Month: August 2012


REGRETS   An emotional flood of conscious expression, Running in the veins of a person, Feeling sorry for an act done, Or not done, Breaking norms of ethics, Outcome in its wake! Difficult to run away from liability, Personal and social reaction aplenty,   Death to the deadlines, By a

My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me….

Resolved Question Show me another » My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me…. I recently went to a party which a lot of my friends including my best friend and her boyfriend were. They have been together for about a year and a half and really love each other and


COMPASSION   An inborn feeling – so passionate, Mixed with charming intention, Like the love of a mother for the young one, One who, with loving care, showers affection, That it evokes warmth in feeling, An immense surge of emotion, In the toddler just born, The hidden meaning of love


Eid-ul-Fitr   Eid-ul-fitr, the festival of fasting, Based solely on article of faith, Purifies body, soul and mind with fasting, For the complete month of Ramzan, Chaste in fasting without forgetting our duties, Towards all, dear to us, Bridging the gap between people of different hues, Bathed in fervor,  full

What is Self Discipline……….?

Resolved Question Show me another » What is Self Discipline……….? 5 days ago Report Abuse by Harbans Khajuria Member since: 27 April 2011 Total points: 2,368 (Level 3) Best Answer – Chosen by Asker There are some important aspects which are of paramount important in self discipline. But before delving


CURIOSITY   Our intellect is interestingly poised, To explore the unknown, Curiosity has made us to set, On the untrodden paths, From the dawn of civilization till now, To know about the unknown, Knowledge about mystifying theory of evolution, Has spur us to work on ‘God Particle’ To a near


CHEAT   Knowingly smashing the truth, Into smithereens, difficult to discern, Devoid of pity or compassion, For the hapless victim, Cannoning the canons of decency, Artfully exhibiting his artistry in treachery, That the defrauded knows not, That he is shot at, at the back, Doer knows the weak spot of

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