Have you ever participated in protest? If not, would you?

  Have you ever participated in protest? If not, would you?

     Protest means exhibiting dissidence or dissent or disapproval. This could be done whenever somebody is not agreeing to ones viewpoint.  When you know you are right but your right may not stand the test of time. Or ‘your correctness’ may not be the correctness of / for others. In this sort of scenario, protest results. This sort of difference has resulted whilst transacting my duties as an elder member in my household and the contentious matter(s) are resolved amicably.

     As far as the question of taking part in public protest, though, I too have my own opinion on different topics, yet I have, till date, not participated in any protests. I may air my opinion in friends’ circle but not participated in protests.

     If need be, in future, I shall take part. But, first of all, I shall take into cognizance the debatable topic(s) (it should not be against somebody’s interests), and should be for general good.  I shall air my views but non-violently.


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