Month: November 2012


Desire   A desire for moon, A wish simply wishful only, A hope not in the realm of fulfilling, A desire for happiness, A futuristic hope, Not certain to be fulfilled, Meaning searching a small needle, In a disheveled haystack. May be located or not, Remains to be seen, Mere


  Marks the return of Lord Rama, From his exile, As ordained by his father, The King Dhashratha of Audhaya, During exile full of toil and tribulations, With Sita Mata and Sri Lakshmanji along, He neutralized many a demons, With his prowess immense, Demons who desecrated the religious places, Of


DEPARTURE Bidding adieu is indeed heart-rending, May be transitory, To meet obligation of a career.   A girl after conclusion of marriage rituals, Departing from her parental house, For the newly adopted –  in-laws residence, Leaving the home and hearth she held dear, From her birth till completion of marriage


                                                             MARRIAGE   Marriage is not merely the twosome’s wedding, But of two souls uniting, Wedding also is meeting, The social obligations by inviting, The nears and dears for a formal gathering, To put a solid stamp of the society certifying, The sacred merging, Of two individuals with differing, Perceptions

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