A desire for moon,

A wish simply wishful only,

A hope not in the realm of fulfilling,

A desire for happiness,

A futuristic hope,

Not certain to be fulfilled,

Meaning searching a small needle,

In a disheveled haystack.

May be located or not,

Remains to be seen,

Mere desire leads thee nowhere.


Desire to seek out thy Creator,

Is fraught with doubts of highest proportion,

For desire has future connotation,

A future, nobody is sure of,

And doubt leads thee neither here nor there.


Hunger for anything,

A fervent longing for something,

Being here and now,

Meaning living in the present moment,

A real one,

Quality receptivity opens its bosom,

Shutting the hostile thoughts of future,

Wishful thinking just evaporates,

Leads thee to an objective,

Thee set for thyself,

Thus longing takes thee,

To a pedestal of highest order,

For it is thy sworn friend,

Not a fair weather friend – a mere desire.





Marks the return of Lord Rama,

From his exile,

As ordained by his father,

The King Dhashratha of Audhaya,

During exile full of toil and tribulations,

With Sita Mata and Sri Lakshmanji along,

He neutralized many a demons,

With his prowess immense,

Demons who desecrated the religious places,

Of worship of hermits,

These demons respected no rules,

Of humanity and others,

Including Ravanas,

The Great King of Lanka,

And consequently decimated the wickedness,

From the Mother Earth,

The purpose for which Lord Vishu,

Had taken Avtar.


The houses are spruced up,

To welcome the Lordess of Wealth and Wellbeing,

The Mother Lakshmi,

By fire-works and illumination of houses,

Business people worship their books of accounts,

And pray for prosperity for the days to come,

People celebrate Diwali,

With traditional fervor and gaiety,

By paying obedience at the temples,

With a pray for their welfare,

It is the festival of light.

Distributing sweets to relatives and friends,

Greetings and sweets are exchanged,

For each others’ prosperity.


Oh my Lord,

And Mother Divine,

Bestow your best wishes,

To one and all,

So that all ills are decimated,

Like the demons by Lord Rama.







Bidding adieu is indeed heart-rending,

May be transitory,

To meet obligation of a career.


A girl after conclusion of marriage rituals,

Departing from her parental house,

For the newly adopted –  in-laws residence,

Leaving the home and hearth she held dear,

From her birth till completion of marriage bows,

Wails, striking deep into the heart of one and all.


A newly-wed, perforce, departing from the spouse,

With whom they have to share everything,

Or an eternal parting ways to meet the Creator.


A young man parting with his nears and dears,

To eke out a living for himself and all,

Traversing the seven seas,

Anon, none wants to show tears,

So that the one parting ways may be beaten,

By the departure bug,

Bereft of any feelings on the surface of all,

Yet heart aching with hurt,

Ocean of feeling stinging hard,

But outwardly the entire crowd exhibiting poise,

But with muted unease,

Yet interiors of all are troubled hugely.


Oh! Our Creator, make the departure,

Not hurting but comforting,

So that departure becomes a pleasant exercise.


Harbans Khajuria




Marriage is not merely the twosome’s wedding,

But of two souls uniting,

Wedding also is meeting,

The social obligations by inviting,

The nears and dears for a formal gathering,

To put a solid stamp of the society certifying,

The sacred merging,

Of two individuals with differing,

Perceptions and traits.


Two hearts blending,

Their emotional linkages,

For a living,

Together and accordingly agreeing,

To provide space for an amiable living,

With each other and for each other – respecting,

And agreeing to disagree to unfamiliar, interfering,

In their internal affairs and solidifying their bonding,

Repulsing every attack on their privacy by unsolicited elements,

With reprehensible designs,

Trying breaking their sacred bonding,

For their selfish ends.


Thus the couple cements their faith,

In each other without any failing,

And throw out the trust deficit,

From their midst,

For a peaceful and congenial living,

 Under the same casing.


My sincere prayer to my Mother Divine,

Oh! The Holy Mother of all,

Bestow, till eternity, Thy bountiful blessings,

On the couple united in recent times,

So that there is none in the world to undo,

What My Mother Divine hath done,

By uniting these twosomes,

By a sacred and unbreakable thread,

A bond of trustworthy faith,

A bond of eternal friendship,

Between the two for a common cause.