It has been our common experience that more often than not, people have great attachment to their material possessions. The more they have, the more they crave for. This never ending pursuit for ‘more’ goes on and in its wake brings misery and ill-will.  This pursuit has far reaching repercussions on the family relationships. Even the relationship between even the closed relationships has been ruined by the greed for material possessions. The instances of sibling killing their parents for getting rich soon are shocking, to say the least. This has put to dire shame the blood relations.

People with a particular educational background; make much ado about their acquired knowledge. It is because with knowledge gained about the particular subject but lesson wisdom scale are also to be egoist.  They may talk big about their attainments in particular field, putting a question mark on the knowledge acquired by others in other fields.

Then there are the people who do not have any knowledge base but are connected with big family background. They are prone to have ego not because of their standings based on their hard work in any field but family leanings which they boast of day in and day out. This, occasionally, leads to an unusual situation. More of the material possession and less level-headedness is always appalling. 

There are the people who are temperamentally very aggressive. If they are at the helm of affairs, they resort to highhandedness and create bad blood in the company they are heading. This company, more often than not, would be heading for a trouble in the long run. The employees would be facing trust deficit and every other malady which over stressed people may face.

A person with less ego and more knowledge-based-wisdom will attract more friends and well wishers than a person with sufficient material possessions. The latter is loner and finally is afflicted with different debilitating diseases. Besides adversely affecting the onward march of the organization which that person is heading, they become a virtual liability in place of facilitator.


Today you are in such a pitiable situation that you cannot fathom as to what has to done to come out of that worst situation. That case scenario will make us determined to act in a certain manner so that a way could be devised to come out of the state of affair to come out of it all. A determined and sincere effort is called for. When a peculiar situation arises, it makes us very despondent. Sometimes we feel it hard to digest and solution eludes us. Narrow mentality should be shunned in that sort of a situation.  

It should be borne in mind that when a bad situation comes, it, more often than not brings with it a solution also. That silver lining is a divine message that you have the wherewithal. When we sincerely and wisely follow the lead, we come to a point when there appears a flicker of a solution. Put in some more effort, discernible solution comes before us which may confound us firstly as to how this has come about. But solution is there for everybody to see.

Sometime the expectation of a failure spurs us to go on and sometimes a rebuke from our superiors makes us introspect and we make effort to make that effort for a better results. Luke warm actions give less encouraging results.

It has also been experienced that if we make our life simple we get simple solution confronting us. Complex living bring in its wake complexities in problems and thus difficult to solve. Life thus should be made a cake walk, a meaningful one at that. Material possession should not be taken as satisfaction level. Satiety is the one which can be acquired at your own free will.







Your present thinking & Its Importance

Your present and your present thinking determine your place in the society firmament. Whatever one has transacted in the past and felt proud of the same is not reckoned as an acknowledgement of present day position in the society.  If you are thinking positively and adopt various methods of refinement in your way of transacting anything, you can be taken very seriously by others. To the contrary, if you heavily rely on the past and do nothing for the present, then surely, you are in for a trouble. You will face mental blocks and untoward predicaments in your daily life activities. It has been seen that people feel isolated in the group who rely on their past laurels. It causes quite a bad feeling and bad blood. Those people may just think that in their viewpoint they have not done anything untoward or wrong. But that viewpoint may not be of any value for others who think otherwise.  What matters is your present, the one which affects others and yourself equally.  It is simply because future and past has stuck with none. 


Make a difference in your day to day performance after learning the art of concentration. When a work is performed with focused mentality, it is bound to be of highest quality with less chances of a miss and more affect. It is less time consuming and more rewarding. But it is not acquired overnight. First of all we have to concentrate for a few minutes without distraction, distraction would be there initially. Our mind is a perennial loafer. Whenever you try to deliberate on something, it takes you away from that focus and wanders from one aspect to another. Honest effort should be made to bridle the mind not to loiter around and come round to a point of contention.

Focused energy makes much difference not only in studies but also anything under the sun. It makes huge difference sense in meditation. When we meditate, if we focus our attention to a point in between the two eye brows, it will enhance our power of concentration after practicing for a number of days. But we should be persistent in our efforts. If you meet with a stone wall once, try second time and go on till you get a complete success.

It is an axiomatic fact that we use very small part of our innate energy which is dormant in ourselves. This vast reservoir of dormant power can be exploited through concentrated effort. The answer to get this is through concentrated and focused attention. Hundred percent involvements on the object in contention are paramount for getting full results. This may result in dynamic outpouring of latent energy. Channelize that energy into some productive venture and you will garner optimum results of your efforts. We are the replica or in the mould of God. If we concentrate on ourselves, we can identify ourselves with deeper realities.

We can, through our concerted effort, can reach to a stage when without even a slightest efforts we can reach to a level getting maximum advantage and consequent results. No planning is required; no striving for a focused mentality is required after repeated efforts. Then the distraction will not mar our efforts to reach to our goal on which we concentrate.



Confused mind upsets the apple cart of our countenance,

Firstly, it imbalances the mental brakes,

Bit by bit the wheels of thoughts start bobbling,

Till the confusion engulfs wholesale,

Round and round we revolve in circles, in full scale,

And fall in the deep dark recesses of our own making,

Finally, our whole being goes cracking.

Student when facing exam gets nonplussed,

Sitting with paper in hand and the pen between the lips,

And staring in the void for refuse,

For he has become confused.

Replies he has to, to the questions asked,

But spoils his objective,

And goes tangentially pole-apart  with his subjective,.

At sea is he in map marking,

Marks South Africa where South Pole stands,

His Antarctica is where Atlantic Ocean exists.

Then think of a driver with confused mentality,

We say, provident is the saver of the humanity.

I pray, never make the driver in a confused mentality,

Otherwise, he may ply his vehicle where the pedestrians walk,

When asked, he may give incoherent talk,

But resulting in plenty of loss and the precious lives.

Confused pilot in the void above,

With numerous passengers at his mercy,

Just think of the predicament of those hapless beings,

O, God, make everybody in its proper mindset

So that work in all spheres gets in its perfect.








Religion is entwined in sacred intent,

Based basically on the firm ground,

That Unity in diversity be maintained by all around,

Numberless pathways lead us

And unite us with Omnipotent

No single pathway is shortcut for Divine touch,

Each pathway has intrinsic glory and appeal,

The Holy Writs – of the Bible, The Gita, The Quran, Sri Garanth Sahib,

Magnetize the humankind equally with sermons dearest to the Omniscient

Religion teaches us the first lesson,

In truth, sacrifice, love and non-violence.

We share our bliss with our fellow beings,

For upliftment of faith and tradition pervasive,

And to harmonize diverse mentalities,

Mode of mind is religion,

And there are manifold hues of minds as manifold religions,

When minds are confused and stop working logically.

Religion winds the clock of mind,

And makes it to work in unison,

For a unified cause – LOVE.

Indelible ink of religion imprints hold ideals in us all,

Our barren minds gets fertile,

By the torrents of currents of religion,

And we learn to live righteously.

Fragrance of holy ideas gets diffused

And the devil in us gets vanquished

Dehumanized souls are humanized

For ultimate good of mankind.


Harbans Lal Khajuria



Lokpal Bill – Persisting Confusion


The two distinct drafts on Lokpal has shown that there is confusion all pervasive. The Govt want to present the bill prepared by their members just ignoring the contentious points – including the CJI and PM in the purview of the said bill, as suggested by the members of civil society. The common people want to know as to why the Govt is not willing to exclude the two top positions from the purview of the bill. This shows lack of sincerity on the part of the Govt to come clear on this impasse. Understood, the Govt has to do some functions which ought to be away from the scrutiny of others, yet till date have there been anything which is not known to the common people. The all pervasive corruption in the society is eating into the very vitals of our society.  The jobs which can otherwise be done easily are being done with some favour or connection. The middlemen are making hay while the sun shines. They are away from the clutches of the law and the law enforcing agencies. It is because everybody and everything has price tag with it. The big babus and the law enforcing agencies nexus is difficult to break.  With this intention in view , the civil society wanted a bill which could break this unholy bond. Even now laws are there to tackle the ongoing monster of corruption. But in the absence of any will power to confront this monster is making it even more ferocious and unmanageable.

          The two sides should not stand on ceremony but come forward with common meeting ground on points which require to be worked out. The Government side has done everything to come out with their own set of draft. Good points from the draft prepared by civil society should also be taken into cognisance. After meeting points are thrashed out the next step should be as to who would head the Lokpal, acceptable to all – all parties including civil society.  A person of impeccable past record should be chosen to head as Lokayukt. Seemingly, it is easier said than done but this has to be done anyhow. And the Government has to show its sincerity of purpose in this context.

          People in general tend to forget the past deeds or misdeeds. The past crusade of our forefathers for our freedom struggle should not be forgotten. How they lost everything for ensuring that we may have secure today. We have to take a cue from the examples set by them and assiduously cultivate their sense of sacrifice for a common cause. This will, to some extent, spur us for fighting the elusive ghost of corruption.