Baba Ramdev’s fast

04 Jun

It is important to note that Baba’s efforts in highlighting the corruption that is rampant has attracted various stratas of our society. By and large this agitation seems to have gained some momentum but care has to be exercised that this agitation may not be taken away by the political parties. In the event of this being done, much of the ferver and enthusiasm for this agitation will be lost. The real issues will be swept under the carpet and mud slinging match will ensue for us all to see. For this noble cause to be successful, it is paramount that this whole exercise remains apolitical. Baba should declare from the podium that his agitation is to fight corruption at high places and he wants concrete results not rhetoric only from any quarter. The Govt should also come forward in putting across their point of view for solving the problems at hand. Together – the Babaji and the Govt can reach to a consensus and a time bound programme of action plan should be devised to solve the problems at hand. If any party resorts to lowering the other party from its esteem then we pray to God to give the erring party wisdom to understand what is good for the country at large. This is the time nobody should stand on ceremony. One upmanship attitude will not help the cause to bear fruits. A flexible, time bound and concrete action oriented plan is called for to solve the problems at hand which are being espoused by Baba Ramdev.
Political parties please forgive us by interfering in this good cause. Exercise restraint and do everything which is good for the nation at large

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