truth or reality – whose results could be tested and attested at any time and anyplace with similar results. In other words, these results could be confirmed scientifically.

Shivam means giving. This may be in the form of Gyan (knowledge) or any other agent of change which may help an individual’s growth in various stages of growth from childhood onwards.

Sundaram means that one ensures to receive information required for growth and development and wellness of the child without any expectation. This function is performed by the family and the society at large.


At the time of the churning of the sea by the Godheads and the Demons (Rakshas) there surfaced a vessel full of poison amongst other enchanting objects like Kamdhenu (Wish-fulfilling cow, white horse, white elephant, Kalpavriksha (Wish-fulfilling tree), Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Dhanvantri (Divine Physician) and finally the vessel of Amrita (nectar). To save the world from the devastating effects of poison, Lord Shiva consumed the pot of poison and kept the same in his throat with his Yogic Powers and that is why He is also called NEELKANTHA or Blue Throated with immense reverence. He did not take the poison which came out of the sea but kept it in his throat. By doing so, LORD SHIVA saved the world from being annihilated due to the poison which came out of the sea.


It is comparable to the nothingness of vast cosmos/nothingness of space with galaxies, planets, etc. That which is pure, simple, gracious, benevolent and full of beauty. In Vedic scriptures/literature, Shiva also connotes liberation or emancipation. He is the auspicious deity who is creator, reproducer, and destroyer of the forces of negativism and darkness. Shaivism also represents beliefs and practices of Hinduism. Shiva is not affected by three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas). He is called Supreme Lord. He is a great Yogi. One who is beyond any limit of appreciation – nothingness which can absorb anything and everything.


Lord Shiva is a great Yogi who gave us Yoga and method of living – living as mystic Yogi but not oblivious of the family bonding. His contribution as a recluse and the householder is the phenomenon and cannot simply be ignored. The complexity of His traits as a deity cannot be comprehended if we do not delve deep into his life. In the earlier years, he used to wander in the Himalayan region and subsequently an ascetic who is always absorbed in Yogic meditation. This was proved right when the barat (marriage party) was received. Strange as it looked: Shiva as a groom, rode a bull, with matted hair, ash smeared all over the body, was a part of koupina or loincloth., a garland of bones and skulls, as usual, a trident in one hand and damru (drum) in the other hand.. There was the beating of drums nd the mixed sound of trumpets – a terrific sound indeed. Amongst the baratis Marriage party) were Gods and Demi-Gods Not to speak of this, his marriage barati’s consisted of the ganas, ghosts and other strange and fearful witches, vampires etc. The marriage receiving party


We always say him in meditative posture – completely immersed in contemplation. He is Yogi with a difference who could be termed as the deity who could be pleased with bel patra and fruits. Simple sincere prayer can earn His bounties – that is why He is called as Bhole Shankar.LEAVES AND FLOWERS ARE OFFERED TO LORD SHIVE AND GODDESS PARVATI


When Shiva is provoked beyond a limit, when He was in trance, as was done by Cupid or Kamadeva, He opened His third eye and reduced him to ashes in a fit of anger.

There are 12 Jyotirlingas (Lingas of Light) which are held sacred by the devotees. They offer prayers at these holy places.

Devout chant Mantra OM NAMON SHIVAYE and also Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra to get special benefits since this day falls in the most appropriate planetary positions in the Northern hemisphere; helps devotee raise his / her spiritual energy vigorously. The prayers are answered if these are done with sincerity. This day is also celebrated because on this night Shiva performed His cosmic dance (Tandava). This dance was enjoyed even by other Godheads.

Lord Shiva’s abode is mount Kailasha. He bearer of sacred river Ganga on his head besides a serpent named Vasuki. His devotee Nandi is the carrier of Lord Shiva. In Shiv Purana, it has been mentioned that Shiva prayers should be done in the following manner to get maximum benefit:-


It is important to know the attributes of Lord Shiva which are depicted variously as: benevolent, pious with huge reserves of compassion, easy to be pleased, honorable, delightful with brilliance, innocent, easy to be pleased, invincible, having huge prowess, fearful or ferocious when hugely provoked, Wrathful, violent and dangerous, destructive, autistic (Yogi Raj).


Shiv-shakti Shiv is called Kala (the eternal time) and Parvati the consort of Shiv is also called Kali meaning ‘Time’ or ‘death’ (two mixed together means the ‘time has come’). Various people worship Shakti or Kali represents the feminine force whereas Shiva is the masculine force along with the power of peace.


Lord Shiva has two aspects. Firstly as an ascetic (Yogi) shown meditating and also as a householder – having family performing the dual functions wonderfully well. He has a consort named Parvati (the daughter of King Himalaya). The family consisted of the following:-


She is the Consort of Shiva, variously described as, Shakti (Divine Energy), Devi, Divine Mother along with Goddess Tripura Sundari, Durga, Minakshi, Kamakshi etc. She is also identified with Nature, creative energy, Ardhanarishvara (dynamic extension of Shiva without whom Shiva is incomplete.



Ganesha is the deity in a human form but with the head of an elephant which represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles. .He was created out of the remains of smut from the body of Parvati and further infused life into it. He is worshipped with great devotion, before starting any prayer or starting any business or new job His name is taken. He is said to the remover of Lord of removal of obstacles (vegan Karta), Lord of beginning. No Yagna or any ritual is incomplete without beginning with prayers to Lord Ganesha.


He was assigned with the responsibility of protecting the Gods and Demi-Gods. He is worshiped in South India by various names such as Murugan, Subramanya, Shanmugan and in North India as Skanda and Kartikeya.


While Parvati felt very lonely, she created Ashok Sundari from a tree to remove her monotony and loneliness because Shiva remained in meditation most of the time.


She is considered kind to the devotees who worship her. Due to her bad temper and unhappy disposition, Mansa was rejected by Lord Shiva. She is termed as the goddess of snakes and worshipped in North India. She is also described as the destroyer of poison.


In the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a woman named Mohini, Lord Shiva was charmed by her beauty and through the union of the two Ayyappan was born. He is specially worshipped in South India.

Then there are other children of Lord Shiva named Andaka and Jalandhar and Mangala.
Names of Lord Shiva. According to Shiva Purana, there are 1008 names of Lord Shiva. Some of these are given below:-


There is a description in the Puranic period that Lord Shiva is also termed as the Lord of Dance or Eternal Dancer. The two most renowned dances are Tandava (which is the powerful and masculine dance) and is associated with the destruction while Lasya which is very graceful and exhibits delicacy of emotions and is attributed to Parvati and associated with creation. Both destruction and creation are the important factors in the universe and the world at large.


Represents the form of Shiva Murti facing South. This represents aspects as a teacher of yoga, music, and wisdom.


It represents the combination of two; Shiva and Shakti (Parvati) depicting half male (Shiva) and half female (Parvati). It is due to the fact that Lord Shiva was hugely pleased by the austere traits of Parvati and granted her the boon of becoming part of his body.

Tripurantaka. In this Lord Shiva is depicted with four arms having bow and arrow in the at of destroying Demon named Tripura.

AVATARS  OF SHIVA. In the description, in Linga Purana there are 28 forms of Shiva. Hanuman is known as Rudra Avtar (Rudra is a name of Shiva) as eleventh Avatar.

Ashutosh – One who fulfills wills.
Akshayaguna – who is Lord of Earth
Mahadeva – Greatest With limitless attributes.
Anantadrishti – With an unrivaled vision.
Bholenath – One who is benevolent.
Bhooteshwara – one who is Lord of ghosts.
Bhudeva – One God
Devadeva – Lord of the Lords
Gurudeva – Lord of all
Ingaraja – Lord of Lingas
Vishveshwara – One who is the Lord of Universe.

There are 12 Jyotirlingas (Lingas of Light) which are held sacred by the devotee. They offer prayers at these holy places. These are mentioned below:

1.Somnath ( Lord of the Nectar of Knowledge)
2. Nageshwar or Nagnath (Lord of 5 headed snake):
3. Kedarnath ( Lord of Kedar):
4.Vishwanath ( Lord of the Universe), Banaras-UP:
5.Mahakaleswar ( The Lord of Death) Ujjain, MP:
6. Amaleshwar (Lord of Purity) : Lord Shiva the purifier of all sins.
7. Trayambkeshwar ( Lord of Third Eye ), Maharashtra:
8. Ghrishneshwar (Lord of Positive Energy obtained from Churning of divine Knowledge), Maharashtra:
9. Vaidyanathan (Lord of Vaidya/Ayurveda), Maharashtra:
10. Bheemashankar (Mighty & Powerful Lord), Maharashtra:
11. Mallikarjun ( Lord ), Andhra Pradesh:
12. Rameshwaram (Ram worshiping Lord Shiva), Tamil Nadu:


I am of the firm conviction that in Shiv Purana, mention has been made about the various aspects, about Karma philosophy, origin of Nature and the creation of the universe, the function of the Trinity, the practical aspect of segregation of professions, the meditation and the benefits derived from this, how best to perform various rituals including Shiva and Linga Sututi, the origin of Lord Shiva, function of Nature (Prakriti), et al.



In essence, Love has many forms and manifestations. When it is giving without any expectation, it becomes a priceless gift of our Creator. It multiplies as we divide it. Love, in essence, could be sacred, when we love our Creator. In Bible it has been said: . The love of God is so great that He sent His one and only son for each one of us! Take time to meditate on God’s sacrificial love today and let these Bible verses about love bring you peace and perspective.


 We warmly adore our parents and other relations but when our love is for even a rank stranger, then it become lasting. Then we love total stranger while we feel ‘empathetic pain’ for their pain and we would like to render helping to alleviate their pain. We express our love for our Gurus in the form of our devotion to them since they help us in our pursuit of seeking God. We care for our pets that also is a form of love.


What a warmth in our emotions emanates when one is immersed in love! While showering our love, we involve ourselves totally. A true lover does not care for his/her own comforts and well-being while immersed in this sacred emotion of loving. Love, I feel, is not a business transaction. It is giving and giving with no expectations in return.


While we take love as a God’s gift, love gifts us many things in return which cannot be exchanged for anything in life. This return gift is all encompassing – a saintly feeling for us all. It generates warmth in our heart and a nostalgic feel, a deep longing which we want to exchange with others so that it spreads from one to many.


Then, there is a special type of love – love for the country of our origin. So much so we are swayed by its love that we would like make supreme sacrifice for ensuring safety and security for protecting its integrity. There are umpteenth examples of the personages who immortalized themselves for protecting the independence of the land of his/her birth. That is also a form of love.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentinus performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.

Legend have it that before he was to be executed he wrote a letter finally signing as: YOUR VALETINE to bid adieu.


A love with enriching experience
A love which surpasses all frontiers
A love which is eternal in nature
A love which takes us away from imaginary to a real one
A love whose fragrance spreads all around for others to emulate
A love which becomes an example and a model for change
A love which add to our knowledge about each other
A love which sets its own standards and agenda for others to follow
A love where losing or winning makes no difference
A love rooted in sublime and humane delicate touch
A love which broadens its base without an iota of bias
A love which spreads its heady scent for a wide
A love which is magical in nature
A love which is not theatrical in its character
A love which enlightens us and is not mechanical in nature
A love where we do not care for results
A love where every skepticism melts
A love which gives eternal peace
A love which takes our love to new heights
A love which erases all lingering riders.

 A love which is most enlightening
A love which is energy giving while sharing
A love which increases by every day passing
A love which kindles feeling of trust among all creatures living
A love where we do not care for caste, creed, colour or race while expressing

A love which is all all-embracing.

A love which has the Almighty God’s blessings
A love where we do not demand but would like giving
A love where suspicion has no place while giving
A love where we get extreme joy in sharing and caring
A love which solves more problems than creating
A love which teaches us values of living
A love is based on understanding
A love which flourishes with every passing day & have no chance of diminishing.

A love which has not got any limitation
A love which has its sweeping but sweet implication
A love where there is not even an iota of hesitation
A love for which any sacrifice could be given without much reservation
A love which does not care for any narrow consideration
A love which does not have a particular day for its commemoration
A love for which all days have the same connotation
A love which helps in natural progression
A love from which we get utmost satisfaction
A love which is full-blown like a beautiful flower on all occasions
A love which is broadest in its application
A love where there is no regression but enough progression
A love which does not have any expectation
A love nobody prefers even losing ourselves for its fruition.



A love which gives happiness in taking pain of others
It is similar to the  love of Saint Valentine
A Catholic Bishop of Terni
In Roman Empire
Who attained martyrdom for the sake of LOVE
For solemnizing a marriage secretly
Of condemned soldiers
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire’s law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry
Attracted the Saint’s imprisonment
And ultimately martyrdom
Which very year we commemorate.

While in the condemned cell of a prison
With his miraculous touch, he cured the daughter of the jail warden
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter
With words so eternal in nature
“From your Valentine”, These immortal words have become a grand brand
Presently for us all to express to our loved ones
With heart suffusing with delicate love
With a huge sprinkle of pride for such a love
Mixed with a huge smile write large on our faces
Lasting for good in our mind’s eye
And in real life too, we live with complete affirmation
That love binds us and bestows us God’s eternal satisfaction.


May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases.



In life we come across different sorts of people. There are the people with whom you can familiarize yourself instantly, can believe them, but there are the ones with whom we face some difficulty in communicating or understanding them. Then there are the people whom we can repose our trust and can share our opinions with an open mind. While there are the ones from whom it is difficult to part any information because of their skeptical nature. Then there are the, baffling lots, who get your information and use such information against you to deride you?! Such people take you for granted after getting needful information. We’ve to be wary about these sorts of people. They are treacherous lots and could stab you at your back any time they get a chance to do so.


On a hindsight, it is most significant to understand with whom you are having any sort of dealing since the people you interact or identify with determine your character too. For this, it is important to have good company in order to have right thoughts and Karmic deeds accordingly. Having any interaction  with unethical and immoral people taints our own character, therefore, it is a must that we should know with whom we are speaking, dealing or having business dealings.


The encouragement for writing about different sorts of characteristics of the different people instigated me to pen down about a person who proved to be partly cunning, partly crafty/schemer besides being unbelievably obsessive; the one whose thoughts, emotion and behaviour leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings besides being a person having exaggerated sense of importance. I consider such a person as a schizophrenic.  If and when question of personal integrity comes to the fore, he considered himself uppermost. He has the knack for extracting information from a subject, use the information collated as a ladder to get his agenda addressed by molding opinions in his favour with dishonesty, nepotism and bias writ large. Too much of selfishness is a curse and should, therefore, be discouraged since this trait is a negative in its orientation. Therefore, need is to know the intent and object of a person concerned.

It is in the fitness of things to know about the characteristics of different persons which require modicum of change.


 A person who says something and acts just opposite is deceptive in its orientation. A person with deceptive trait cannot be trusted at any event as such a person misleads since deception is his forte. I have observed that there may be many amongst us who have this characteristic. Everyone of us must have experienced deception at one stage of life or other. Such a man can deceive you when you least except him, so we’ve to be wary of such a person.


Ego is a negative trait. A person with exaggerated sense of importance which may lead to enhancement of self image in the eyes of others. The inculcation of high opinion of himself is misleading. In Bhagwad Gita, the term ego (Aham) is identified with Self. The term Aham is Brahman himself (Aham Brahmasmi) or Atman (Soul).


An emotionally stable person perceives a problem and makes effort in solving such a problem in a more balanced way. He does not lose his cool while tackling any problem nor does he disturbs the peace of other while doing so. He does not ignore reality while facing a problem and evaluates pros and cons while solving the problem using his wit and experience while doing so.  


An extrovert is a person who is more open, go getter, more assertive, more self confident/self assured besides he does not hide any fact while discussing facts and figures.


A person who is known for his introversion. He remains quiet, remains reserved, does not showcase his inner potential in the public glare. He is insightful with modesty  as a necessary trait.


A person who feels the pains and sufferings of others while contributing his mite for alleviating others problems in a way he can. Such people are having humility, empathy and remain positively oriented.


A person who with a firm belief that he could live with high standard of behaviour and sincerity. He remain positive in all his dealings with others. A person with lofty ideas which sometimes may be unrealistic.


A person who is immature, inexperienced besides being inactive in words and deeds. Such a person cannot be relied completely in any dealings.


We must have come across people who would like to have what they want even disregarding others interests. They cannot be trusted in any deal. They are born pessimists and live in the world of their own making.


The person who showcases extreme views because of his fears or phobia. This is entirely a negative trait. Such a person cannot be trusted since he is a prisoner of his own inner contradictions.


The person who is too much intrusive in the affairs of others besides being compulsitve in his behaviour. His fixated viewpoint may be counter productive not only for himself but also for others around. behaviour may cause distress. This obsession or mania may lead to misplaced outcomes.


A person who cannot be easily pleased though you do anything for such a person. This is in fact a negative trait of a person but it has been experienced that such people are the best performers and are having the knack of getting work done according to their likings.


 A person who always takes optimistic view of anything and everything. Such people are the creams of any society since they respect others viewpoints and would like to listen others patiently and act rationally ultimately.


The trait of a person of being morally upright, ethically right, justified without being judgemental.  This is a positive trait that an individual could garner. But if we exceed this its limit then it may become showy; self righteousness which is a negative in its orientation since when a person thinks himself more righteous then his egocentric tendency emerges.                                                                                                                         



Today is the World Cancer Day

One of the significant features of of this day is to enhance our awareness what are the causes of cancer causing agents, the perceptible early symptoms of cancer and how best we get screening and detection of the same and then get medical assistance for cure. It should never be forgotten that early detection through screening and then curing is sure cure otherwise if the cancer cells spread throughout system, then, it may be too late.


World Cancer Day aims to spread awareness about cancer and how best to prevent its spread. First step in this is to know about the early symptoms, then, screen and detect these symptoms to seek the medical cure. Subsequently, involve governmental and public health expertise to provide medical cure for the concerned patients. Here early detection is a must for a cure.

In essence, cancer is an abnormal creation of cells in one particular part of the body and then spreading uncontrollably to other parts of body parts. In fact cancer is a generic term.




It has been observed that those people whose parents are prone to cancerous cell may have cancer at one stage of their lies.

Lifestyle changes

When we continue smoking or intake of tobacco or persistence in alcohol intake. Or there may be changes in take of our diet which is injurious to our health and wellness, we may be suspected case for cancer.


There are some perceptible symptoms which should not be ignored. If and when these are observed by any individual, professional help is a must so that remedial or cure is ensured before it is too late. It should never be forgotten that early detection could ensure medication as per the advice of the professionals.  For this, early screening and detection is, therefore a must for cure.

Infections related to breast, lung, colon, skin, prostate, changes in bowl movement and abnormality in urine infection, lump in breast for early detection of cancer and then seek medical help for cure.

Disproportional Weight Loss

 When there is a rapid weight loss in short span of time accompanied with other symptoms such as too much of exhaustion after some activity including body weakness.

Thickening of lump under the skin

Observation of lump, which may be thickening under the skin. Before it is too late, medical cure after necessary tests for detection of cancerous cells   should be sought immediately.

Persistent cough

When there is constant occurrence of cough. It may be due to smoking, pollution or any other reasons. Early medical help should be taken lest it is too late. There may be throat or lung related cancerous symptoms. Need is to live in the pollution free environments and avoid smoking.

Lump in the breast could be cancerous

It has been observed that women in the age group of 50 to 70 should get their breast screening done (mammography) for detection of breast cancer.

Choking and difficulty in breathing

When we have persistence in difficulty in breathing and choking along with difficulty in swallowing, medical help should be taken for cure.

Excessive alcohol drinking

It has been observed that excessive alcohol drinking than normal may result in liver cancer firstly by adversely affecting our immune system.

Change in the skin colour

On observation of changes in the skin; redness, darkening, yellowish or reddish or to that matter any other colour. Such colour changes remain  should be taken as a symptom of cancer and medical help sought. Then if there are changes in the colour of moles with or without pain.  

Clean environment free from infections

Living in the midst of infection, viruses, agents containing bacteria or parasites can also cause cancer. All these first of all adversely affect our immune system and then cause irreparable damage to our system.

Changes in the bowl and bladder habits

When there is abnormal change  in bowl movement or bladder habits then medical help and medical tests should be done  for early detection and cure undertaken.

Hoarseness or roughness in voice

When there is sudden change in the voice or hoarseness or croakiness in the voice then it calls for medical help. It should not be taken lightly.

Muscle and joint pain

When we are having persistent muscle and joint pain. In such a medical condition, professional assistance should be sought so as to ensure early treatment lest it is too late.

Persistence in indigestion

When we have persistent indigestive problem along with persistence in constipation resulting in difficulty in free movement of bowls. Medical cure should be sought with such cases.

Persistence of fever

When we feel have persistence in fever with or without too much of sweating at night. Early medical cure should be sought.

Bleeding and difficulty in cure

When there is more than normal bleeding along with bruising which takes time in curing. With this medical state, medical cure should be sought immediately.

Observation of abnormal systems

Whenever we observe anything abnormal in our body system, it may be a cause of concern. Early medical help should be taken so as to seek early medicare.

Care and caution should be exercised that screening with or without symptoms should be undertaken in order to find the presence of cancer causing agents


It has been observed that 30 to 50% of cancers could be cured after these are detected and proper medical cure sought. Therefore early detection through screening is a must.

  • No smoking or intake of tobacco products to avoid tongue and throat cancer.
  • Avoidance of  use of excessive alcoholic drinks.
  • Yoga or regular exercise for a healthy life.
  • Living in pollution free environs.
  •  Ensuring vaccination against HPV and hepatitis B.
  • Avoiding various radiation exposures (radioactive gas, uranium, exposure to ultraviolet rays etc.).
  • Intake of proper diet.
  • Periodic medical check ups for early screening and detection of any symptoms.
  • If and when abnormal symptoms are observed immediate medical help should be sought for early cure.
  • We should take clean drinking water to avoid liver infection and also other digestive infections.
  • Early detection or screening of any breast tumor (mammography) for detecting cancerous cells and seeking early cure.
  • Living a stress free lifestyle; with a balance in both hot and cold.
  • Medication and meditation should go hand in hand when some abnormality is detected. Mind control is a must.
  • Living in clean environment without infection, pollution free, bacteria and infection free for a healthy living.


The best remedy for early detection, diagnosis of the symptoms and then appropriate tests should be carried out for early cure for terminal disease like cancer. It is a fact that early detection is a sure cure  for seeking medical cure otherwise it may be too late.




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Festivals obviously is crystal clear reflection
Of a society as a whole is a dynamic one
And how best we respect our tradition.

Some festivals are seasonal in nature
Others are related to beliefs so prevalent
In all these, one common thread in all of these festivals
is that masses of all hues participate with huge gusto
Which fills the participants with positive synergy
While they take part with true strength of mind and zest.

Basant Panchami has religio-seasonal connotation
After tolerating the chilling cold of winter season
There has begun much awaited dawn of a season
Indeed so very pleasant in every manner of speaking
When Mother Nature too showcases its multi-coloured appearance
An exhibition of a carpet of yellow mustard plants
Which is one of the best Mother Nature colourful manifestation
People put on their yellow attire, so graceful indeed
And imbue all in natural yellow colour,
So stunningly elegant.

There is a legend attached to Basant Panchami festival
Lord Brahma, the Lord of all Creations
Happened to see earthwards
After witnessing the condition of his creation on the Mother Earth
He was so very saddened
The Mother Earth was bereft of any greenery
Since plant-life with its greenery embodies life in all its forms.
He scattered some water from His jar, so magical
To the huge revelation of all living beings
Lord Barahma too gifted greenery to the plants in abundance
A scenario so very delightful, without a doubt
Bringing in its wake brightness in natural spectacle
Bringing about verve and vigour in everybody’s life.

Lo and behold,
there appeared Maa Saraswati
The Goddess, the bestower of wisdom and erudition
Music, art and craft and knowledge besides education.
While inculcating love and light all around
Goddess Saraswati spreads positive energy too
So very suffusing with joy – full of life
Her advent brings in its wake greenery all around
Along with feeling so pleasing to the eyes
With affluence so abundant everywhere our eye could survey.

Maa Saraswati too is termed as the Goddess of Basant Panchmi!
When yellow flowers sprout in the fields – so very captivating.

Yellow or white flowers are also offered to Goddess Saraswati
Along with chanting of beej mantra
For earning her bountiful graces
Devout also put on yellow or white coloured clothes
In essence in sync with the occasion.

Even our food items exhibit yellowness
With saffron strands giving yellow colour
Emitting sweet fragrance everywhere.

People worship the musical instruments
Art, craft and all the learning mediums
For these are the gifts of Goddess Saraswati
Processions in the honour of the Goddess are also taken
To beseech Her to bestow humans the knowledge and wisdom
Along with power to find the difference between truth and deception
Her four hands symbolize ego, intellect, alertness of the mind
Her white dress symbolizes transparency and purity
And she loves truth in all forms
Her postures of sitting too has vast meaning.

Our humble prayers to Thee O Goddess Sarasvati
The embodiment of learning, art and craft, so very enriching
We implore Thee O Goddess to remove illiteracy
And ignorance/darkness from our midst
And bring forth the dawn of enlightenment with love and light
Remove ego as You are the giver of wisdom
And do imbue us all in THY INDELIBLE COLOUR.
My special prayer to Thee Maa Saraswati
To bestow us humans sagacity
Since Thou are possessor of love & light in abundance
Can usher in peace and prosperity
Between warring Russian & Ukrainians
With no hint of stopping even after ten years and counting
I pray to Thee most generous in distributing
Knowledge, art and craft, skill along with kindness
To fill up the countries at war with compassion for each other
And help instill a feeling of peace and tranquility
So that both sides sort out their differences sitting across
With warm smile on their lips bereft of ill feeling for each other
Thus neutralizing Illwill, bad feeling and animosity
And create a feeling of understanding
Overflowing with love and not with hostility.

As Thee O my Maa so compassionate
Thou has the prowess to change our destinies
Pray change the mindset of warring ones
So that their citizens live in harmony
Let them toss rose petals at each other
Rather than bombs and missiles as is being done presently!!




While we are gearing up to celebrate
The 74th Republic Day
With the best of spirits on this day so passionate
That each one of us keenly commemorate.

Whilst India got its independence
From the foreign rule, oppression and others dependence
On 15th August 1947 with efforts so incessant
The sovereignty of ours is not easily attained
Since for self-government
Countless nationalists made their supreme sacrifices for its freedom
Besides some suffered hugely in the dark dungeons.

When India got right of self-governance
We were not having our own Constitution
A drafting committee was constituted with consensus
Consisting men of impeccable integrity and aptitude
Which gave its first draft report on 4th November 1947
The National Assembly put their indelible stamp
On the Constitution so meticulously prepared
On 24th January, 1950
Which came into effect from 26 January 1950.

Merging with the spirit of the anniversary
Of Purna Swaraj Day
Which was observed on 26th January 1930
And is considered as a historic day of repute
Representing the true spirit of independence
Conferring power to the people to elect
Their own representatives of choice
And many more rights with duties conferred on its citizenry
Including right to freely express their opinion
Freedom to follow the faith of their preference
Without let or hindrance
Further important of all
This way, we the people indirectly govern.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath
As the first President of free India/Bharat
Unfurled the National Flag at Irwin Stadium.

Military might of the land is showcased at Rajpath
Here our Military; Air Force & Para-military forces with NCC also participate
In their smartly dressed in the parade.

Gallantry awards are conferred on the bravest of braves
For their exemplary acts of valor
For defending our mother-land
Some fortunate get the get these gallantry awards in person
While others get these posthumous
For their Supreme Sacrifices
From the President of India
Their Supreme Commander.

The cultural diversity of different the regions
Are also showcased by different states
And Union territories
These are the other attractions
A rainbow of diversity indeed- wonderful exhibition!

The other States of the Union pitch in to celebrate this historical day
With pump and show in their own unique way
Indeed this is the real beauty of the Republic Day.




The basic structure of our Constitution (Bharatiya Samvidhan) is sacrosanct, It contains fundamental rights (right of self expression with duties), fundamental political code, structure, procedures, powers of Centre and State Governments, duties of Government institutions along with the duties of citizens. Basically, our Constitution contains all the information which helps us all how best to provide good governance based on Constitutional provisions, values along with procedures.

The Directive Principles of State Policy are grouped into four categories

As our Constitution was created by the Constituent Assembly, therefore, it gives significance to Constituent Supremacy. The Constitution was adopted by its people with a declaration in its Preamble. It was adopted by Constituent Assembly of India on 26th November 1949 and was made effective from 26th January 1950.

Every Indian should respect Constitution without any reservation. Not understanding the spirit of constitution and interpret the various provisions given in the construction as per their convenience, will not serve any purpose. We have got our independence after giving a lot of sacrifices. Therefore, we have to protect its unity and sovereignty. For this, we have to keep a close watch on internal and external forces which are inimical to the growth and development of India.


River Gange important since it  covers 40% of India’s population. The PM had said: If we are able to clean it, it will be a huge help for the 40% population of the country.


 This is an ambitious mission to provide electric supply to 18,000 villages which were still in darkness. Rural electrification is taking place at a fast rate.


India has achieved from the period of low growth to higher growth trajectory. Due to this our GDP Growth has risen to 7.4% which is fastest amongst the growing economies of the world.


It is well said, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’. It means peace with strength. A society which is strong in every sphere of activity, is not attached by any adversary. The present scenario on border especially LAC and LOC calls for defence preparedness. For this to be possible, we have to continue the ongoing task of constructing roads, tunnels etc. so that the border posts could be made accessible for our defence forces personnel without wastage of time as and when required. Secondly, presently, we are proud to produce defence related weapons and equipment on our own and subsequently would be able to export the same for earning much needed foreign exchange.


By empowering farmers so that they help in giving more agri production. For this, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana will give a big boost to productivity. This would be possible by increasing irrigation facilities, provision of fertilizers at subsidized rates along with provision of high yielding seeds. Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna deals with motivating farmers so that they take up organic farming.


A society which is corruption free, attains unhindered growth and development because the funds allocated for different heads are used judiciously without any leakage at any stage of execution of planned mission achievement. For this, there should be zero tolerance of corruption and those who are indulging in corrupt practices are dealt with strictly as per the laws of land.


It is my fond hope that when women get their due  respect as mother, sister, daughter, wife or friend, we cannot call ourselves as civilized society. The women should be empowered suitably. For this, they should get proper education, training, etc. so that they are financially independent and not be dependent on anybody. They should also get freedom to choose their profession according to their claims and qualification, of course, without any gender bias.
For achieving all these, we have to implement programmes related to Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.


Those countries which are economically strong are held in high esteem. They command huge respect globally. This does not come with wishful thinking. It happens when all of us put our concerted efforts in whatever field we are engaged. Although, our economic growth has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, yet, persistent efforts should be made so that our economy grows and the fruits of growth are shared by everybody. Growth and development should be all inclusive one. All the sectors of economy i.e. industrial; agricultural; infra etc should grow side by side for an overall pump-priming effect on the people in general

The Gross Domestic Product  per capita in our country was at 1797.76 US Dollar in 2020. It is equivalent to 14% of the world’s average. I want our country to attain more growth in all fields. For this, our youth should get opportunities for right education and right training for which they have attained efficacy. Then Hospital Industry could boost our economic growth and development. It will not only absorb manpower but also much needed foreign exchange for the country.

Unleashing India’s Entrepreneurial Energy.  Make in India programme  has given leverage to boost entrepreneurship. Ease of doing business has given fillip to the economy. More require to be done still.


For industrial and infrastructural development various programmes are launched  so as to attract foreign direct investment in industries including defence and railways. For this, many laws, considered to be useless and superfluous are removed so as to enhance the give credence to ‘ease of doing business’. The bottlenecks in communication and transportation are removed by improvement in infra development (Both rail and roads).

Our journey for industrial development started in 1854 with the functioning of cotton textile industry.  Presently, we have small and big industries for production of a variety of products which not only meets the domestic demands but also are exported. Our stress should be to increase the productivity in small and big industries. These industries could also absorb the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce. The Government should allocate more funds for growth of industrial sector so that it not only absorbs more workforce but also earns much needed foreign exchange for us by enhancing exports.


I wish to see my mother land to have all inclusive development without any bias whatsoever. Religion, caste, region or any other ulterior consideration should not come in the way of holistic development of the country.


We are aware that some of our adversaries are on the lookout for hacking various engines of growth – it may be banking, industrial sector, Rail Network or defence related matters etc. We should legislate strictest laws for those who resort to these anti-national activities. This could also be done by creating software and hardware which are hack-free.


All should enjoy to follow his/her religious belief without let or hindrance. It follow that our faith and belief are individualistic in its orientation. Restrictions of any sort in following ones belief  is counterproductive. Hence religious freedom, as enshrined in the Constitution should be the norm.


Based on past experience, I have gained over a period under various situations and conditions, I resolved to make my life spiritually oriented, methodical, adaptable besides being positive in all situations and conditions. This has worked fine with me then why not with others.

For living a purposeful life, we have to live spiritually. The first step is to know I am and what relationship I have got with the people around, about the environment I am living besides knowing be aware of SELF – my potentials and weaker areas. For living spiritually, we have to focus internally, think positively, meditate or chant prayers, do our duty with complete focus at our command, be compassionate to the needs of others besides explore our spiritual core. This way, we shall not only work for our holistic growth and development but also be of some help to our fellow citizens.



Fundamentally, our effort should be to build bridges of confidence between communities and not the chasms which have been created over a period of time due to various misunderstandings. These misunderstandings, if not attended, addressed and ironed out amicably within shortest span of time become unmanageable creating disharmony and resultant violence.


While growth stories of some of our immediate neighbouring countries’ (Like Sri Lanka & Pakistan) are going southward, India’s growth fundamentals are on ascendency partly due to resilience of our economy which faced two bouts of Coronavirus pandemic. India weathered all storms except in second wave of virus in which there were many job losses and business losses. Despite some hiccups, Indian growth story has moved Northward partly because there has been massive push to education and skill development. Schemes such asPradhan Mantri Vidyalakshmi Karyakram and Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Mission for Teachers Training has been started to enhance the quality of teaching. A Global Initiative of Academic Ntwork (GIAN) is one such initiative for which scientists and intellectuals including entrepreneurs are being invited to impart training to our teachers and students in the summer and winter vacations. This will, in fact, make a huge difference.



The occupation we take depends on our qualifications and expertise we attain based on our experience and knowledge we gain over a period of time. When we take up a job, we’ve to keep our ears and eyes open since we’ve to be totally aware of the work for which we’re employed. It may be through interaction with office colleagues, take the advice of the seniors in the chain of command who are accessible while taking into the position on which we’re functioning. Care ought to be exercised that nothing should be done to break the rules or antagonize anybody at any stage of service and especially in the initial stage of our service. For this, never act in a manner which may be construed as insubordination. Doing so would amount to stopping the wheels of our growth in the organization. It should never be forgotten that there is no substitute to hard word and persistence despite some pin-pricks here and there.


In all fairness, those who are elected by the electorates in order to execute variety of public work services should always bear in mind that their job is to be fully aware of their responsibilities towards their electorates. For this, they have to be familiar with their various official functionaries (Their designations/appointments, including their contact details, work for which they are employed in order to execute the work services. proper Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be devised for every employees (Skilled, semi skilled and non skilled) along with working hours assigned jointly and shift work timings according to the need of the organization. Thorough care ought to be exercised that monitoring of work services is done with precision so as to provide extra workforce and material required for the execution of job at hand. To ensure proper execution, accountability or answerability for the work services to be done should be followed up properly.

In essence, the organizational head is responsible for ultimate outcome or fructification of job at hand. To quote an example, a few days back, the MCD department took out a huge amount of sewage (biodegradable pollutants) from the sewerage system but these pollutants were left out in the open near the outlet cover itself at many places near the houses of residents. This resulted in too much of disgusting stench besides being a breeding ground for harmful insects, flies and mosquitoes; which  becoming a cause for various diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunia etc. 

Earlier on, the MCD at Hari Nagar (New Delhi) authorities that be, let the toxic sewage near the outlet for the elements like rain etc. to spread the rot. But this time, I rang up the Counselor (Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ladi through Mr. Pardeep Chadha) of the area to get the toxic waste removed and provide relief to the residents of area from the nasty smell. It is a matter of pleasant surprise, for a change, the MCD employees concerned removed the toxic waste without much wastage of time; in fact a commendable job by any reckoning. This sort of example setting not only helps in keeping the area neat and clean but also save the residents  from dangerous diseases.


Trust should be a guiding factor in everything under the sun. If a person is feeling wanting in experience he/she take the assistance of other(s) the organization. By doing so, trustworthiness and dependency enhances thereby making it easier for the organization to get more productivity along with creating a appropriate environment in the organization.


If all the employees of an organization perform their assigned duties/tasks by focusing on the assigned duties rather than being overly concerned about the outcome, then, certainly our mission accomplishment would be fructified as desired.  This would also be in sync with Lord Krishana’s advice to Prince Arjuna: To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction.


It has been observed, more the trust amongst the employees, more would be integrity and would be loyal to the organization. Having unquestionable integrity of its employees, more loyalty towards the org. would be there. These combine for overall production for the organization.


We are aware that there are employees in the organization who showcase their utter disregard to ethics bordering on hypocrisy and superficiality to please others without contributing for the upward growth of their organization. Their main agenda is to tom-tom their working style as though they are the only ones who are the performers and others are the shirkers. Contrarily, there are the real performers who work rather discreetly but give out optimum results eventually. They are the veritable cream of any organization. 


Loyalty towards the organization enhances the cooperation between the staff and the organizational head. The fellow feeling, caring and sharing each others happiness and sorrows along with cooperation bind all the employees for overall good of the organization.


For overall good of the organization, it is in the interest of both the organization and the employees that they are enjoying good health and wellness since when they are enjoying good health, they can contribute more for the organization.


The organizations where safety norms are taken care and precautions are given primacy, the employees get attached to the organizations concerned. While there is any medial emergency, the employees get medical help on priority from the organizational heads and funds too are paid for any incident.


When there is no discrimination in any form then the feeling of compassionate and supportive feelings grow. The feeling of healthy cooperation, fellow feeling, emotional attachment, positive attitude, unquestionable integrity create a healthy environment in the organization thus contributing for the overall good of the organization and also productivity as a final outcome.


An organization wherein there is discipline; the organizational heads understand their subordinates, the subordinates’ needs are met dispassionately, the orders are obeyed without any reservation, besides the members of management are accessible to discuss the problems of their employees. In such a scenario, all the functions are performed without any reservation. There is no misapprehension or confusion amongst the employees and the management. Also, there is orderliness amongst the employees and the management then everything is regulated with precision. Lack of proper control, lack of cohesiveness and lack of obedience to the organizational head make the employees less productive thereby putting the future of organization under clout. Therefore, discipline is pre-requisite for overall good of the organization.


Those organizations wherein not only the employees interests are protected including provision of insurance cover for self and their family members including providing funds for schooling of their children, the employees are given adequate incentive/compensation for working overtime, etc. In such a positive environment, the employees first priority becomes to work for the organization which takes care of their overall wellness. In such a happy atmosphere, nobody can stop the growth and development of such organization to go NORTHWARD.




Festivals are events so special
Which evoke our emotions
Touching the musical-tones in unison
These are linked either with seasons
Or occasioned as National Days of huge standing
Or have religious orientation
There may be any reason
But fundamental truth remains
We all wait for festivals with immense expection
Since these special days light-up our inner emotions.

Lohri is a winter festivals
Comes in the month of (13th January) Paush
Which brings about happiness on the faces of the populace
Especially the farmers.

This festival marks the end of winter season
But this year seemingly a different one
With toxic air, cold winds and floods unabated
As winter season spreads its wings
But hardly dampens  the spirit of festival.

The farmers start harvesting rabi crops
The crops harvested in winter season
Which include Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Linseed, Peas, Barley among others which are health giving.

Start of spring season is a gift of Mother Nature
Adds additional spice to our festivities
Besides bringing about smiles and festive moods on these occasions.

Customarily, on Lohri day a bonfire is lit so elegantly
Devotees congregate overflying
With reverence in their heart
And take rounds around the bonfire
Lit with huge  reverence.

And with loving devotion, offer
Jaggery (gur), sesame seeds (til)
Sesame coated sugar candy
And popcorns are put into leaping bonfire
The fire lit too showcases
That it too is enjoying the act done with respect.

The skyward leaping fire flames purify the atmosphere & fills with fragrance
Exhibiting that the fire too is enjoying all acts of devout around
In essence, there is hidden joy
For devotees in this sacred bonfire.

Gathering partake the sacred parsadas offerings
With satiety writ large on faces of devotees
Offerings too is made to ‘panj tatavas’
The five elements of Mother Nature
Fire, wind, water, ether and earth. Deference

Going around the bonfire with great a veneration
And singing traditional songs with dance with due reverence
Makes a huge difference
And that too in tune with beating of drums, so enchanting!

Tradition has it that there was a very brave person of repute
Named Dulla Bhatti, a Muslim by religion,
From lineage of warrior race of the Rajputs
In the reign of Mughal king Akbar
Used to rescue poor girls from the clutches of robbers
Thence used to get them married to suitable boys of choice.

People sing Lohri songs with gusto in his praise
To mark and commemorate and appreciate his good deeds.

Then other legend of the origin of Lohri
From the wife of Saint Kabir named ‘Loi’
Herself a lady so pious on whose name Lohri is celebrated.


Lohri festival is celebrated in Northern Indian states on 13th January – in the month of Pauch or Magha, one day before Makkar Sankranti. We term this festival as a community based one where Bhangra (dance by men folks) and Gidha (dance by women folks) to the beats of drums which brings vitality and jollity to this celebration. Youngsters, by and large, take pleasure in kite flying and enjoy the occasion.

In essence, our country is a home to multicultural, multilingual and multi-religious society. We can pride ourselves in having different festivals too which are related to religion, caste, faith, culture and traditions. These festivals are seasonal, traditional, custom based, religion based or for that matter any other sacred considerations.

In our beautiful land, every caste, religion and region has contributed its mite for enriching the cultural traditions of our land with variation in the cultural mores of behavior. The reason for the festival(s) may be any but the common thread of all of these is the zest and enthusiasm with which these fairs and festivals are celebrated by all without discrimination.

We Indians enjoy all the religious festivals. It may be it Eid or Prakash Divas/Gurpurab or as Eid or Diwali or Christmas Day. That is the beauty of India. I do not dispute that hotheads are there in any strata of life, those who do not know about their own religious festivals or of others are free to think in any way they like. One thing which pleases us is the discernible shine on the faces of every one of us while celebrating any festival!

On this festival, seasonal dry fruits peanuts, coconuts are mixed with jiggery (Gur) and sesame seeds (til) to make the eatables. Besides, milk cakes are specially made and distributed amongst relatives and friends.

Following are some of the reasons for the celebration of Lohri festival:-


It marks the end of winter season and beginning of sowing of some crops such as Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Linseed, Barley, Peas and others. It infuses vitality and special enthusiasm in the lives of people – especially the farmers. The Lohri festival symbolizes prayer to the fire (Agni puja) in the evening. The people take parikarma (rounds) around the bonfire and shower offerings to fire as a mark of respect. Fire ritual or Agnihotra (Specially lit fire – Havan) is the process of purifying the environment and people also consign to the fire a mix of rice, peanuts, walnuts, almonds besides sesame seeds (til) and jaggery to the fire before distributing and taking the same themselves.


It is believed that the fire ritual has a special significance and possesses healing power besides it helps in happiness of all along with its benefits to the farming community. Special prayers to the God Almighty God are done in order to get the graces of benevolent God for peace and prosperity of all.. Newly wedded couples and newly born babies receive special attention on this festival. People give charity/alms to the needy on this occasion.



The legend of Dulla Bhatti (Rai Abdullah Khan) is very popular. It is a legend of a Rajput warrior who saved a damsel in distress belonging to the Hindu family from the clutches of lustful and greedy robbers. The brave Rajput adopted her as his own daughter without let or hindrance and married her off to a young and suitable Hindu boy. He also gave her presents – nine mounds of sugar along with other gifts etc on her marriage. This shows that there was a community feeling during those days.

Then question arises, if during those feeling for each others was rampant then why not now!? To appreciate his gesture, the people sing the following song describing the event and also mentioning about the beauty of the girl who was saved.

While I was young, I along with my friends used to go to the houses in our neighborhood and used to sing and get sweets made for this particular day. This song is sung by the youngsters even now on this auspicious occasion :

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!
Dullah bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!


There is also a legend of Sant Kabir and his wife names Loi. He used to love his wife immensely. So much so intense was his passion for his wife that one day, he reached his home in the middle of dark night, travelling from a far off place. The door was closed from inside. His wife was sleeping on the first floor. Finding that there was no ladder, he took the help of a rope hanging from the first floor of his house. When his wife saw him, she was very surprised and asked him as to how he had entered the first storey. Thereupon, she along with Kabir saw that the help with which he had reached the first storey was with the help of a hanging python.

Sant Kabir’s wife got upset and in desperation uttered: The passion with which he was nursing for her, if he had the same fervour for the God, he could get anything from God as a reward?

Significantly, we know the life and the personage was Sant Kabir who was a mystical poet whose writings had a deep effect on Bhakti Movement and his verses find place in Sri Guru Granth Sahib too.
He was brought up in a Muslim family but was deeply influenced by his teacher Ramananda but he criticized both in his verses because of his close proximity with both and knew ins and outs of these religions.

In the writings of Sant Kabir, he has emphatically mentioned that the God is only with those who follow righteous lifestyle and also one who follows a detached mode of life. His followers are known as Kabir Panthis.

It was due to the timely advise of his wife named Loi that Kabir had a huge transformation in his life and became a well known Sant who influenced millions with his writings. Lodi or Loi is also celebrated in his and his wife’s honor who was instrumental in transforming his life. There is a sound lesson in this, if two spouses combine together, they can make a huge difference not only for the husband and wife, but to the entire family or when a person is like SANT KABIR & and his LOI, then, a society can be transformed.