Confused mind upsets the apple cart of our countenance,

Firstly, it imbalances the mental brakes,

Bit by bit the wheels of thoughts start bobbling,

Till the confusion engulfs wholesale,

Round and round we revolve in circles, in full scale,

And fall in the deep dark recesses of our own making,

Finally, our whole being goes cracking.

Student when facing exam gets nonplussed,

Sitting with paper in hand and the pen between the lips,

And staring in the void for refuse,

For he has become confused.

Replies he has to, to the questions asked,

But spoils his objective,

And goes tangentially pole-apart  with his subjective,.

At sea is he in map marking,

Marks South Africa where South Pole stands,

His Antarctica is where Atlantic Ocean exists.

Then think of a driver with confused mentality,

We say, provident is the saver of the humanity.

I pray, never make the driver in a confused mentality,

Otherwise, he may ply his vehicle where the pedestrians walk,

When asked, he may give incoherent talk,

But resulting in plenty of loss and the precious lives.

Confused pilot in the void above,

With numerous passengers at his mercy,

Just think of the predicament of those hapless beings,

O, God, make everybody in its proper mindset

So that work in all spheres gets in its perfect.







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  1. “Sometimes I’m confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn’t obvious.

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