A Child and an Oldman

A Child and an Oldman


A child when born is dependent,

Depending on others for his needs, aplenty,

From feeding,

To answering the nature’s calling,

Whenever a toddler is in need of,

Reliance on mother,

Who showed him the dawn is total,

Hardly knows where his bread would be buttered,

But is pure at heart,

Mind being empty,

Of what is good or bad for him,

Hardy knows which thing or anything suits him,

Goes after anything or anybody who shows him love,

A solemn love similar that of Mother Divine.


An old man,

Who, withstanding the life’s hot and cold,

Have seen the ups and downs in his life time,

From childhood to his old age,

Pushes on when he is young,

Till age catches on,

He is pulled by someone else,

When his hands get numb,

And his legs can hardly carry his own weight,

His reflexes get degraded,

His thinking cap gets tottered,

Is unable to earn his a living,

Is totally dependent on somebody,

For his needs,

Including, sometimes for meeting,

Nature’s calling,

He, now and again, is spoon fed like a child,

If somebody close is there to care,

Enduring, without demur,

Helping him when help is immensely needed,

Till the time,

God, bestows the person mercy,

And gives him a final and eternal call,

For living in His abode,

Till the another inning of life,

According to his karmic deeds or misdeeds.






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