Anna Sahib & his crusade against corruption

Anna Sahib & his crusade against corruption

Anna Sahib fast unto death has amply proved that if satyagrah is done with oneness of purpose and non-violently, it has to have results. After 12 days of fast, though Annaji looked a little frail in his bearings yet his spirits were undaunting. His points of contention have been discussed by our Parliament a resolution passed. This too speaks volumes about the parliamentarians. This is not only the victory of Aannaji but also our parliamentary system of Government. Here is the country which listens to the sagacious voice of the people. Corruption, which is eating the very vitals of our society, is like a hydra headed cobra and should be tackled as such.

How the common people behaved is really laudable. They acted in peaceful manner. No provocation for a violence, no bad blood, no hard feelings. The law enforcement agencies, particularly the Delhi police role in this all is worth emulating. A word of praise for them too- that they act sagaciously when need for the same is there. Then our media, the less said the better. They acted in a most responsible manner.

This, in fact, is my personal view that this sort of a thing can happen only in India. When there are internal strife and violent agitations in different parts of the world, our people have shown that they are matured enough to act in peaceful manner. The wave of common people from nook and corner of the country showed that they are one when there is a crying for the same. Our leaders and representatives acted in a most respectful manner and discussed everything about the contentious bill. What a great thing it is.

How beautiful it is to see young people with national flag? What a sight it is and soothing to our agitating mind! It is laudable and a signal that we are one with slight differences notwithstanding. No caste, no creed or other considerations can stop us when required.

Now it is the job of our parliamentarians to sit together and delve at the nitty gritty of the  effective Lokpal bill; in fact taking in account the three points on which Annaji fasted.

It has also shown that when an agitation is on a noble cause it can attract people in large number, that is again a strength of India. Doubtlessly, corruption is a huge malaise in our society. If all are brought under the purview of the Lokpal bill then everybody will act with discretion. Nobody will break the law because of its deterrence. Exemplary punishment is called for if anybody breaks this law. I am of the firm pinion that crusade of Anna Sahib will fructify only when all show sense of purpose and implement the law which would legislated.

What a happy end to Aanna Sahib’s fast. Now we all have to exert that the legislated law becomes a tool to tackle corruption in a big way and not become a paper tiger only, remaining confined to book shelf. This, though, is a gigantic task. Let’s all hope and pray that Annaji’s and all Indians dream of corruption free society becomes a reality. Amen.

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