Thinking lingers till soul in the body remains,

It breaths its last only with demise of a being,

Reflection of our thoughts is always in our way of thinking,

And even our outlook on life is affected by our thoughts,

Innate thoughts from deep recesses of our heart are seeds for positive ideas,


With our thoughts, we can traverse to any annals of history,

A past, unrecorded by any historian,

Could take to unexplored dark recesses of ocean,

Where numerous unexplored histories are veiled,

And hidden from the gaze of the marauding invaders,

Somewhere ship wrecks, somewhere bodies,

Time rotten and eaten by the elements beneath,

 Telling their stories of what went wrong where,


Our thoughts are our makers or breakers,

Life’s success story moves with the movement of thoughts,

Dynamic thought could generate vibrant thought processes,

Positive thoughts can build the edifice of our success,

Negative thoughts will ditch  without doubt,

Life’s story starts with thought that thou stimulate,


Mind is the mother of our thoughts,

It sows the seeds of thoughts,

Which germinate to become plantlet,

Little by little our thinking cap makes a composite thought,

A fruit tree which if used thoughtfully give good harvest of sweet fruit,


‘Thinking seed’ determines how we solve our vexing problems,

By breaking down of problem into shreds for easy solution,

Quality seed for sowing,

Will create quality plant’s growth,

Mind is trained as we process the thoughts slowly but surely,

Success will follow without doubt if thoughts are peppered well with expertise,

Success depends upon the excellence of thought you create in you being,

We create volume of thoughts in our being,

Bombardment of thoughts results from all directions doubtlessly,


How you control those thought,

And put to productive use for optimum gain is a heady potion,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

With positive thought you see bright ray of light at the end of the tunnel,

You see a problem half fulfilled,

Rather than half undone,

A positive thought spurs you to fight on,

And devise strategies for a optimum solution,


Action plans for processing of thoughts is a crying need,

Measure of control has to be on our volume of thoughts,

To control thought endurance and patience is required in sufficient measure,

Truly thoughts are product of your own thinking and making,

Help in taking your boat to shore,

Will surely have effect on your life cycle,

Good mature thoughts are equivalent to good manure which we give to the plants,

For their growth and well being.




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