Present is the Forerunner of future

It is a sad paradox that we are always penitent about our past and future. What we forget and do not act upon is our ‘present’. The present presents every opportunity to us to mend our ways and act accordingly  that is in the way things could be sorted out without much ado. The past events always cast deathly shadow on us. They are like our shadow which follows us wherever we move around. We always look at it with suspicion and contempt like we look at the past and its bad tidings. We always look at ‘past’ for experiences, but have the habit of clinging to our bad experiences and in the process lose sight of what our present can bring to us. Similarly, the future. We attach too much importance to it, simply, because we think it may not be according to our expectations or may be, it would be worse than what we look forward to. This makes us still more remorseful. Importantly, thus, we always remain worried about our dead past and unpredictable and unfathomable future. Today is the real dawn which takes you anywhere you consider makes you happy. Work for today and your tomorrow will be secure and predictable – a rosy one.

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