What are the people surprised to learn about you?


What are the people surprised to learn about you?

     Everyone who is born here on this beautiful earth is endowed with certain traits particular to that person. No other person can transact that particular act so succinctly as that person.  It is because our Creator has created everybody and everything to function differently, and their behaviour patterns are also different from each other.

     I too try to use that trait sometimes. And this is between me and you, may I tell you one thing, I too am surprised when I see my own written things many a times, though may be these are not of good standard yet these surprise me –  at least at times.

     Whenever I commune with my Creator, there is a different sort of feeling. It is not merely touching me internally; the same can be read in its entirety on my expression outwardly. I get totally submerged in Him. People, who witness and observe the change really get a feel of it and are surprised as to what has transpired to me. I too experience a change, as if I were traversing in some unknown world of my Lord, in His presence and care and protection.  I cannot explain in words the change that is brought about when I sit or stand transfixed in Him.

     I get surprised about this transformation, may be people around me also have the same feeling. Or, they may be thinking. I am overacting or something.  But honestly, it is not so. At that particular time, I totally am in His control.



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