Baba Ramdev’s Fast

The way in which the Baba’s fast has turned out to be is agitating the right thinking people. The way in which the Govt went about in defusing the situation initially was heartening. Its senior ministers went to meet the Baba at the airport itself. This shows its sincerity. The consensus was about to have emerged. But afterwards some unknown event forced the Govt to take police action. A mid-night swoop was launched on the sleeping and hapless people – amongst them children and old ladies. This action of the police has been condemned by all the right thinking people.

Now that what has happened cannot be undone. Let sagacity and wisdom prevail and right thinking come forward and devise ways and means to solve the problems which are confronting the country. Nothing is lost now. Care ought to be taken that the agitation is not hijacked  by the politicians for their own selfish ends. This has already done more harm than good for the country. Politicians are the important component of our democratic set up. They should play positive role in seeing that all the issues which are confronting the nation are looked after and are not swept under the carpet. Now that Anna Sahib and Baba Ramdev’s crusade on corruption and other issues are agitating every right thinking people of the country. Let these issues be analysed and solved in a systematic manner without loss of time. Honesty of purpose on the part of Govt is called for. Let it not be forgotten that the people now are knowledgeable and know who is responsible for what. So act now and earn the goodwill of the people. No time should be lost now.



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