Q. What decade or era do you find fascinating?

Q. What decade or era do you find fascinating?


It is an undisputed fact that every decade or era has given something to humanity for its improvement. In one decade the Mother Nature may be very kind in not opening its fangs or furry and destroying its own created fabric in the form of earthquacks, floods, tsunami, blizzards, etc. On the other hand, She has also given to mankind her precious gifts from its bosom in the form of mineral products, etc,  on which it can make a difference in its life and survive. In other word, every decade is particular or specific in something or the other.


Although I have been given everything by my Creator, which a person requires for a sound living and spending life peacefully, that apart, the most enduring and fascinating one was my childhood period. That was the period to remember, when I got something, even though run of the mill type,  I cherished the same as if that was the ultimate one for me. I learned in those days, ABC of my life from my parents, teachers and peer groups. I waited for every seasons and festival like holi, dussehra, diwali, etc. I enjoyed every moment of my life though money or resources were very limited but whatever was available was fully made use of. I can say that was the time when I had immense satisfaction with limited resources at our disposal.


It can well be said that satiety level can not only be achieved through fulfilling all your needs and aspirations but how you are satisfied with little you are having. And also, how you remain connected with your Lord with all that you have got.

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