Why our respect for our older members of the society / elders in the family is dwindling?

Why our respect for our older members of the society / elders in the family is dwindling?

Ans. Old age is so called ‘a golden age’. It is the age when our thinking power, our reflexes and propensity to work lessens. Our body cannot take much stress and strains that it has taken in youth. Nobody wants to be shunned, not care for, not looked after when there is a crying need for the same.


In olden times people used to pay more reverence to the old members of the society. Add to it, it is an age in which a person power for earning a decent living is reduced, it is time when a person has retired from an active life. Some people take them as discords and of less utility to them. Thus think them worth not taking care of. These hapless people do not find place in the family scheme of things / strategies etc.  Less or no sensitivities are shown for their daily needs. Sure enough, they are the victims of circumstances, as they have aged at which there is no option for them but to submit to the circumstances.

     There are the cases  where their own sons and daughters have thrown those non-contributing parents and other members in the care of old aged homes, after even forcibly taking away every penny the old people had earned in their life time. Not that those insensitive off-springs are poor in any sense of terms. Actually they want to enjoy the comforts of today; in many instances earned by their own older / elder members. This seems heart rending, but it is true.

     Why all this is happening. The society has to introspect. The younger generation has to answer this question. They are the children of the same old people to whom you are discarding as if they were like worn out clothes. Why, for heaven’s sake why? If you think there is the God above then think, will He pardon you for this Himalayan blunder. Never, I think. Have mercy on them. They require your attention and not your scorn. 


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