Heart is the storehouse of emotions,

Emotions, which well up in our mind’s eyes,

generating a feeling of nearness,

In our midst,

So intense is that feeling that sometimes,

These emotions go out of control,

Or become brakeless,

Breaking us in the bargain,

And take us to the slippery road of our life,

Sometimes the attachment is so intense,

That we become ruthless,

And act animal like,


Over-indulgence for our body,

Caring more for it,

Like it were, be all and end all for us,

When we go over-board,

In our liking for our body,

It is like biting more than you can chew,

Giving little time for refining or cleaning the innate recesses of our mind,

For making it moralistic and humane,

Clean we make from outer side,

But inside its blackness peeps out, now and then,


Over attachment with our relations held dear –  than needed,

This attachment too becomes brakeless,

Bringing pain and misery,

When dears break the heart that cares more,


Too much attachment with the things we aspire for,

For show and false standings in the society,

As if it were the only purpose for which we are born,

Sometimes, closeness of our dears is woefully forgotten,

For acquiring wealth and pelf we want,

For its aggrandisement we maim our dears,

Because now we attach more importance,

To wealth and things than humans,

We pretend to hold dear,

Thus turning down the apple-cart of love previously held shakingly,

And had wishfully created for our selfish end,

But alas! deflated because of our love for innimates,


Then, attachment with pleasures in our life is without a limit,

And makes us prisoner of our own thinking,

Attachment is akin to being,

Obsessed with something,

Obsession, which seeps into our blood stream,


Too much of attachment is like a bad debit,

Which we pay everyday with interest accrued,

But principle remains in tack,

Stairing large in the eyes,

It is like carrying a cup full of water,

To the ocean full of water, already,


Let go the extra dose of attachment,

With anything or anybody,

It brings in its wake,

Suffering and pain,


Be attached with the earth,

Which holds you dearly,

Feeding us all,

Puffs fresh air in our body,

We pollute this Mother of ours without any pity,

Yet, Mother Earth gives everything,

Giving everything,

Expecting nothing,

From us humans.


Too much attachment is thus a curse,

Lest it becomes a cause of thy own failing,

Thus falling in the pit you have dug for thyself,

Be careful, in not playing nay overplaying the drama of attachment,

Otherwise it will result in writng an epitoph with words,

“Died because of over-indulgence,

to animates and inanimate in short the span of life”

Dears, thus, forget not the truth that,

We should hold dear only our ideals,

For removing the ill-will, illness,

That plagues us in our midst,

It will help us till posterity,

And not temporary things which are transactory.













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