Month: October 2012

A Child and an Oldman

A Child and an Oldman   A child when born is dependent, Depending on others for his needs, aplenty, From feeding, To answering the nature’s calling, Whenever a toddler is in need of, Reliance on mother, Who showed him the dawn is total, Hardly knows where his bread would be


   DUSSEHRA   Dussehra – the annual sacred event, Devout remember the winning of goodness, Over wickedness.   Lord Shri Ram, The embodiment of love, righteousness, Tolerance, harmony and reverence, That a son should have, In immense measure, For the parents.   He left his everything in Ayodhya, When Shri


MYSTERIES   There exist some happenings / events, Mysteries surround about their existence, How and what are more prominent, Even birth and death of beings are embed in mystery, Explanations abound, But no conclusive one yet found, And are thus shrouded in yawning mysteries, No scientific theory can fully ravel


  WORRY   A worry for a work not expected to be finished, As thee anticipated, A worry for not reaching the destined place, On time and losing thyself in the bargain, Beginning something with a heavy heart, For the end result, Worries for not meeting targets, Worry – consequence of excessive consciousness, Brings


Heart is the storehouse of emotions, Emotions, which well up in our mind’s eyes, generating a feeling of nearness, In our midst, So intense is that feeling that sometimes, These emotions go out of control, Or become brakeless, Breaking us in the bargain, And take us to the slippery road of our

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