Month: July 2011


It has been our common experience that more often than not, people have great attachment to their material possessions. The more they have, the more they crave for. This never ending pursuit for ‘more’ goes on and in its wake brings misery and ill-will.  This pursuit has far reaching repercussions


Today you are in such a pitiable situation that you cannot fathom as to what has to done to come out of that worst situation. That case scenario will make us determined to act in a certain manner so that a way could be devised to come out of the

Your present thinking & Its Importance

Your present and your present thinking determine your place in the society firmament. Whatever one has transacted in the past and felt proud of the same is not reckoned as an acknowledgement of present day position in the society.  If you are thinking positively and adopt various methods of refinement


Make a difference in your day to day performance after learning the art of concentration. When a work is performed with focused mentality, it is bound to be of highest quality with less chances of a miss and more affect. It is less time consuming and more rewarding. But it


Confused mind upsets the apple cart of our countenance, Firstly, it imbalances the mental brakes, Bit by bit the wheels of thoughts start bobbling, Till the confusion engulfs wholesale, Round and round we revolve in circles, in full scale, And fall in the deep dark recesses of our own making,


Religion is entwined in sacred intent, Based basically on the firm ground, That Unity in diversity be maintained by all around, Numberless pathways lead us And unite us with Omnipotent No single pathway is shortcut for Divine touch, Each pathway has intrinsic glory and appeal, The Holy Writs – of

Lokpal Bill – Persisting Confusion

  The two distinct drafts on Lokpal has shown that there is confusion all pervasive. The Govt want to present the bill prepared by their members just ignoring the contentious points – including the CJI and PM in the purview of the said bill, as suggested by the members of

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