Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator has created us in His own mold. We have only to call Him sincerely and He would be there amidst you. Any one of your near and dear can ditch you at any time but He will never do that. There is no particular place from where you can contact with him. It means His doors are fully open. The faith with which you call Him gives rise to a faith in your own capability. The faith in Him creates confidence in the individual concerned that he can bank on his Creator at any moment. Our contact with Him is unshakable.

In our life we face diverse situations. Diverse situations call for diverse solution to come out unscathed. Your faith in your Creator helps creating conviction and determination to handle emergencies that may come. Many a times we are faced with a critical situation where we experience helplessness in coming out of the present predicament. We are in dire need of a supernatural power to help come unscathed. Our mind is the power house of all the energies. The faith in Him helps tap latent energy. Belief in Him makes difference and that difference leads us to solve the problem at hand.

It is not through mechanically following the course of prayer that we are able to get His presence. It is not through following yogic techniques alone that we can get results. Right attitude is a must for reaching the desirable goal. Technique is only a medium, a pathway to reach to Him. Our dealings with others, positive attitude to do a thing, not to harm others or not to do anything which may have hidden ulterior motive prove to be dangerous. Spiritual progress cannot attained through forced practices. Too much emphasis on techniques will run counter to our progress. It may make us ego-centric. In this process, the true import of self seeking will become vague.

At the base of the spine, we have immeasurable power.  It is a power house of energy. Ultimate aim of a person should be to awake the kundalini.  Strong techniques for awakening kundalini may prove counter-productive. This may be by violent breathing, intricate postures etc without resort to spiritual awakening. Mental transformation is a must for spiritual transformation. A negative mental attitude may take one backward in spiritual goal. If right attitude is not adhered to, the consequent awakening of kundalani could generate immense energy resulting in destroying the nervous system itself.

Devotional inspirations and not egotistical suppositions can make difference. Always have pure love, think high thoughts, associate with devout people, help others who are in distress. By adopting right conduct, Kundalini moves upward to the brain. With negative thinking, we draw light from the brain. In this process, the mind becomes darker than before. Right attitude is a must. If one does not know much about yoga but has the right attitude even then that person could reach his goal. Lifetime of effort will not bring dividends without right attitude.

Meditate and forget. Do not expect result to come by instantly. The result would be there when you are least expecting it. Anything which is in the territory of your mental cycle is attainable.  Mind is the evil doer of anything happening.

Budget & its Affects

Budget & its Affects


The Finance Minister had a tough time in tinkering with different variables in his budget presentation. Perforce he had to take a bitter pill for curing the ills of our economic system otherwise it would have created imbalance in the economic health of our country. The fiscal deficit is one area which adversely affects the overall economy has been marked for tackling.


Reducing subsidies by 2 % of the GDP is a welcome step. These subsidies, more often than not, are siphoned off before reaching to the grass root targeted / intended masses thus adding burden on the exchequer and giving fuel to already uncontrolled fiscal deficit (5.1 % of GDP).

Promise of cheaper fund availability to the corporate world is a welcome step. It is a must because the interest rates have been revised upward by RBI for more than 13 times in recent times.
Promise of curbing black money and keep a strict check on people stashing their funds in tax havens outside the country are welcome steps if followed up vigorously.

More incentives have been given to agriculture sector and services which has shown upward movement. Farmers should be made aware of the agricultural insurance linked schemes.

Tax exemption up to Rs. 2 lacs is a welcome step but it should have been in the range of Rs. 2.5 to 3 lacs with the rampant inflation as a benchmark.

Equity Saving Scheme of Rs. 50,000/- with 3 years’ parking period is a welcome step for tax exemption.


Although 6.9 % in GDP is not so healthy yet taking into account the global cues, it is not as bad as compared with other economies. Some countries in EU are experiencing worse case scenario and will in all probability affect global economies. India cannot remain immune to these economic deceleration.







Our Dependence on others

  • Our Dependence on othersWhen somebody wants something for meeting his / her demand(s), we feel action of others as ‘fake’ and may be consider them ‘with wrong attitude’. Why others are dependents upon us? But world depends and goes like this. Even natural phenomenon is possible with the association of different forces of nature. For instance, rain is possible with the help of photosynthesis, trees help us in the production of oxygen and take in carbon dioxide and keep a balance in the atmosphere, and you name it and it happens with the association of different constituents. A single atom cannot make much difference.


    Similarly, in human world too, we remain depends on others to meet our demands. You are at different situations and circumstances. Sometimes you are in good situations, financially or otherwise, and in other times you are not. But fact remains, you are not able to do anything single handed. You are dependent on others. You should not think them as fakes simply because they are dependents on you. But should understand these as a requirement to go on in life. Good and bad mix together and the world’s affairs go on. No bad intention, no ill will at all.



A marriage to be successful, it is of paramount important that both the wife and husband consider themselves equals. It is just like wheels of a bike, if one wheel is shorter and the other one bigger, it cannot go for a shorter distance even. If one party considers himself / herself more than the other one then sure enough the alliance cannot go longer. The following points are a must for a successful marriage:-

1. A person should respect other partner’s sentiments – not to be abusive hurting her in the bargain.

2. If he is not able to be honest in relationship with his own wife, then, why he should expect that his other partners could be honest with him and not cheat on him in relationship.

3. In social gatherings, he should show respect for his spouse.

4. He must be cheating before marriage but after marriage he should not do so for the sake of his marriage.

5. In the parties, he should act in a manner which is socially acceptable. Not to stoop so low and swayed by the flashy looks of other ladies even in the company of his wife.

6. In the parties, he should not shun his wife for others. This will create ill-will and wedge in the relationship.

7. Social etiquette’s have to be maintained in all public appearances.

8. He should not think women only for satisfaction of his sex needs but should need her for his well-being for a happy living.

9. Marriage to be successful, it is a must that both the spouses sort out their differences in the privacy of their household and not to portray and publicise them for everyone to see and make a mockery of the marriage as an institution.

10. If one partner behaves and does not want to refine himself / herself then sure enough the that marriage cannot last long.





  • First and foremost thing for a business to be successful is what qualifications or credentials you are having for a particular business. Do you understand the intricacies involved in the business you are going to undertake. A proper and incisive know how is a must for making the business in hand tick. Then comes how much of capital you would be putting in your business, manpower or human resource requirement for the business to be taken in hand, infrastructure requirement, raw material to be used for the finished product you will be requiring (may it be opening a school, college or any other educational pursuit, this is important), etc. Now you have planned these, as a first step, then you are able to start looking for the second step i.e. how to go about that your business takes upward march.
    Some of the tips, which if followed, will bring you rich dividends:-

    a) Whether your business is capital intensive or labor intensive?
    If capital intensive then the input of capital has to be earmarked and then employ those heads which will multiply the capital in hand. If labour intensive, employ manpower which may lead your increase of capital input. Suppose if you are on a BPO business, employ the people who are knowing the market and devise ways to increase the publicity of your organization.

    b) Devising of future strategies for enhancement of your business in its perfection.
    c/ Loopholes which could be plugged in enhancing your business pursuits.

    d) Employing the right types of people with right aptitude and attitude to your business. Can they give you 100%. Go in for go-getters rather than fair weather employees – those who can ditch you after getting training etc, should be excused and weeded out in the initial stages itself.

    f) Period for your business to fructify, when your business should start giving you returns and how much vis-a-vis the investment made by you and what is its gestation period should be executed and planned beforehand.

    g) If your business start yielding good results what you will do with the inflow of capital from your business. Would you employ that money to expand your business still further or will put your returns in the safe bank for interest accrual? It would be in the fitness of things that you remain pump-priming your business with more funds for making your business immune to the outer pressure like inflation, uncertainty in the market, competition from other market players, etc.

    h) In all your business pursuits, make your Creator the business partner. In this way, whatever you would be doing would be above board, there would not be any shortcuts to enhance your business, there will fairplay in every way, there would be sincerity and honesty and that is the crux of business having GOD’s Speed. And that speed is one which makes everybody with whom you are connected partners in action for a cause. The business with Him as a Partner, will give you rich dividends of latent satisfaction, immeasurable in value terms.

    j) Your goal, your aspirations, your truthfulness, your drive, your trust in others create conditions automatically to make your business tick even with smallest capital in hand. Even with shoe strap capital we have heard people making huge profits in business with these qualities.

    k) Reach and research the market for your goods and services you are going to market. You will have to make a correct survey based on past experience.

    l) Section(s) of the people you are going to attract to your business with your enterprise and tact with your clear perceptions and balanced mental build.

    m) What ultimate desire you have for your business to be successful. And for that ultimate the Ultimate Power will start devising ways and means for making your dream realized.

    Come what may, if the aforesaid commitments are put to use, any business will bear fruits in not so a distant future. Attitude makes a difference.

    I shall make it amply clear that all the above stated ideas are flowing from Him. I have no experience of any business pursuits. But if given an opportunity, sure enough, I shall use these as a stepping stone to fructify the business in hand. Amen. God be with you to make your endeavour a great / roaring success.