Truth in its naked form is sincerity,

Its ingredients are godliness, realism and purity,

Sincere person is married to piety,

Who, for truth’s sake, will sacrifice everything,

To keep a word he gives without misgiving,

Also, is the one who for truth’s sake,

Will never give and take on ideas he holds dear,

That is why he is held dear by others everywhere,

Greed touches him not,

Not swayed by any external influences,

Hot and cold, happiness and sadness has no affect on him,

Maintains equanimity in all situations,

Showiness trembles where he ventures,

Spreads fragrance by his presence,

His actions and reactions exhibit harmony,

Rational are his emotions with no tinge of vanity,

Passionately he wins every being with his sweetness,

He gives words and sticks to these,

That is why his words are trusted by low and highs,

Consciously, he is his own master to the area he surveys,

Is not dictated by anyone crossing his ways,

Believes in the dictum, ‘charity begins at home’,

Cleanses his conscious daily like one brooms a room,

Sermons others not,

But follows high-quality principles without qualms,

His best is the one which is loved by others,

Divorced from inner conflicts,

His body and soul work in tandem,

For a cause held dear by his conscience,

Rich in integrity and abundant in intelligence,

Holds his head high in the comity of people,

With immensity in patience and tolerance,

His sincerity is an open book with little attached secrecy,

Easily to be read by anybody who tries,

Abundance in essential sincerity, physical sincerity and spiritual sincerity,

He is more near to our Lord than anybody could ever guess.


Harbans Khajuria





Everybody traverses the part of distance in life,

Some fail to negotiate even an inch,

Some are stuck amidst,

Some exit within,

Some lay a hand on margins,

Some are left asunder by the whirlwinds of chance,

Some swayed by the unwieldy winds of time,

Time, which does not wait for mighty or tight,


Some go in circles,

Confusion writ large on their faces,

Backtracking from where they have started,

Lively are those who defy hurdles and act,

And surmount their mission,

With a missionary zeal,

To strike the goal post of life,

With a bang in style.



Life makes kinship with those,

Who does not stop the life’s journey,

When meeting with bumpy ride,

They dare take the bull of life by the horns,

And win the day even with stumbling blocks,

They make the bumpy blocks as the stepping stone,

For a journey ahead –  for a better here and now,


Distance of one end you have traversed is odd goner yesterday,

The one where you set your foot presently is candid today,

And the one you will be putting your foot prints,

 Would be the giant mother of all mysteries – the tomorrow,







Her day starts in the wee hours in the morn,

Waking herself, preparing herself for home chores,

And for the day’s drudgery in the right earnest,

Prepares milk or feed for the tiny tots,

Followed by morning tea or breakfast for the kin entire,

This over, but her work has just not over,

Then homework for going to work starts,

As she has to add-on the family’s funds,

To meet increased needs due to price hikes,

She rises to the occasion without any concern for herself,

And is all set to increase the kitty of folks,

To eke out extra funds for them,

For needs of shelter, schooling et al,

So that their present is better than days gone by,  

The one who was known to run a home as a homemaker,

Is now capable to run an office with flair,

In this process she faces challenges,

Both at the field at home,

And in the workplace, with composure intact,

With insight and with diplomacy at her command,

She excels in many a ways in comparison to her men counterparts,

Moves files and what it takes,

Moves on the ladder of career devoid of crutches,

Catches on the trend in the market and at workplace,

She gets used to everything with ease,

At workplace or in the cockpit of a plane,

She plainly is in the best of her elements,

Even those who used to call her weaker gender,

Are constrained to have a second opinion about her,

Their mindset have gone a sea change for her,

After looking at the tenacity and courage of the woman the next door,

And in their own home and hearth,

This creation of my Creator feels equal to the occasion at home front,

And excels, in many ways, in the office front,

Confronting the animal of intricacy with ease

at her command,

My profuse salute to thee for keeping alive our races,

But also race hard to win the battles at home and out of office.