Drinking, when in excess,
Is a nauseating tendency,
Produces nausea and what it entails,
Imbalances the body equilibrium,
And in the process, life’s rhythm,
Takes you away from yourself,
Brings in its wake thoughts disgusting
Finally a feeling steeped in hurting.

One drunk with pride,
Stands on the legs of show,
Showcases his possessions aimlessly,
And his actions ruthless,
Mind brimming with conceit,
Never flinching in practising deceit,
A peg full of pride,
Mesmerizes thee immensely,
Making the a frog in the well,
Frolicking in the area confined,
Taking you away from your own being.

A person drunk with our Creator’s Love,
Has magnetism to attract all fine things,
Fine-tunes our inner thinking in sufficient measure,
This Drinking, is the source of compassion and
Love emanates from our daily life,
Making the environs refreshingly tranquil,
This peg of drinking provisioned free although,
Is more intoxicating than numberless drinks one quaffs,
O, Almighty make us drunk with your
Peg, brimming with love of Your’s aplenty.

Harbans Lal Khajuria

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