Q. What is the perfect age to retire?

Q. What is the perfect age to retire?

A. For Governmental employees there is laid down age for superannuation. It is between 58 – 60 years of age. But now, due to progress of medical science, people are hale and hearty after even 60 years of age. They can perform as effectively as anybody else in the organisation. Their experience and expertise can be rightly exploited for optimum benefit of the organisation concerned.

An opinion that now a days, new technologies have been introduced, people opine that younger generations are required for implementation of new concepts for optimal utility. But the old people can also change according to the time. They can outdo anything which the younger generation can transact. Their acquired expertise and experience could be meaningfully utilised for making them realise that they are not out casts but still contributing for the society. They are part and parcel of the society.

Retirees can pool their fund and start their own ventures. Their rich experience can stand them in good stead for chair born jobs, where their counselling can work wonders.

As far as I am concerned, I still transact my job as if I were in my 40th year. It will not be out of place to say that I am still capable of doing or learning new things as a boy of 20 – 25 years can. Learning new things is unending. It starts from birth and ends with the end of our body. So, in my view, retirement from a service does hardly means retirement from active life. If one organisation retires you, have sufficient zeal and enthusiasm somebody else will have you. They are not doing any favouritism to you. You are required because you are still contributor.

So never say retirement from life, retire only from a particular service.

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