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The consciousness, unconscious and the subconsciousness are the three states of mind. We are conscious only to a certain extent. We, in fact remain dreaming. Aum is the most powerful syllable. It epitomizes the Supreme Consciousness or the eternal universal energy flow. It can be called an energy which helped in creation of universe. that created the universe.


In AUM, ‘A’ stands for creation or the beginning, ‘U’ for preservation, and finally ‘M’ for dissolution or destruction. These are the very cycle of birth, life and death. A (aaa) stands for right portion of the brain, ‘U’ (ooo) represents the left part of the brain, and ‘M’ (mmm) signifies the emotional element of the living.  ‘A’ also signifies earth, trees and other living objects. ‘U’ symbolizes formless elements such as fire, water, air, etc and ‘M’ represents neither form nor formless or shapeless. It exists as the energy convent of the universe.

Krishna in the Bhagwad Gita says, “I am object knowledge, the purifier and the syllable AU.” Aum can be recited in different planes keeping in mind gross, subtle and casual planes, which reflects waking, dreaming and deep sleep. It is the process which connects conscious with unconscious and subconscious mind. Aum is much more than mere modulation. It is the music of the soul, the definitive prayer by a created to his Creator. It surpasses all boundaries of sorrow and sensory perception. A person, if follows discipline in chanting, acquires Supreme Bliss ultimately.

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