Month: June 2011


  When people are falling like nine-pins around ye unsung Muster courage to hold on till the last drop For somebody is required to pick up the fallen pals.   When ye fathom you are right But hard-boiled truth dawns, you are otherwise Accept that truth with courage And put


How you can make difference in your outlook on life.  One can make any change in oneself if he/she has will to do that. Age does not factor in this. This positive change can be affected anywhere, anytime and at every moment of one’s life. If you feel down at


Make a Difference in Small Ways. We can contribute in small ways to help others whenever they need our help. It may be that your timely help may bring perceptible difference to that individual. It is better to help others by way of imparting knowledge and education which may have


  The prayer fine-tunes the baser thoughts, Into thought sublime with bountiful blessings of our Lord, And creates restful alertness, To our body and mind in its eternal stillness, And profoundly balances mind, body and spirit.   When fear of unpredictable future and dead past stalks at every step in


  Stumble by accident or by design, Inflict hurt and consequent pain, Ointment of time heals the transient wound, But leaves a visible scar, A silent spectator of incident in the past, This scar is a boon, as it has its use in identification, For filling up columns in application,

Eternal sleep

After our earthy sojourn, We mortals traverse to a world unknown, Where to – guesswork abounds, Some think, few are welcomed to enchanting Heaven, And the others to burning ‘ghats’ of hell are thrown, Depending solely on earthy deeds or misdeeds, Ledger of which are assiduously maintained and screened. Death


Drinking, when in excess, Is a nauseating tendency, Produces nausea and what it entails, Imbalances the body equilibrium, And in the process, life’s rhythm, Takes you away from yourself, Brings in its wake thoughts disgusting Finally a feeling steeped in hurting. One drunk with pride, Stands on the legs of

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