Lasting marriage…?

Lasting marriage…?

Why do u think marriages lasted longer before than they do now????

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For a marriage to be lasting, compatibility factor is a crying need. Married life to be successful, the following aspects needs to be taken into account:-
1. Compatibility. It is the basic requirement in married life. For two to co-exist, they have to just brainstorm their difference and be just compatible.
2. Adjustment. It is a fact that life is adjustment. There are times when the twos are having differences, sort them out yourself. The differences may be financial, physical, social, et al, just try adjusting and adapting yourself. You cannot outgrow your companion. In one way you may be superior, in other way she / he may be surpassing you. Just try adjusting and make your life sublime. A little adjustment here and there is required even on daily basis to save from bigger blushes.
3. Tolerance. Tolerance is one thing which can make things better for you. Intolerance may lead to unreasonable situation and thus breakdown in the marriage.
4. Understanding each other  view points. Sometimes misunderstanding, even on flimsy ground can lead to big flare ups unnecessary leading to heightened emotions and thus break up. Should invariably be avoided. It has been experienced that smaller episodes have potential for bigger things to results. Understand each others’ view point. Give patient thought before reaching to a conclusion. It may be good ultimately.
5. Respect for each other. Marriage are based on two different individuals of different temperament, there may be a time when one may be low due to some reason, respect his position, give credence to his / her as it is due. Sometimes, you may have to act, yet, it is required.
6. When and how a particular decision to be taken which have got implication on the family set up.
7. Financial security. of spouses. If has been experienced that more marriages just rock because of financial ins
8. Love between spouses. Bestow love and affection to your spouse. Less show offs. Shower true love and you will be reciprocated.

9. Compromises. It has been said by many that sometimes you have to compromise sometimes and many a times. If you see something bad in your spouse, just ignore it for sometimes and when an opportune time comes just mention if you feel there is a need, when the ice has melted a bit and there would be less repercussions.

10. Children. When you want your children and how you would like them to be brought up are the factors which make the marriages rock. These are to be amiably discussed and conclusions reached and made applicable.

11. Differences. Differences are sure there to creep in life. Two people sure will have differences. A person saying that there is no difference in his / her family life is living in fool’s paradise. But these differences are to be sorted out with give and take in which one party must not feel let down and the other one triumphant.

12. Less Interference. Less interference from other relations should be there from husband or wife’s side.

13. Spirituality. Marriages are made in heaven and only solemnized on earth. God is a supreme factor in our life. He is Ultimate and should never be wished away. Wishes from Him should be taken with open hand.



I have about 32+ years of married life experience wherein I have adopted the above factors and our life is well oriented and having meaning in it.

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Thank you …I will take these factors into consideration in my marriage