Fasts are meant for purification of the body and the soul. It helps us to introspect and act in a manner which is not against anybody’s interests.  These are also to detoxify the body from the persisting problem of the system of our body.  Fasts are now fast losing its true import. These have become play things – show pieces to be flaunted and an exercise in exhibit superiority.

Truly, fasts are to change our character, to act in non-violent manner, to cultivate the characteristics of forgetting and forgiving your critics. But contrarily, more critics are being created due to fast now. Its nobility is being given short shrift. It seems fasts are being resorted to for settling scores and for cheap publicity.

A day is not far when the very meaning of the fast will metamorphosed into show biz. There will not be any sanctity attached to it, as it used to be.

To what low level some people will take our traditional values and throw to winds the fine tuned traditional modes of behavior. God may grant them wisdom and bearing to understand the true meaning of the fast and use this option for the same for getting a thing done for the benefit of the people concerned.

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