Q. Describe your first experience with death. Was it with your family member? Pet etc?

Q. Describe your first experience with death. Was it with your family member? Pet etc?

Ans: Death keeps no calendar. The one who is here born has to leave this body one day – now or any time. If this reality is dawned to every one of us the better for us all.

I had the first experience of death when my father died. My father was down with flue. That persisted for one week for about a week’s time.  There was no other debilitating disease.  He took everything to his stride. He used to      follow equanimity both in bad and good times.

Then one day in the evening hours, he mentioned that he was not feeling well. As  he himself practiced Ayurvedic in his life time, he was knowing that his end was near But we were not very sure of it all because he was talking, walking, behaving as anybody does in hale and hearty health conditions. We Hindus has the custom of breathing our last laying on the surface of earth. He told us to spread a piece of cloth on the surface  on the ground near his cot on which he was lying. Without taking any assistance from anybody, he outstretched on the ghis body on the ground, and told us to bring some Gangajal (sacred water) and put some in his opened mouth. The same was done, as told by my father, in full senses. After this ritual, he shed some tears from his eyes and uttered ‘Ram, Ram) and breathed his last.

Now, more than twenty years have elapsed since the death of my father’s death. But this experience is ineffaceable from my mind. It seems as though it was yesterday that it had happened.


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