Fear of failure should daunt us not,

To traverse on the paths untrodden,

Finally leaving footprints on the spotless whitepaper of time,

And immortalize thyself through your creations.

Fear of blizzard on the way to the mountain top,

Deters not the dauntless mountaineers,

To pursue their goal to mount,

Hindrances surmounting with grit & determination,

And sets his foot on the top of the mountain,

And breathe the air fresh,

Where heaven meets the ground,

And win battle against all odds.

Our mental faculty takes a tailspin,

When swallowed by terror,

Of inhumane amongst humans,

Who make mockery of humanity,

For their own selfish ends.

Horror of invisible ghosts,

Ought not cow thee down,

Try winning the fear,

With the thinking,

That a ghost of fear in thee,

Can harm thou more than the ghost elusive.

Fear of future and its happenings most shadowy,

Will take sail out of thy living ability,

If not confronted head-on with full capability.

Fear of death should frighten not,

To live present moment,

Peacefully and with full confidence at our command,

Should spur ye to challenge death,

I fear not thee – O Death,

And say, ‘come anytime anywhere’,

And challenge ‘ye can’t spoil my today’,

For I’ve stamped out the fear,

From my life for good and for my good.



Spoken words excessive than need be,
Carry with it less force and sagacity,
Than what we convey in silent medium,
A silent revolution is going on in us all,
In one form or other slowly but silently,
Bringing with it hope for hopeless.
Silent prayers grant us fruition slowly but surely,
Silence is the epitome of Inner Peace,
Inner Peace brings forth Implicit Serenity,
Serenity is the fountainhead of Peacefulness,
Peacefulness makes us Self Aware,
Thus expands heart of awareness limitless,
And makes us self-observing,
Thus a life full of life is crafted,
Making us free like air around.
Self Awareness brings us close to Final Reality,
A nothingness from which springs everything,
Everything comes with the Union with our Lord.
Harbans Khajuria


Destiny smiles on us,
When we mix smile with sweat of our brow,
Admixture of smile with sweat streamlines our work culture,
With oneness of purpose at our disposal,
Results in provision of resources,
To meet our needs in our life.
God smiles on us,
When we seek His attention,
Through sincere but passionate prayers,
He bestows us with everything,
That we need for our survival,
Resulting in contented but lasting smile,
And finally liberates us from the unending,
Cycle of birth and death,
And keeps us in His receptive bosom.
Smile on the face of a tiny tot,
Makes us reciprocate on the same spot.
Our reading of smile differs,
As our perceptions differ.
For some, it is a hallow expression,
For others, it is vital inner emotion,
Some just smile on all / odd occasions,
Proving some screws of his mind cap has gone amiss,
For some, smile is inner pain reflection,
Sometimes smile show suspicious behavior,
Other times, smile is hidden inside a smile,
Some smile with snarl, with teeth exposition,
Showing on the surface anger & confusion,
Smile emote fear and sometimes wit,
Then smile of a stranger is usually unfathomable,
Smile may be receptive or deceptive,
God knows for sure.
O God fix an indelible positive smile in all of us,
So that that smile could become contagious,
And spreads like wildfire everywhere.
Harbans Khajuria

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.