How to reduce trust deficit?

Life chugs on without any road-blocks if we have positive connectivity with our fellow beings. It gives rise to fashioning our day to day activities according to our requirement not prejudicial to others way of life. For living peacefully and with coexistence it is paramount that we try and adjust with the surroundings of which we are the constituent. If we act in a manner which is obstruction for others’ interests, can we live in harmony? Certainly not.

A person has to live in the society and he / she has to respect and obey the rules and obligations governing the society of which he is a part. Apart from performing his day to day functions, a person has to act in conformity with the rules and bylaws of the society. By extension, it could better be construed that it is not merely the rules of the law enforcement agencies which are important to be followed but the inherent mores of behavior which are particular to a group of community are assiduously to be followed threadbare. By doing so, a person earns the goodwill and confidence of the society of which he / she is a member.

Optimum care has to be exercised that nothing intentionally or otherwise should be done by a person which is inimical to others’ interests and wellbeing. This generates a sense of  warmth in the feeling and finally a person gets an appropriate place in the  society.

Conclusively, it can better be understood that trust is important and for this to happen really, a person’s endeavour to adjust and fine-tune his / her general outlook are important too. Once the trust is established and cemented, it has to be followed and adhered to and not merely seem to be followed. The principles enshrined have to be zealously guarded and nurtured. In this way the trust deficit is removed for good. This is good both for a person and the society in which one is living.

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