If you are told to put on a single colour code dress next month, what you will wear?

Q. If you are told to put on a single color code dress next month, what you will wear?


Choice of the color differs from person to person. Some like white, some green, some multi coloured dresses. This also calls for occasions on which the particular dress is worn. Color of the dresses also depends on the choice and temperament of an individual.                                                                                 Mild mannered people may like dim colored dresses while persons with showy temperament may put on flashy colored dresses.


Given a single choice of a colour of dress, I shall wear white coloured dress. White colour personifies purity in thought and action. It demonstrates simplicity, likeableness and adaptability. Showy dress represents demonstrativeness and hence not representing general masses, in general.


It is not only for one month, I can say with full confidence that I shall wear white as a dress for many months together if given a choice or chance.



Our Creator has endowed us with unlimited preeminence in innate talents. That supremacy of talents has to be brought out of our system lest it remains dormant and stale away for want of its use judiciously. A positive oriented person exerts in drawing out these powers systematically.  After these are drawn out, use them systematically and in meaningful manner for the good of the society at large. While drawing out this power, care and caution have to be exercised that nothing untoward is done which has got adverse implications on the people around. Honesty of purpose is a must. Advancement in educational sphere is important in drawing out these capabilities but sincerity of purpose is of prime importance.

We have experienced the recent phenomenon of Annaji’. His utterances though rugged and simple have magnetism to attract multitudes.  

All this goes to show that if we dip in our latent powers for help, we would be surprised by the result it entails. Fact remains that sooner than later we would be able to solve our own problems without assistance from any individuals. And our judgement will be unquestionably justified.


It is thus important  that whatever we undertake to do we should endeavour to extract maximum from our internal being. It is also in synch with our Creator’s Will  that will rule the roost.



Which issues do you enjoy debating?

Which issues do you enjoy debating?


There are so many issues which require our attention. There are the ones which require comprehensive attention and the others which are to be given superficial consideration and can be avoided at times. Different people have got different preferences (when,  and why and how a topic to be taken seriously) for an issue at hand.

Among other issues on which I would like to seriously give my undivided attention are leaning towards social, religious and cultural aspects.

Man is a social animal. For living in the society amicably, he has to obey the way of life and norms of the society. If something  intrudes on somebody’s space, that thing has to be shelved. Here a person’s willingness is not counted but the overall perspective is taken into account. Sometimes a person has to keep his interests in the back of his mind and think about others’ first. Norms of behavior have to be respected and followed thread-ware.

I am a spiritual person who thinks that our creator has created us for some functions and those functions are paramount. If we act truthfully, dispassionately, without malice, not forcibly acquire what is not yours, decisively and peacefully solve the problem besetting the community of which one is a part and try and help bridging the differences between the diverse elements in the society.


     For aforesaid things to bring to fruition, it is necessary and it is my conviction that I have to know myself fully. Self knowledge is a pre-requisite before venturing to change others outlook.

     Our forefathers have left us legacy of knowhow and knowledge base in the form of rich religious texts. These treasures of knowledge are to be followed assiduously. Ignorance is a curse and obliterated through the luminosity of the knowledge.




Name something you should like a lifetime supply of.

Name something you should like a lifetime supply of.


While transacting our day to day functions in our life, we rather like some things which we consider dearest to us, without which we consider ourselves half fulfilled. These things make much difference in our life in many ways than one. The preferential treatment that a person gives to particular thing over other dependents solely upon a person. A person of high caliber and intelligence may drive much pleasure in challenging environs whereas a person of pliable nature would satisfy himself / herself with less challenging life style. This sort of a person is satisfied with what he has got.


     I have also got certain preferences which are dear to me but, in life, I have tried to adjust myself to any environs. I have tried to live and managed in adverse situations too.


     Among other things, I like pity, compassion, etc. But of all things in life, I am too much attracted towards the   word ‘love’. Love has a special place in my life.  Love engenders love. I give a great credence to it. Without love, I feel stifled.  I am of the firm belief that if we give love, it would be returned back to us in equal measure. This is quite dear to me and without love, I consider myself half fulfilled.

     Thus far, I have got quite a supply of love from all quarters; from my creator, my dears and nears, peer groups etc. I pray to Almighty God to give me supply of love amply so that I remain ever glued to Him and his creations.




Fasts are meant for purification of the body and the soul. It helps us to introspect and act in a manner which is not against anybody’s interests.  These are also to detoxify the body from the persisting problem of the system of our body.  Fasts are now fast losing its true import. These have become play things – show pieces to be flaunted and an exercise in exhibit superiority.

Truly, fasts are to change our character, to act in non-violent manner, to cultivate the characteristics of forgetting and forgiving your critics. But contrarily, more critics are being created due to fast now. Its nobility is being given short shrift. It seems fasts are being resorted to for settling scores and for cheap publicity.

A day is not far when the very meaning of the fast will metamorphosed into show biz. There will not be any sanctity attached to it, as it used to be.

To what low level some people will take our traditional values and throw to winds the fine tuned traditional modes of behavior. God may grant them wisdom and bearing to understand the true meaning of the fast and use this option for the same for getting a thing done for the benefit of the people concerned.

Q. If you could say anything to anyone without consequence, what would you say, and to whom?

Q.  If you could say anything to anyone without consequence, what would you say, and to whom?


Ans. While everyone everywhere are busy in their own sphere of activity, eking their living in consonance with their talents or qualification/skill. We should have discretion lest your saying something unpleasant may not intrude on their personal   privacy or may have far reaching implication. We should take steps in such a manner that our telling something should not be taken as offence by others. In that, you will have to be very cautious and weigh each and every word uttered.  Your telling something bad to others generates similar  response from the affected party. This is based entirely on Newton’s third law of motion, ‘to every action there is equal and opposite reaction’. If you say good things to others expect the similar result but otherwise will not give you good results.


As far as I am concerned, I always am ready to face the consequence of my telling others. But, if need be, when a truth has to be told which may have implications directly or indirectly then I without any reservation whatsoever, I say that. For that truth to be said, I remain ever ready to face the consequence for the same. No matter what it entails.

The question as to whom I tell such a truth is a matter left to me and the circumstances under which I would be telling such a thing. To my dear ones. I shall say that truth without any inhibition whatsoever. It is because, I know otherwise it would be too late for amendment(s) for them. On the other hand, if I have to say something to a person with less acquaintance and less interaction, I shall hesitate first but ultimately tell the truth and face the music afterwards. No repentance no remorse at all.  


How to reduce trust deficit?

Life chugs on without any road-blocks if we have positive connectivity with our fellow beings. It gives rise to fashioning our day to day activities according to our requirement not prejudicial to others way of life. For living peacefully and with coexistence it is paramount that we try and adjust with the surroundings of which we are the constituent. If we act in a manner which is obstruction for others’ interests, can we live in harmony? Certainly not.

A person has to live in the society and he / she has to respect and obey the rules and obligations governing the society of which he is a part. Apart from performing his day to day functions, a person has to act in conformity with the rules and bylaws of the society. By extension, it could better be construed that it is not merely the rules of the law enforcement agencies which are important to be followed but the inherent mores of behavior which are particular to a group of community are assiduously to be followed threadbare. By doing so, a person earns the goodwill and confidence of the society of which he / she is a member.

Optimum care has to be exercised that nothing intentionally or otherwise should be done by a person which is inimical to others’ interests and wellbeing. This generates a sense of  warmth in the feeling and finally a person gets an appropriate place in the  society.

Conclusively, it can better be understood that trust is important and for this to happen really, a person’s endeavour to adjust and fine-tune his / her general outlook are important too. Once the trust is established and cemented, it has to be followed and adhered to and not merely seem to be followed. The principles enshrined have to be zealously guarded and nurtured. In this way the trust deficit is removed for good. This is good both for a person and the society in which one is living.