The golden natural rule holds,

The one who is here born will age

And end in His folds.

On birth and death none has sway

But many owing to subjective follies dearly pay,

By ageing prematurely and decay.

Ageing in us is a ticking clock

That in all our bodies we lock,

Our DNA has ageing variables

Which makes one either livable or perishable.

Ageing clock ticks on and obeys its own

Timetable till end

Does not care the orders of improvished or crown.

Time of death is not determined at birth or by birth

One can defy ageing by building

Resistance to ward off  the bombardment of decaying molecules

Ageing could be slowed by planting hope for hopeless

And help for helpless

Will to fight odds will trigger

Our coping mechanism to fight stress

And thus ageing

Medication holds appeal to many

Engenders calmness and inner peace aplenty

Yoga infuses relaxation to fused self

Helps humans to back speed ageing molecules of oneself.


Harbans Lal Khajuria


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