The prayer fine-tunes the baser thoughts,

Into thought sublime with bountiful blessings of our Lord,

And creates restful alertness,

To our body and mind in its eternal stillness,

And profoundly balances mind, body and spirit.


When fear of unpredictable future and dead past stalks at every step in life,

The Omnipotent Spirit, dwelling in thee will generate will

And dissipates ominous fear and replaces with courage to face thy today.


When invaded by days of disharmony

Then Divine Grace bestows harmony

And harmonies our life to face it squarely.


When the wells of alternatives have parched

Deep prayer will give forth sweet joyous opportune moments

And floodgates of alternatives will open ajar.


When life is bereft of any hope

Remember Him sincerely and He provides hope

For every hopeless hope.


When calmness and wisdom replace nervous unease

His Omnipresence will transform the same with ease

And fragrance of calmness and sagacity y will prevail in ample measure.


When engulfed with restless thoughts with no perceptible solution

With His grace presence

Solutions will be aplenty.


My earnest prayer to the Lord Supreme

Always dwell in us and guide us every time

To remove hunger, want and misery from our midst

So that our country’s today is safe & sound for better tomorrow.

Harbans Lal Khajuria 

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