Our Creator has endowed us with unlimited preeminence in innate talents. That supremacy of talents has to be brought out of our system lest it remains dormant and stale away for want of its use judiciously. A positive oriented person exerts in drawing out these powers systematically.  After these are drawn out, use them systematically and in meaningful manner for the good of the society at large. While drawing out this power, care and caution have to be exercised that nothing untoward is done which has got adverse implications on the people around. Honesty of purpose is a must. Advancement in educational sphere is important in drawing out these capabilities but sincerity of purpose is of prime importance.

We have experienced the recent phenomenon of Annaji’. His utterances though rugged and simple have magnetism to attract multitudes.  

All this goes to show that if we dip in our latent powers for help, we would be surprised by the result it entails. Fact remains that sooner than later we would be able to solve our own problems without assistance from any individuals. And our judgement will be unquestionably justified.


It is thus important  that whatever we undertake to do we should endeavour to extract maximum from our internal being. It is also in synch with our Creator’s Will  that will rule the roost.



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