16 Jul

Make a difference in your day to day performance after learning the art of concentration. When a work is performed with focused mentality, it is bound to be of highest quality with less chances of a miss and more affect. It is less time consuming and more rewarding. But it is not acquired overnight. First of all we have to concentrate for a few minutes without distraction, distraction would be there initially. Our mind is a perennial loafer. Whenever you try to deliberate on something, it takes you away from that focus and wanders from one aspect to another. Honest effort should be made to bridle the mind not to loiter around and come round to a point of contention.

Focused energy makes much difference not only in studies but also anything under the sun. It makes huge difference sense in meditation. When we meditate, if we focus our attention to a point in between the two eye brows, it will enhance our power of concentration after practicing for a number of days. But we should be persistent in our efforts. If you meet with a stone wall once, try second time and go on till you get a complete success.

It is an axiomatic fact that we use very small part of our innate energy which is dormant in ourselves. This vast reservoir of dormant power can be exploited through concentrated effort. The answer to get this is through concentrated and focused attention. Hundred percent involvements on the object in contention are paramount for getting full results. This may result in dynamic outpouring of latent energy. Channelize that energy into some productive venture and you will garner optimum results of your efforts. We are the replica or in the mould of God. If we concentrate on ourselves, we can identify ourselves with deeper realities.

We can, through our concerted effort, can reach to a stage when without even a slightest efforts we can reach to a level getting maximum advantage and consequent results. No planning is required; no striving for a focused mentality is required after repeated efforts. Then the distraction will not mar our efforts to reach to our goal on which we concentrate.



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