Month: September 2012

Life goes on, d…

Life goes on, despite problems, if you have determination to weather the storm. Let there be nothing which stops you from trying even in trying situation.


Journey   Travelling in many ways, is enlightening, It opens up Pandora box of information if thou wants taking, Which are obtained on the way aplenty, A new meet with different environs, In different natural settings, Just opposites are experienced, Giving us bitter and sweet tastes.   Started journey in


STRESS   Living a pressure cooker existence, Being boiled by things, Far from thy control, Due to thy work, Or snooty relationship with others, Unmet challenges or unsolved solution, Staring in askance at thy face, Circumstances spinning out of hand, Internally thy system is hard to stomach, In the process,


NIGHT   Mother Nature gives its bounties in abundance, Meets needs of plants, animals and humans, With little or no bias at all, Options are set up for everything artfully crafted, If disease are set in, for not observing Its Rules, Natural care too bestowed to offset these, Some opposites

Seven Things About Me Award!

I wholeheartedly thank  Katherine Givens for nominating me for the ‘Seven Things About Me’ Award.. Your magnanimity will spur me to write more. Although I have some published articles and poems but these are published in some remote and unknown corners because of virtually no know-how about where to go

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