Everybody traverses the part of distance in life,

Some fail to negotiate even an inch,

Some are stuck amidst,

Some exit within,

Some lay a hand on margins,

Some are left asunder by the whirlwinds of chance,

Some swayed by the unwieldy winds of time,

Time, which does not wait for mighty or tight,


Some go in circles,

Confusion writ large on their faces,

Backtracking from where they have started,

Lively are those who defy hurdles and act,

And surmount their mission,

With a missionary zeal,

To strike the goal post of life,

With a bang in style.



Life makes kinship with those,

Who does not stop the life’s journey,

When meeting with bumpy ride,

They dare take the bull of life by the horns,

And win the day even with stumbling blocks,

They make the bumpy blocks as the stepping stone,

For a journey ahead –  for a better here and now,


Distance of one end you have traversed is odd goner yesterday,

The one where you set your foot presently is candid today,

And the one you will be putting your foot prints,

 Would be the giant mother of all mysteries – the tomorrow,





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