If you have something to give to your people around, may be in the form of knowledge, your possessions, your good wll, share those with others and see how peaceful you’ll feel in your life. Your day will be spent joyfully – but expecting little in return. And see what a difference it will make.



Let mind be thy servant,

When you’re holding its strings,

Bridle properly thy mind,

Or else, in the dire strait you’ll find,

It will become thy master,

For it is a heady horse,

May take thee to a slippery path,

And ditch thee in a ditch,

From where no return is in sight.


Mind exercises control over our five senses,

And if sense control by it is at the expense,

Of your own self esteem,

Then thou fail to earn realization,

Of the sixth-sense – intuition

And that would be,

A be all and end all.


Ye coach it to act in a manner,

That it functions,

According to your innate demands,

Good for thee and people around,

Train it,

And, if need be, with coercive or persuasive tactics.


If it goes berserk then thy Creator is only thy savior!

When it controls thee,

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