Q.     Whilst traversing the sojourn of life there are many ups and downs in the lives of everybody who is born here. Nobody can say for sure that he / she had a smooth sailing throughout their lives. The wheels of fortune sometimes take us at the lowest zone and at other times one feels on the top of the world. I am of the opinion that the one who keep his / her mental frame in equilibrium in both sort of situations, is a person of great wisdom and sagacity.

          Whenever I go back in my own shell and think about the decisions I took having far reaching implications on myself and my dear and nears, I still remember some ones. One of which was giving the power of attorney for a land which my elder brother used to till. By dint of that tilling for a considerable period of time, this chunk of prime land  was transferred to my brother. He was the natural owner of the land on the basis of the new agrarian laws. After the death of my elder brother (with no siblings) I was the natural inheritor of that land.

          A few days after the demise of my elder brother, the first owner of the land came to me one fine morning. He wept that the land transferred to me actually belonged to him initially. He requested me to appear before the Magistrate in the court to testify that I did not have any objection if the land on my name is transferred to him.

          Two courses were open to me. Either to tell that person that the land of which he is talking about has been legally transferred to me or agree to his demand and testify before the magistrate for transference of the said land.

          I thought for sometime about what I had brought when I was born and what my Creator had given me now. I was satisfied what I had been bestowed by Him. I told him that I will testify before the Magistrate to transfer my land to him, without thinking what my family will tell me. Fortunately, my family also went with me on this decision of mind. This was the most impulsive decision of my life gives my complete confidence that whatever I did was right.

that land was transferred to I should have which I should have inherited after the death of my elder brother.  ebb and It is not how long you live, but what you transact in life. A life lived suitably  for  less number of years is better than a life lived for years together with nothing to mention or nobody ever remembering that altogether. A live which sometimes becomes burden on us

How your best can be the best for others?


It is a basic truth that you want to outperform others in the official capacity so as to consolidate your position in the official hierarchy. It has also been seen that a big  shark satiates its hunger by eating the small fish which comes to its reach.  Best course of action is to not to limit oneself in the acquisition of knowledge. It is important that one can succeed in a career only when one can handle different functions at the same time.     

The respect or otherwise in the organization depends upon the quality of knowledge and know how to implement that know-how in different settings / conditions for optimum good of the organization. How you veer round others and how others do so when you present your point of view that is the crux of it all.

The benchmark the particular organization sets for its achievement and contribution of each one of its constituents is pre-decided. How one reacts when confronted with the nitty-gritty of the job in hand depends upon that person’s knack for handling that job. 

It can better be concluded that my best can only be the best for others when it is fructified into tangible results. It need not be theory oriented but proved beyond an iota of doubt.


Have you ever lived outside the country you were born in?

There is always a tinge of liking in everbody mind to habitate at a place to which he /she is not born to. Our mind wants to explore new things – unknown ones. At times, you come across people or see places which you not although met or seen before but you can connect with them fully. This is a strange coincident. Finding somebody in a strange place and thinking that you are already related to that person or a place is like magic come true.

This curiosity is the one which impells us to seek and see places outside your own country to which you are not born. You also want to meet and interact with them and garner knowledge and get their cultural knowledge. Some of the best qualities that those people have can thus be imbibed and our own knowledge enhanced in the process.

The Mother Nature has bestowed different wonders to different places. We can get a first hand viewership about those places and enrich ourselves.

Historically, we can visit the places which are different but connected with history of different times. This gies us an insight about other places too besides our own.

Wish that I could do this in my life time.

How best to deal with the backbiters and shrewd manipulators in the organizational hierarchy?



It is a self-evident that those who carry out their assigned tasks with ease and do not procrastinate command respect from each and everybody in the organization. But with the type of work they transact, sometimes, they are prone to commit mistakes inadvertently. There are also some people in the same organization, who owing to their shrewd mindset pick holes in others’ pockets. They hang around in search of loop holes, which can be anyhow found, and present their part of the story to the powers that be. In this way they come in the way of the ‘real performers’ in their career advancement and tarnish their image.


The best course for those ‘real performers’ is to adjust to the changed scenario. If there is any negative comment they should take the same in their stride and do not lose their composure and peace of mind thus affecting adversely their real performance culture. But care and caution has to be exercised that those black sheep should be identified, their ‘real acts’ exposed in the eyes of the organizational head and other people around. They should then face the music of their own creation. Punitive action, as deemed fit, by the organizational head ought to be taken against those people to avoid recurrence in future. This will also help weeding out the incompetent people from the set up.

People & Their Attitude to their Profession

Our life is a complex one. We can, with our omission and commission, make it still more complex. In these complexities, there comes the grit and determination to sow the seeds of solution to our pestering problems in hand. If these problems are not handled with tact and vision, these may snowball into intractable one and elude solution altogether in the foreseeable future. People who factor in for solution should be known in this sort of a scenario.

In our dealings with others, we come across different types of people.  There are the people who thrive on buttressing their causes by sweet words. They believe in the dictum of getting their things done by platitudes and not much sincere work. These people are not the contributors to the organization to which they work. They are the selfish lots whose job is only to make others as their ladder for upward march in their careers and upward progression.

Then there are the lots who, with the sincere and integrated effort put two to two together and are the pillar of success. They are honest and real contributors. They sweat for ultimate results. Action is their way of life. They are the strong believer in ‘work is worship’. In other words they base their work philosophy action first and recognition will follow later. They always go with the solution for a problem and do not become a part of the problem.

Then there are those who become impediment in the course of action going on. They are interrupters in anything under the sun. They prove themselves to be discouraging factors in the march ahead of an organization. Hence, they ought to be found out and given marching orders, sooner it is done the better for the organization.

Next in the list are the ones who flourish on sympathy factor. They are past master in procrastination. They offer lame excuses for not doing a job properly and on time. These people are not the real contributor but become part of the problem for the organization for which they are working. It would be right to say that they are burden to the employers. The sooner they are weeded out the better it would be for all.