Sharing Your Good Things

15 Jun

We should always share our good things with others. May it be good thoughts, good culture, wellness, education, knowledge and even the material things which we possess? It may be that your next neighbour may be in need of somthing which you have in plenty. When you have a bit, do not give chance to others that he / she will ask then only you will offer that thing. I have a true account; there was a poor lady who had injury while working in the field. She went to dispensary for her medication. The doctor dressed her wound but advised her to have TT injection. That poor lady could not afford to have that injunction and consequently the sore became septic and tetanus. She died a painful death, leaving her three children to fend for themselves. When the same doctor was told of this, he said, “I had told that lady to have TT injection.” Without even remotely realising that if only he had injected the hapless lady that injection a precious life would have been saved. Ifs and whats are not the words which will help ultimately. It is the practical application of the good things which are of any help.

We think that if something happens to others, it is not your problem, it is not due to you. You can at least try to enquire the others’ state of affairs. Really, it will give you a lot of solace and engender immeasurable goodwill. Our Creator will certainly compensate you one day. And you will be surprised. We, in our day to day lives, receive different bounties, sometimes, when you least expect them. These are blessed by Him may be due to your good Karma. Say it anything you please, but it is a fact it happens many a times with everyone.





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    September 15, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    We ought to share our things with others.

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