The unfathomable love that one gets by connecting with Him cannot be described in words. It is a feeling which surpasses any other attachments in life. Material superiority does not make us rich emotionally. In society you connect with others. How you do makes a difference. Do you think them apart from you or otherwise depend solely on your thought perceptions. You cannot despise others because he is not different from you. He is every inch a part of you. You get energy by taking the same air, taking the same sort of energy giving eating materials, share things which are liked by others. Hence you cannot be different. Such is the common thread that after living,  all will die. Here no differentiation, no discrimination in living and in dying. Nobody can live even for a moment more than destined. Meaning you are part and parcel, in every way, while living or in death, then why not treat others equally and part of us.

                                                                                                                                                                                     You can live cohesively and without any difference whatsoever when you wipe out sense of self (ego) from our being. Doing so is a difficult proposition but concerted effort(s) could be made in this direction. It is slow but sure process if honest and sincere efforts are put forth. During this process, self cleansing / self purification is required in action and in thought. When you are egoless, then, everything that you wish comes to fruition. You intend a thing and it would be accomplished / provided for, without much ado. Wherever you go, success follows you. You will spread fragrance by your poise and grace. You have not to aspire for anything. You will then inspire confidence and others will confide in you. When you have attained that, you need not test your stature because you are away from every respect or disrespect. People will be surprised by your attitudinal changes.

Nothing should affect you, poor state of position in society, ill health, etc. We do not beat about the bush. A person is supposed to have reached egoless state when he / she does not boast about his position in life. You do not aspire to be noticed but are noticed without trying your hand in it.

Even in relationship, an egoless person need not seek good relationships, but these are established anyhow by His grace. When you need not to seek anything from any of your relations. Your relationship with others is a part of the greater things which inspire others. You transcend all the boundaries of relationship. Then you have reached that stage.

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