Name something you should like a lifetime supply of.

Name something you should like a lifetime supply of.


While transacting our day to day functions in our life, we rather like some things which we consider dearest to us, without which we consider ourselves half fulfilled. These things make much difference in our life in many ways than one. The preferential treatment that a person gives to particular thing over other dependents solely upon a person. A person of high caliber and intelligence may drive much pleasure in challenging environs whereas a person of pliable nature would satisfy himself / herself with less challenging life style. This sort of a person is satisfied with what he has got.


     I have also got certain preferences which are dear to me but, in life, I have tried to adjust myself to any environs. I have tried to live and managed in adverse situations too.


     Among other things, I like pity, compassion, etc. But of all things in life, I am too much attracted towards the   word ‘love’. Love has a special place in my life.  Love engenders love. I give a great credence to it. Without love, I feel stifled.  I am of the firm belief that if we give love, it would be returned back to us in equal measure. This is quite dear to me and without love, I consider myself half fulfilled.

     Thus far, I have got quite a supply of love from all quarters; from my creator, my dears and nears, peer groups etc. I pray to Almighty God to give me supply of love amply so that I remain ever glued to Him and his creations.

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