Whilst the lot around is ominous and dark,

Trust one day, brightness will dawn.

Every unexciting autumn changes into enchanting spring

And every dark cloud has thin snow-white coating.


Wishy-washy life will give place to hope,

And blooming life, hopefully, will come hopping

Infusing verve and vitality in every being.


Change that brings misery in its wake ,

Tests our will power and what it takes,

To live to tell the tale.

And wait for better days for a change,


Change in the river course due to nature’s furry

Takes away the land with all its fertility

Changing the geographical limit of a place

And with it, the history attached with its virulent current

To bottomless confines of an ocean.


Spiritual knowledge brings one near to Almighty God

Negative mindset negates everything possessed

And may deprive a person of his sanity

Resulting in loss of face and self-purity

Ageing brings changes since egg in womb once gets fertile

Passing the added stages of life

Transiting through ups and downs of time

And to the end by leaving the body inert.


Harbans  Khajuria 

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  1. Thank you a million for visiting my blog and liking my poem entitled ‘Change’. Change is a spice of life. Stagnant life is no life at all. Anyhow thanks.

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