Life goes on, d…

Life goes on, despite problems, if you have determination to weather the storm. Let there be nothing which stops you from trying even in trying situation.




Travelling in many ways, is enlightening,

It opens up Pandora box of information if thou wants taking,

Which are obtained on the way aplenty,

A new meet with different environs,

In different natural settings,

Just opposites are experienced,

Giving us bitter and sweet tastes.


Started journey in the early morn,

With stars brightly shining on the heaven above,

Telling loud and clear,

That their being is just of few minutes,

The rays of the sun will lull these to sleep,

For the day, till onset of darkness again, is ordained.


There is chanting of hymn in temples,

Tingling of bells in the churches,

Azans in the Idgaghs,

Spreading the fragrance all around,

Making the daybreak more sacred,

Journey started with a positive note.


Got a seat near the window large,

Exterior sight vibrantly edifying,

The river’s serene flow is mesmerizing,

The silvery current of light falling on its current,

Inviting all,  for a nature’s spectacle.


Then Sun’s soothing morning rays falling,

On the green paddy fields all around,

Air is instilled with aroma,

Without a doubt, dreamy one.


Birds coming out of their perches,

Merrily chirping their melodies.


A garden with mangoes trees laden,

With yellow juicy fruit,

Alluringly inviting for a bite.


Thence fields with parchedness all around,

As if nature has cast its dry spell,

With no shower for a long time,

Trees bereft of leaves,

Upsetting humans, animals and bird alike,

Looking heavenwards for some drops of water.


Music of marriage party,

With the people dancing to the tune,

An air of happiness all around.


A pal bearing four people,

With a music but out of sorts,

People wailing for their kin lost,

Bidding farewell to a departed soul,

For a journey to the last post.


For a person who wants to see,

A journey can present different things,

Differently, if thou want to experience,

Bitter, sour and sweeter could it be,

My earnest prayer to my Lord,

Make everybody’s journey of life a better one,

So that there is no tears and life a bearable one,

One which has solutions for every pestering problem,

Bestow, Oh Lord, solution to every problem,

And make everybody’s journey of life a peaceful one.


Harbans Khajuria  







Living a pressure cooker existence,

Being boiled by things,

Far from thy control,

Due to thy work,

Or snooty relationship with others,

Unmet challenges or unsolved solution,

Staring in askance at thy face,

Circumstances spinning out of hand,

Internally thy system is hard to stomach,

In the process,

Thou experience stomach ulcers,

Or hurting pains to thy system,

Everything around thee pinches,

With the assault that external factors pump in,

Really fitness level going out of gear,

When thyself is stressfully pressed.


Solution to release from stress is the only way out,

By making the internal system corrosion free,

By your own made grease,

Internal mechanism made immune,

From the blitz that outer agents make,

These agents are to be kept under house arrest,

Lest these cause internal system wreck,

Offensive handling of these is the key,

To check onslaught of these bad agents,

Whenever thee feel down and out,

Energize thy mind,

It is the powerhouse which can come to your succor,

Keep it in your control,

Willfully and forcefully throw out passivity,

Embrace calmness –  despite stumbling blocks,

Make unflinching kinship with tolerance, patience,

And ample endurance,

Thence see how this enemy in you just vanishes,

And makes you a person with vigor,

To face the world at large,

And face the facts with much fervor.








Mother Nature gives its bounties in abundance,

Meets needs of plants, animals and humans,

With little or no bias at all,

Options are set up for everything artfully crafted,

If disease are set in, for not observing Its Rules,

Natural care too bestowed to offset these,

Some opposites are carefully created!


After the day’s toil and sweat,

Breathing bodies need some break,

For some rest,

Nature engulfs all in its bosom,

By providing dark curtain,

Encasing the entire environs,

With restful darkness,

Giving motherly feeling of oneness,

With Mother Nature,

Providing relaxation to frayed tempers,

Making even ferocious lions feel placid.


Gem like glittering stars studded sky,

The gift of this darkness,

Are treat to the eyes,

And star gazers paradise.


Then moon lit night has its own charm,

It adds to the beauty of the monuments,

By the sprinkle of its silvery rays,

And is bliss for the picnic goers.


Night helps plants in carbon fixation,

Storing carbon dioxide in their body tissues,

And helps carbohydrates produce,

Used as life giving food.


There is a darker side of a dark dreary night,

Dark night is linked with wickedness,

There is a lurking danger in every nook and corner,

Folklore evil spirits, ghosts, vampires,

And witches become lively at night’s darkness,

Dark night could be termed as a death ensnare.





Seven Things About Me Award!

I wholeheartedly thank  Katherine Givens for nominating me for the ‘Seven Things About Me’ Award.. Your magnanimity will spur me to write more. Although I have some published articles and poems but these are published in some remote and unknown corners because of virtually no know-how about where to go for publication of the work. Anyhow, thanks a millions for nominating me.

Seven Things About Me

1. My writing in the form of poems and other topics are based upon my personal experiences in day-to-day life.

2.     I love a person who loves others but hate none.

3.  I do not think others as adversaries in life. I see in them persons who will enrich me in every way.

4. I love God and do not fear Him and consider Him my guide at all times. He has helped me come out of the quagmire many a times.

5. I take ego as number one enemy of a person.

6. I am of the opinion that it is not the age which gives you wisdom but the experience with life you are having that gives you sagacity.

7. The age has not affected the enthusiam for doing things in right earnest. It is same as I was 20 years ago.

Seven Persons I would like to nominate:-

1. Chester Mayns.

2. Lsabbagh.

3. Superscraper99.

4. Cristian Mihai.

5. Numero Uno.

6. Vikram Roy.

7. Idolanuel.