Whilst transacting assortment of interactions,

Various people come across a variety of people,

And involve in different functions,

Sure enough, animosity and unpleasant

Feelings are generated aplenty,

Resulting in bickering amongst people around,

Such is the upshot of that misunderstanding,

That people go all out to undo warmth in their,

Associations and forth comes ill-conceived,

Thoughts for others, bordering on immoralist,

Behavior, robbing their night’s sleep,

Thus takes birth a feeling of cold behavior,

Building a wobbly hurdles in the cycle of life,

A bubble that may burst any moment,

Depriving people their very peace of mind.


Then comes the building block of forgiveness,

The heavenly ordained panacea,

For rebuilding the fragmented feeling,

Building the mind-set brick by brick,

Till a complete structure of faith,

Is rebuilt for the overall good of everybody,

Around and thus cementing the relationship,

Which was torn apart by ill-will,

Forgiving is earned by prayer, confession and repentance,

And a feeling steeped in willingness to suffer the,

Consequence thus conquering anger, repressed feeling,

Hatred and create unflinching positive hope,

In a hopeless situation,

Averting harmful emotions causing havoc on our beings,

Forgiving results in forgetting the episode,

And a blossoming of life begins afresh.



Harbans Khajuria


When the acquired knowledge does ditch us?

It is well said that knowledge acquired in a particular field through hard work never fails you in any endeavour you undertake. Perseverance creates motivation and motivation inculcates disciplined action for getting fruitful results. 

So far as the knowledge acquired is utilized for positive oriented tasks, it is good both for the individual and the people connected with him. And when one start using the same for his / her selfish ends, it creates bad blood and                                                                                    negativity around. This negativity dooms the person the most.

It is not how much one has reservoir of knowledge one has, but how effectively the same is being used, is counted.  Knowledge gained gives rise to wisdom and sagacity. These are the important components in streamlining the boat of our life and give strength to put up with any adverse condition that may bedevil us.

It can better be concluded that it is not how much knowledge one has but how one uses the same is of paramount importance.






How to reduce trust deficit?

Life chugs on without any road-block if we have positive connectivity with our fellow beings. It gives rise to fashioning our day to day activities according to our requirement.







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