Q. If you could say anything to anyone without consequence, what would you say, and to whom?

Q.  If you could say anything to anyone without consequence, what would you say, and to whom?


Ans. While everyone everywhere are busy in their own sphere of activity, eking their living in consonance with their talents or qualification/skill. We should have discretion lest your saying something unpleasant may not intrude on their personal   privacy or may have far reaching implication. We should take steps in such a manner that our telling something should not be taken as offence by others. In that, you will have to be very cautious and weigh each and every word uttered.  Your telling something bad to others generates similar  response from the affected party. This is based entirely on Newton’s third law of motion, ‘to every action there is equal and opposite reaction’. If you say good things to others expect the similar result but otherwise will not give you good results.


As far as I am concerned, I always am ready to face the consequence of my telling others. But, if need be, when a truth has to be told which may have implications directly or indirectly then I without any reservation whatsoever, I say that. For that truth to be said, I remain ever ready to face the consequence for the same. No matter what it entails.

The question as to whom I tell such a truth is a matter left to me and the circumstances under which I would be telling such a thing. To my dear ones. I shall say that truth without any inhibition whatsoever. It is because, I know otherwise it would be too late for amendment(s) for them. On the other hand, if I have to say something to a person with less acquaintance and less interaction, I shall hesitate first but ultimately tell the truth and face the music afterwards. No repentance no remorse at all.  

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