Q. Should there be caste based census among other things ?

Q. Should there be caste based census among other things ?

As far as Indian diverse culture, traditions and modes are concerned there is a desirable need the census ought to be caste based. The backwards areas which need to be improved, should also be identified and taken care of. This is due to the following:-

(a)     Uplifting the Conditions of SCs/STs. The SC/ST communities are required to be given fillip. Their economical and social conditions still need improvement. The Below Poverty Line (BPL) amongst them require to be given protection. Though creamy layer in these communities should be identified and kept out of the purview of giving special concessions. Also, there is a requirement of identifying the BPL amongst the general castes and seen that their interests are also taken care of.

(b)    Planned Expenditure for Different Heads in the Economy. While conducting census, care must be exercised that economic condition of different layers of society should be meaningfully identified and given special privileges for their upliftment. This could be in the form of giving them free education, free uniforms, free food in the schools, etc. Weaker section in the society should, therefore, be identified in this census and given fillip.

Backward areas should also be categorised and concerted effort made to improve the living standards of the people there. Rail, road and other infrastructure improvement should also be taken care of, especially in the villages.


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