Importantly it should not be forgotten that Congress has a chequered onward march. Its history is replete with examples of stalwarts like Sardar Pate, Chacha Nehruji,Kriplaniji and many others who espoused the cause and helped making the dream of India come true. The Industrial Policy Resolution under Panditji made Indian industry show considerable progress and raised the living standard high. The progressive policies also raised the per capita income of Indians. It ultimately raised the standing in the comity of nations. We do not go to other countries with a bowl for our daily needs. The green revolution in agriculture due to agrarian reform made us self sufficient in food front. We not only meet our own demands but are exporting the foodgrains to other countries. The white revolution by the son of India Kurianji has contributing to enhancing yield in milk. These are a few back pats of Congress – to name a few. But now, Congress has lost much of its shine and moorings because of the rampant corruption in and around Congress. There are NO leaders who could be trusted for steering the tottering ship of Indian ship. Everywhere we find corruption. Nothing moves without greasing the palm. At the helm, the degree of corruption is more and brazen – open like a hot dog shop – everybody is on the sale with different price tags. This has been our experience in day to day life. Our hard earned money has been stashed outside the country which could otherwise would have been spent in our country for this country’s onward march and to ameliorate the conditions of hapless and helpless Indians. The corruption at highest levels may be due to collusion dharma. Raajas and ilk are case in point. Not that there is no corrupt people in Congress party. Though it has started to clean its image by taking action on some of them. Zero tolerance in corruption is the only answer if congress has to make inroads in the minds of Indians. Otherwise more alleys will have to sought for running government and more corruption. It is pertinent to mention that party which was the pillar of strength for us Indians has disappointed us immensely. There are many a corrupt people who have tarnished to image of congress in the eyes of common people. Now everybody thinks that all that is ailing here is due to congress and its present day leaders though fault may lay somewhere else. It is also not possible to pass on the buck for its state of affairs. Soniaji is a capable leader at its helm. She can cleanse the stable of Indian Congress image in the eyes of common people. She should choose a new crop of young congress men who, with lily white image can be banked on to steer the tottering ship of Indian polity which has negatively impacted all round image of India. They can showcase their talents and aptitude to assimilate so that the common man could identify himself / herself with that young talent. Identify crisis has developed in the congress. Not that all the leaders at the helm of affair are corrupt but question is degree of corruption which has seeped in the party and its functionaries. This has really impacted good governance. Shun the corrupts and do not affiliate with them for small gains. Take big strides for weeding out corruption form within the congress. Make a code of conduct for the allies for good governance. Those who resort to corrupt practices should be dealt with as per the laws of the land and should not be spared. Indian democracy can survive and function only through its democratic credentials. For the country to have corruption free society, it is necessary that it could be done slowly but surely. It could be through legislations and consensus and not through coercion. It should not be through unconstitutional means if Indian democracy has to survive. Satyagrahs and fasts are means to remind the leaders for listening to and caring for the ills that confront the Indian polity and its governance. The members of the civil society should come forward to air their views and those views should be implemented in letter and spirit. Emulate these viewpoints for cleaning Indian polity for their clean image for serving them and not snatching what they are having through corrupt practices. Legislate strict laws for ridding the menace of corruption form our midst. It is a big achievement of our democracy that it has resilience for its upward march. Freedom of speech is the important component of Indian democracy. But it should not be taken to a level where the very governance is not possible.

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  1. It is everywhere; even in India there is corruption. Corruption begins when the sense of belongingness ends. If you draw a circle of belongingness around you corruption only begins after that. Politicians need to be more spiritual.

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