An emotional flood of conscious expression,

Running in the veins of a person,

Feeling sorry for an act done,

Or not done,

Breaking norms of ethics,

Outcome in its wake!

Difficult to run away from liability,

Personal and social reaction aplenty,


Death to the deadlines,

By a whisker or by a gaping hole,


Failing your love one,

To wish good tidings,

On birth or wedding anniversary,


Failing to reach on time,

To a certain place,

And missing a vital meet,

Entailing loss in money and self esteem.


When caught resorting to corrupt practices,

With one hand at the currency notes,

And other on the fore-head for expression of dismay.


Taking somebody else’s share,

Without thinking or remorse,

Resulting in red face of highest proportion.


Countless times we put ourselves in dire strait,

By our misdeeds – unaccounted indeed,

Sometimes feel sorry and other times not,


Feels sincerely sorry for the misdeeds committed,

During lively lifetime spent without care or caution,

When at deathbed he is laid,

And the end seems near,

While others mourn for the loss of that individual,

Self mourns that there is nothing he is taking along,

Except the load of undoes he committed,

And no amount of regrets can undo those misdemeanors.




My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me….

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My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me….

I recently went to a party which a lot of my friends including my best friend and her boyfriend were.
They have been together for about a year and a half and really love each other and are a great couple, or so it seemed to me. I have become pretty good friends with her boyfriend and we have always gotten along like a house on fire, but in a completely platonic way.
Well at this party everyone was fairly drunk, my friend went to bed around 2 or 3am and I stayed up the whole night with the rest of the people who were awake. Eventually her boyfriend and I were the last ones still up as everyone else had crashed at like 5am.
We were just talking about random stuff as usual and looking at things on my phone when he started to become very flirtatious. I guess its weird but he is really friendly to me all the time and its not unusual to hug goodbye etc. so when we were sitting with his arm around me it wasn’t altogether weird to me at first. Then he started complimenting me a lot and I could tell he was hitting on me.
Ok this is where things come in to confusing territory for me.
He started being really touchy, like stroking my arm and touching my hand and stuff. Then he sort of put his hand just at the top of my top I was wearing and like really slowly and sneakily touched my boob like really gently (just the top nothing inside my bra).
I didn’t say anything and I let this go on for like a good 10 seconds and then I just gently guided his hand out of my top. His hand was only like just under my collar sort of thing not fully up my top. I didn’t say anything but I think he received the message because he didn’t try anything more.
Then I noticed he had a hard on in his jeans o_O which I guess just confirmed it was definitely sexual for him (if that wasn’t already obvious).
So after I had basically wordlessly removed his hand we sat there in silence still with his arm around my shoulder for a few minutes. Then he got up said goodnight and covered me in a blanket and went upstairs to where my friend was sleeping.
So thats what happened, basically not much physical really happened but there was a moment of attraction between us. I have always had a bit of a crush on this guy just in the way that I would like to meet someone like him. I would never in a million years EVER try and steal him away from my friend I value her friendship far more than any else.
Where do you think I stand morally, have I done the wrong thing by my friends? I honestly don’t know but I feel really guilty about this whole thing.
I don’t think I should tell her because I think it would destroy their relationship and I honestly think he is a good honest guy who just had a lapse of judgement as I did. They are happy together and I don’t want that ruined so I can feel better or less guilty or whatever.
Please give me your take on the situation, I’m desperate for some advice.
Thankyou 🙂
Harbans Lalby Harbans Lal

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From the acount you have penned down, it is clear that the guy was upto something which would have created a sligtly different situation vis-a-vis your friend. I can honestly say that you should avoid him in future. You have been morally correct in stopping him from going any further. I fully appreciate your predicament and the way you came out of the situation.
If the two are happy together then just leave it at that and forget the incident like a bad dream and live on hereafter happily like nothing has transpired.
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Thanks for your help. I think you are right I should just forget it ever happened and try to avoid being alone with him in the future. They seem happy together and I want it to stay that way for my friends’ sake.


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    Where is trust in relation?
  • Skootaby Skoota

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    You definitely did nothing wrong but i would have a serious talk with your friends boyfriend.
    Tell him it was not cool and if it happens again you will tell your friend.
    just remember alcohol lowers your inhibitions and lets




An inborn feeling – so passionate,

Mixed with charming intention,

Like the love of a mother for the young one,

One who, with loving care, showers affection,

That it evokes warmth in feeling,

An immense surge of emotion,

In the toddler just born,

The hidden meaning of love is mirror-reflection,

On the face of both the mother and the child,

Apparently like a secret well kept between the two,

The child and the mother,


Akin to Mother Earth,

Gifts everything the whole lots without bias,

With no desire for a return gift,

But endure bleeding of her bosom by the humans,

For satisfying  greed to meet its need

That is the compassion – an unmatched one.


A longing that kindness creates for the people around,

People in need of your attention,

One who’s staying power has dissipated,

The more intensive thy compassion,

The reward of yours in the shape of compensation,

In form or without form,

Would be huge that doer can hardly fathom.


The more patience we generate in us,

And share the sufferings of others,

It will bestow you still more power,

To understand the true meaning of suffering,

Care others, as you wish yourself to be cared for,

The pangs of others’ pain,

Should be felt deep down,

Our system, creating fast-tract reaction,

In us the form of compassion,

While others bleed,

You bleed without a perceptible wound,

Share the pain of others,

Showering loving kindness and loving care.


Compassion is the antidote,

To our enemies fully affirmed,

Anger, anguish, jealousy and pain,

Happiest is the one, who feels concerned,

When concern is woefully needed.



Harbans Khajuria




Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of fasting,

Based solely on article of faith,

Purifies body, soul and mind with fasting,

For the complete month of Ramzan,

Chaste in fasting without forgetting our duties,

Towards all, dear to us,

Bridging the gap between people of different hues,

Bathed in fervor,  full of compassion,

Generating hope for the hopeless,

Also engendering  basketful of goodwill,

Of fond trust,  that there will dawn as a result,

A day which binds all humanity with a holy thread,

Of oneness, and brotherliness.,


What is Self Discipline……….?

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What is Self Discipline……….?

Harbans Lal by Harbans Khajuria

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There are some important aspects which are of paramount important in self discipline. But before delving on that it is important that we understand the meaning of discipline. Whatever we do transact, undertake to do, we do those without diverting our attention from the coveted path, remain committed to the chosen path, putting all our faculties at our command to action. But that action oriented path should not involve anything which is unlawful or which may infringe the others’ rights.

Self discipline is one which could be done with a single mindedness, without selfish motive, with all the principles of fair play involved into action. One following these principles should be done selflessly and devotedly. Secondly, it is important that one who follows the path of self discipline, knows his innate self. He should understand that everything starts with self and end with self. Nothing is without self. If you think you are doing something, in which others interests are also involved, just think, if the same thing is done by others, what would you think? What is not liked by you, you should not do the same thing for others too.

In sef discipline, we do not distance our self from moral principles, ethics, rationality, punctuality, take into account time and space.

In fact, self disciplined person is ego less, God loving, loved by others as he is selfless, disciplined to the core, and self realized. This quality makes him adjust with any environs in which he is thrown into.


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tks all.

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Our intellect is interestingly poised,

To explore the unknown,

Curiosity has made us to set,

On the untrodden paths,

From the dawn of civilization till now,

To know about the unknown,

Knowledge about mystifying theory of evolution,

Has spur us to work on ‘God Particle’

To a near success in our mission,

Yet, hitherto, are not sure of,

Inquisitiveness still razes on,

Still more to be known of the unknowns,

Launched a rover baptized ‘Curiosity’ ,

Traversing numerous light years,

To know the unknown,

About mysteries on mars,

Minds are unraveling,

In bits and pieces,

The images sent,

And knowing the unknown,

Curiosity is thus making us,

To explore new unknowns,

Yet, only a speck of knowledge is scraped together,

But curiosity persists,

There is a vast sea of unknown to be known,

And our hunger to know still goes on,

As life goes on in the planet of ours.




Harbans Khajuria







Knowingly smashing the truth,

Into smithereens, difficult to discern,

Devoid of pity or compassion,

For the hapless victim,

Cannoning the canons of decency,

Artfully exhibiting his artistry in treachery,

That the defrauded knows not,

That he is shot at, at the back,

Doer knows the weak spot of his victim,

But shows no concern,

Either for his sensation or his emotion,

For he is bathed in selfish motive,

A couple may con partner,

A business buddy may play trick,

Showing no sensitivity,

Cheat may repeat actions,

But a time certainly comes,

When act of cheater comes to light,

And may get lesson so bitter,

That he gets no chance to repeat,

For he loses everything that he could say something his own.


Harbans Khajuria











Still in fluid in the womb,

It gives pain to the mom, who cries,

Yet, she sets up a bond with what it is,

Bereft of any expectations for her labor,

Withstands labor pains of utmost decibel,

.With a firm belief that her offspring will,

Spring from the naught to the world’s top,

In position, with labor of his own,

And win name and fame,

For himself and for others who tended him,

Showered care that sprang from inner recesses of heart,

Used up their earnings earned with sweat of their brows,

Thinking, when that child grew,

He would be without equals with his heart at the right spot,

Will also take care of them,

When all their parts of body will fail them,

Failing would be legs,

Which carried them places,

Failing would be their eyes,

Which showed them the world at large,

Failing would be their cerebral thinking,

Which gave them the power to distinguish one from two,

Failing them would be their hands,

Which helped them to pick up the morsel of bread,

Empty of coffers, empty of their own system,

They pray for support from the ones they had lost everything,

Their cry melts them not,

No one listens to their woeful woes,

Hopeless,  they turn to the One most benevolent,

The One above who will not ask anything in return, if given,

Sure, help comes from Him without any attached strings.


Harbans Khajuria