Lawlessness in Delhi


Delhi has become insecure for women particularly. Police Commissioner’s assertion that women should avoid going out at night. And they should accompany their relatives at night time. What about the working women and also those who do not have anybody for company? If something happens to the hapless ones whom to hold blameworthy? This is in fact height of a statement.  It shows police helplessness in dealing with the law and order problems. There are common incidents of chain snatching, carjacking, looting the hapless people in full view of the people at large and in many instances when the police remained silent spectators. There were reportedly more than 700 cases of chain snatching in the previous seven months. When the near ones of those affected intervened, they were thrashed severely by their perpetrators. In such a sort of scenario, where is the security of the common people. The law breakers resort to unlawful acts with impunity simply because they know that they can escape from the clutches of law due to their high connections. They come on their cars or motor bikes with a great speed and speed away after committing the crime. Even there were occasions of looting the entire DTC buses. If this continues, what is the role of the police in this sort of a situation. Does not it required to be redefined.

          Now, at this juncture, it is highly needed that the police force be trained in such a manner that it is able to control the law and order problem in Delhi and its adjoining areas, NOIDA, Gurgaon inclusive. It is also an accepted fact that they are not equipped adequately to deal with the criminals. The lax laws are also responsible for this predicament. Lack of evidence which our law demands at prosecution level, criminals’ connection with high and powerful people and money plays a prominent part in all such cases.

          It is a high time that police force shows its sincerity in tackling the law and order situation. Officers with high sense of integrity and discipline should be at the helm of affairs for the enforcement of law with an iron hand. A dedicated and committed team should be formulated, given intensive training and deputed on duty. There should be zero tolerance of criminal acts against the women who are at the receiving end and feeling much insecure.

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  1. A lawless person is one who breaks, violates, disobeys,This can be done ignorantly. For example, a driver may not see a red light and may go right through the intersection without stopping. Another driver may see the red light but then deliberately act as if it were not there. Even though both drivers broke the law, the first driver did it unknowingly, whereas the second driver did it willfully.

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