Month: March 2012

Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator is too near to us Our Creator has created us in His own mold. We have only to call Him sincerely and He would be there amidst you. Any one of your near and dear can ditch you at any time but He will never do that. There

Budget & its Affects

Budget & its Affects   The Finance Minister had a tough time in tinkering with different variables in his budget presentation. Perforce he had to take a bitter pill for curing the ills of our economic system otherwise it would have created imbalance in the economic health of our country.

Our Dependence on others

Our Dependence on othersWhen somebody wants something for meeting his / her demand(s), we feel action of others as ‘fake’ and may be consider them ‘with wrong attitude’. Why others are dependents upon us? But world depends and goes like this. Even natural phenomenon is possible with the association of


BLISSFUL MARRIAGE A marriage to be successful, it is of paramount important that both the wife and husband consider themselves equals. It is just like wheels of a bike, if one wheel is shorter and the other one bigger, it cannot go for a shorter distance even. If one party


YOUR BUSINESS AND YOU First and foremost thing for a business to be successful is what qualifications or credentials you are having for a particular business. Do you understand the intricacies involved in the business you are going to undertake. A proper and incisive know how is a must for

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