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We can take direction from our inner self through the power of our instinct. This innate power of an individual can be gradually enhanced through the meditation. The meditation can be done on a single source with  sincerity, one pointedly for optimum results. If we want to acquire everything to our potential, it is paramount that we make use of the inner reservoir of our power. This power can be meaningfully exploited through delving into the inner recesses of ourself. It is not on the surface. And deep meditative state is the answer for making our instinct work for us. The guidance provided by our intuitive mind is essentially flawless and biased towards solution to a problem. Every bit of intractable problem has a matching solution through intuition. It is because intuitive thought springs from our inner self. Just use it and see the difference. Strong energy coupled with impeccable will power with good and gracious intentions will surely see us through. Exclusion of ego-motivational things is of prime importance. Faith that your thought out plan will fructify come what may should never be lost sight of. Attention should be pair to the subject in hand with all the energy at command of an individual. Concrete ideas with tangible action plan should be accomplished with utmost sincerity and devotion. If, initially, you do not get any response, then again try listening your heart for guidance. Endorsement comes anyhow if your intentions are honorable. Keep your energy and expectations high for a better result. Here there is no time lag but need is mental clarify and right energy.

It should never be made public that your inner guidance is higher than that of others. Intuition should be personal to an individual.

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