Mother Nature gives its bounties in abundance,

Meets needs of plants, animals and humans,

With little or no bias at all,

Options are set up for everything artfully crafted,

If disease are set in, for not observing Its Rules,

Natural care too bestowed to offset these,

Some opposites are carefully created!


After the day’s toil and sweat,

Breathing bodies need some break,

For some rest,

Nature engulfs all in its bosom,

By providing dark curtain,

Encasing the entire environs,

With restful darkness,

Giving motherly feeling of oneness,

With Mother Nature,

Providing relaxation to frayed tempers,

Making even ferocious lions feel placid.


Gem like glittering stars studded sky,

The gift of this darkness,

Are treat to the eyes,

And star gazers paradise.


Then moon lit night has its own charm,

It adds to the beauty of the monuments,

By the sprinkle of its silvery rays,

And is bliss for the picnic goers.


Night helps plants in carbon fixation,

Storing carbon dioxide in their body tissues,

And helps carbohydrates produce,

Used as life giving food.


There is a darker side of a dark dreary night,

Dark night is linked with wickedness,

There is a lurking danger in every nook and corner,

Folklore evil spirits, ghosts, vampires,

And witches become lively at night’s darkness,

Dark night could be termed as a death ensnare.





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