Which issues do you enjoy debating?

Which issues do you enjoy debating?


There are so many issues which require our attention. There are the ones which require comprehensive attention and the others which are to be given superficial consideration and can be avoided at times. Different people have got different preferences (when,  and why and how a topic to be taken seriously) for an issue at hand.

Among other issues on which I would like to seriously give my undivided attention are leaning towards social, religious and cultural aspects.

Man is a social animal. For living in the society amicably, he has to obey the way of life and norms of the society. If something  intrudes on somebody’s space, that thing has to be shelved. Here a person’s willingness is not counted but the overall perspective is taken into account. Sometimes a person has to keep his interests in the back of his mind and think about others’ first. Norms of behavior have to be respected and followed thread-ware.

I am a spiritual person who thinks that our creator has created us for some functions and those functions are paramount. If we act truthfully, dispassionately, without malice, not forcibly acquire what is not yours, decisively and peacefully solve the problem besetting the community of which one is a part and try and help bridging the differences between the diverse elements in the society.


     For aforesaid things to bring to fruition, it is necessary and it is my conviction that I have to know myself fully. Self knowledge is a pre-requisite before venturing to change others outlook.

     Our forefathers have left us legacy of knowhow and knowledge base in the form of rich religious texts. These treasures of knowledge are to be followed assiduously. Ignorance is a curse and obliterated through the luminosity of the knowledge.




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