Annaji’s Crusade against Corruption

Corruption is the core of everything that has generated oneness in the right thinking people. They are one against fighting corruption. The torch light held by Annaji was surely bear fruits and the contentious bill will hopefully be come into frution. Sure enough, we have to be united in our fight against corrupt and corruption. We should speak in one voice ‘Jai Hind, Jai Bharat’. These should spur us to lurch forward and see that right thinking people should come forward and realise the dream of civil society. Let there be oneness of purpose. Every political party including the ruling one want corruption to be eliminated from our amongst. Let there be a law which may deter the power that be to protect the rights of others and bring the people who are corrupt face music.

Care ought to be exercised that the fight should remain non-violent. If ‘Satyagraha’ is resorted to with violence, then it will engender bad blood and divide the society. Let it be with peace and cooperation. No solution can be far reaching if it is based on self centered thinking and its conclusion will also not be of any value. Against, it is my earnest appeal to all that we want a strong bill for oblitrating corruption from our soceity, but oguht not be on the pirel of otherbody else. We should get together, introspect, and act logically. Care ought to be taken that we should not lose man hours, create more ill will in the society and solve our problems with cohesive thinking – with an attitude of give and take. Govt on its part should also agree to adopt this attitude. The civil society members too should come forward for seeking a meeting ground. Corruption is the main enemy to be  fought that should not be lost sight of not our own people. Parliament is also our own, its members are also our chosen ones. Let us trust them and in turn they should also not over react but act judiciously and devise ways and means and do not stand on ceremony.

It should also not be forgotten that the Delhi police is also stretched to its maximum. If they are over utilised for controlling the masses on the move then the criminals will have a field day. Let this not happen. God help us solve this pestering problem.

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